Spare parts for gas stoves: Features and types

Despite a wide variety of models of equipment for the kitchen, many prefer a classic gas stove, knowing that it is durable, it works stably, easy to operate. The device of the modern gas stove has become much more complicated than the equipment of such household appliances of Soviet times. However, it is possible to make a simple repair and replacement of parts with your own hands, if you know the rules for handling gas and the structure of the household appliance.


When buying and independent selection of spare parts, it is necessary to consider the features of individual models of gas plates. On the back of the product, a metal plate is usually attached, on which GOST device is specified.

Based on the name of the regulatory act, you can find on the Internet the possibilities of this kitchen plate.

The temperature indicator of the combustion temperature is written below, the gas pressure value. They will be needed if you need to pick up new snot for burners. In modern plates, all this information is available in the product passport.

Buying nozzles for the stove, specify the availability of spare. Before going to the store for the correct selection of parts, you can take a picture of old spare parts or take with you. Consider the position, appointing the burners of your device, their power. With a curve setting nozzle, a gas leak is possible. If you doubt, whether everyone picked up and collected correctly, call specialists. This will help avoid emergency situations. Full combustion of gas during the work of the stove occurs only when all the parts of the burner (burners) are good, otherwise the likelihood of poisoning people indoors.

Gas stove device

The device and equipment of gas plates of different models and manufacturers has a standard structure with the exception of individual parts and additions. All parts belong to the three main systems:

  • Gas: includes pipelines, cranes, regulators, burners, gascontrol system, burners, dividers;
  • Electrical: Temperature sensors, auto pack, timers, grill, backlight;
  • Carrier design: Includes body, work surface.

Several major structural elements stand out.

  • Case product. Usually made of stainless or enameled steel, has increased rigidity.
  • Working surface. The top of the plate having protection against corrosion and rust, grilles for installing dishes on fire.
  • Konford – can be made of different materials, have a different design and dimensions.
  • Oven. Used for thermal processing of products. In conventional devices, it works from gas, in combined – from electricity.
  • Automatic ignition system. Function that allows you to safely turn on the burner. Gas fire compensation comes from electrical drives.
  • Distribution gas pipeline,Burners, shut-off cranes.
  • Electronics. Installed on all new models, includes timers, temperature sensors, thermostats. Some have a software module that displays the values ​​of the indicators on a special display feeding from electricity.
  • Gas monitoring system. Automatically overlaps the flow of fuel if it is not enough to maintain the flame.

Variety of spare parts

A huge number of gas stove models causes a wide variety of components. It happens that service centers do not have parts suitable for your technique. Even experienced masters with skills and experience do not know where to get them, so the selection of spare parts have to do on their own, order on the Internet.

Thermometer for the oven

The principle of operation of the device measuring the temperature in the oven is simple. The device is a plate, fused of two metals. When heated, the element is deformed, drives the arrow indicating degrees. There are two varieties of the device:

  • digital – determines the temperature in the oven the most accurate;
  • Mechanical timer – more easy to operate, durable, however, has a greater error in measurements.

Thermometers are mounted on glass, wall or grid. Easily removed, wash, subject to replace. The price of such a device for gas plates is relatively low. There are simple rules for selecting a high-quality thermometer:

  • Buy from proven suppliers who value with their reputation;
  • Take hydrays with a large scale value that show the temperature with severe oven;
  • Do not choose small devices: the numbers will be difficult to consider the numbers;
  • Do not take the cheapest option: it can be made of low-quality materials and quickly breaks.

Pens and legs

Often when moving, repair, the movement of household appliances can be lost the original legs of the product. There are plastic and rubber accessory options. For replacement it is necessary to measure the diameter and the length of the thread of the leg screws. For some models, adjustable legs are provided that allow you to adjust the height of the slab in the kitchen surface.

Sometimes decorative knobs of the plate are cleared and deteriorated over time, the inscriptions will be erased, the rod crashes, can go the crack on the case. Due to melting, aging, inactive use it happens that the adjustment is impossible, it has to acquire new handles. Such fittings are popular, commercially available in online stores and service facilities.

Pens are selected in accordance with the model, the manufacturer of the plate.


Gas stoves are usually equipped with lattices of two types:

  • cast-iron;
  • steel or enamel.

