Soteco Tornado Vacuum Cleaners Review

Vacuum cleaner of good quality is almost 100% guarantee of full cleaning of carpets and washing floors. This is especially true if professional cleaning is needed. It is precisely such a line of models and has products Soteco Tornado. Read more about the most famous products of this company, read in this article.

About brand

The manufacturer Soteco is a brand specializing in the production of professional vacuum cleaners. Releases various models – for wet cleaning, for dry. Production of detergent vacuum cleaners for deep carpet cleaning.

The company was founded back in 1975 in Italy, now is part of the IPC Holding. It has a distribution network, which is located in more than 70 different countries, but representative offices are located only in Italy, France, Belgium and Spain.

About Soteco TURBO 200

This most famous model is designed to clean carpet, furniture, machine salons. Actively used in car wash, cleaning companies, hotels, less often – on storeroom private houses and cottages.

Weight model – 14 kg, tank volume – 22 liters. The tank is shockproof and resistant to aggressive chemicals. The volume of the tank for dirty water is 12 liters, for clean – 6.2 liters.

Pump power suction various liquids – 0.8 l / min. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a two-stage suction turbine.

On average, the price may vary from 20 to 22 thousand. rubles. Noise level – 70 dB.

Models for dry cleaning

The feature of such models is that they are well coped with the cleaning of dust. A complex filter system allows you to clean the treated surface and air absorbed into the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner is equipped with aqua filter, which delays the smallest particles of dirt.

They are used in places of large accumulation of small garbage: in educational institutions, in kindergartens, hospitals, hotels. Sometimes used to clean car salons and in private houses. Such models are marked with Tornado title and combined into one line. We give examples of some models.

  • Soteco Tornado YP1400 / 6. Performance on the absorbable air volume – 210 meters of cubic / hour. Tank capacity – 10 liters, weight – 3.7 kg. There is a guarantee of 50 thousand inclusions. Together with the set to it go: 1.5 m long hose, three aluminum tubes, filter and brush set. Price – about 5 thousand. rubles.

  • Soteco Tornado Fox. Power is the same as Soteco Tornado YP1400 / 6. Tank capacity – 6 l, weight – 3 kg. His feature is the presence of a mustache belt, which makes moving with him much easier. The package includes: suction hose 1 meter long, slit nozzle and nozzle with pile, 5 meters long electric circular. The cost of such a model is about 6 thousand. rubles.

  • From this series, it is worth mentioning the following models: Soteco Tornado YP1400 / 20, characterized by low noise and Soteco Tornado Yvo Wet, having small dimensions. These aggregates make cleaning comfortable even in hard-to-reach places.

Detergent models

A distinctive feature of washing vacuum cleaners is that they are equipped with a pump that feeds water under high pressure, which, together with the cleaning agent, corrosive dirt. Engines such aggregates are reliably protected from moisture. Most often used by cleaning companies and car wash due to the ability to conduct high-quality cleaning of the salon of cars (dry-cleaner effect).

The line of detergent models includes the following vacuum cleaners:

  • Already aforementioned above Soteco Tornado 200;
  • Soteco Tornado 200DRO – High-power dry cleaning vacuum cleaner;
  • Soteco Tornado 300 INOX, equipped with stainless steel housing;
  • Soteco Tornado 700 INOX, characterized by high strength and ease of movement.

The price range of these models varies from 30 to 75 thousand. rubles.

About models for dry and wet cleaning

Such vacuum cleaners are capable of sucking liquids, dust particles, cement crumb and clean the closed surfaces. A series of similar vacuum cleaners includes:

  • Soteco Tornado 215 INOX, intended for cleaning small territories;
  • Soteco Tornado 503 INOX, similar to the previous model, but with a slightly large volume of the tank;
  • Soteco Tornado 423 INOX – Vacuum cleaner for cleaning warehouses.

Separately, it is necessary to note the construction high-power robot vacuum cleaner Soteco Tornado 600 Mark NX 3 Flow Inox, equipped with three turbines. He copes with the construction garbage.

In general, products Soteco gets positive feedback. There is a rich equipment and high productivity of vacuum cleaners. Consumers argue that these models reduce cleaning time, and also have many additional features. And some models – a universal cyclone filter. One of these features is blowing garbage, which becomes very convenient when blowing leaves from the interior machine or from a loggia.

Soteco Turbo Determining Vacuum Cleaner Overview.

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