These types of grilles have certain properties. Enameled grille is easier than cast iron, smooth and shiny. But the life of the cast iron is much longer, it is more resistant to the constant effects of high temperatures. The grille from enamel will deteriorate over time, changes the color and external parameters, acquires an untidy look. It is worth remembering that cast iron is fragile metal. When falling or hitting the product can crash. The replacement of the part does not cause difficulties, and easily performed with your own hands. The grille, rubber supports under it, the necessary crosses will be selected by specialists of service stores, taking into account the stove model.


It happens that glass beats in the oven. The reason can serve mechanical damage, strong temperature differences or aging of the product. An ordinary scratch sometimes causes the occurrence of large cracks on the glass during heating. To buy or order a glass on the door of the oven, do not rush to throw out the fragments of the old. And also save all plastic, metal facade design details, as it is not possible to find similar on old models. Measure the thickness: at the factory can harden the usual glass and adjust the desired size. Pay attention to the maximum heat that must withstand the product. The indicator can be found in Gas Passport. It is better to choose a glass with a margin of hot temperature exposure. Much better and more convenient to purchase the original glass producer glass for your model.

Usually the door is equipped with 2 or 3 glasses. Use oven without having all the set, unsafe. The device will work inefficient, as most of the heat leaves. And you can also burn around the hot door. If you decide to replace yourself, be careful when buying glue or sealant. It must withstand temperatures up to 300º and be compatible with food.


Burner – Basic Plate Element. In it is an injector responsible for the flow of fuel. The upper part of the burner is a divider, providing uniform flame filing. Gas burner task – to effectively burn fuel. When cleaning the plate you need to shoot dividers and covers of the divider, however, garbage and dirt should not fall into the injector tube. Burners serve gas in the burner. Product perforations differ in diameter. Inner – small, and external nozzle on the top – more.

Modern burners may have several rows of perforations for stronger heating.


To connect a cylinder with fuel to the kitchen stove, a gearbox will be required, creating pressure at the output of 30 MBAR, a fitting, seals and gaskets, a gas hose. Usually the fitting is included in the device. Without it can not be connected. The procedure is safe and consists of several steps:

  • Attach the fitting to the gas pipe inlet, applying a gasket, suitable glue or fum-tape;
  • Reducer screw to the cylinder, reinforcing the connection with the gasket;
  • Then gearbox and fitting connect with a special hose.

Seals and gaskets

To choose the right oven seal, It is important to take into account some features of this product:

  • It is necessary to comply with the rules of operation of the slab: if you systematically violate the manufacturer’s recommendations, even branded seals or gum do not last long;
  • Be sure to pay attention to the moisture-repellent properties of the product;
  • It is better that the gum can be made of high-quality material with a high level of thermal resistance.

When operating, the plates should consider the maximum temperature mode in which the technique is allowed to use. If you fulfill this requirement, the seal will not burst. The gum must be designed for high load, so it is important to be interested in which material it is made.

The composition of the product must withstand high temperatures, otherwise the sealer may be deformed during the installation process.


Modern plates function from natural trunk fuel or gas from a balloon. The gas of these two sources has an unequal composition and pressure when entering the pipeline, which causes the difference in burning gas-air mixture. To eliminate soot, align the flame, use nozzles that are also called nozzles or jets. These details are of two types:

  • For natural gas – with a hole of a larger diameter, shorter in length;
  • For liquefied fuel – Long Thread Bolts.

Selection of components

Pipe leading gas to the stove is always equipped with a separate crane. In case of breakdown, it is sometimes necessary to fully replace the valve for the pipe. They are cork and ball. The latter is considered more reliable. Experts recommended to acquire durable brass cranes of Italian, German or Polish manufacturers.

When choosing components for Gasppe, consider the model of your device, choose reliable stores that offer high-quality spare parts. There are universal parts suitable for many plates, for example, temperature sensor. However, some elements will have to choose more carefully, given the diameters, thread, manufacturer: gas supply tube, handles, burners. When one element was hammered from a set, for example, one bicker of four or handle, it is better to buy a glass set, because the rest of the parts soon can also fail.

Appreciate your equipment, use it in accordance with the instructions, clean, lubricate the necessary parts, and then it will be less likely to buy components and spend money on a master.

In the next video you will be waiting for the replacement of nozzles on the gas stove.

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