Secrets of a small cuisine in Loft style

The time of the birth of Loft design is the 40s of the last century. This style was inherent in industrial New York.

The interior was used in factory and factory buildings, which were leased as cheap accommodation. He was uncomplicated, with the lack of decor. Over time, the rich segments of the population began to rent factory facilities for creating creative workshops. So, gradually the style of Loft moved into broad masses and became a sign of wealth of owner.

To date, the direction is popular among creative, modern people. The interior is easily combined with aged decor objects, simple decoration of the room with modern household appliances, furniture. It is ideal for creating a visually spacious interior for a small room, such as a kitchen.

Interior features

To correctly recreate the Loft style, It is necessary to be guided by the following rules:

  • The combination of modern materials and renovated wooden floors, naked walls made of bricks or rearranged plaster;
  • High ceilings with attached beams;
  • Large windows, preferably in the entire height of the wall;
  • lack of partitions;
  • the presence of a large number of lighting devices that make the space light, spacious;
  • zoning of space using decor objects, furniture, as well as visual distinction with the use of finishing materials;
  • A small kitchen is connected to the living room, uniting into one space;
  • Presence of non-standard decor items.

Color selection

The color palette of this design consists of neutral tones. The most popular shade – white. It is drawn up by the floor, brickwork is painted, present in the upholstery of furniture. The following color frequency: All shades of brown, black, dark blue, gray, beige.

For small cuisine in Loft style it is worth picking warm light tones – sand, beige, shades of white. They are able to visually increase the space, create a feeling of lightness.


A characteristic feature for the entire industrial style is the presence of a large number of lighting devices. Lighting should be both artificial and natural origin. An excellent option is considered to combine kitchen space with loggia, balcony. This method occurs an increase in the room, adding a large amount of sunlight into it. Sources of artificial light applied point lamps, suspended chandeliers, floor lamps, wall dot exposures, garlands.

Edison, Dixon lamps enjoy popular. Without these items, no loft interior is now created.

Decor and textiles

Since the space should always be open and free, it is not recommended to hide the shelves and racks behind the facades, they should be placed various decorative products and kitchenware. For example, put painted dishes, plates, vintage decanter, metal kitchen tools, wooden bread, vases with floral compositions and the like. Decor elements are desirable to choose from the same materials from which premises finish.

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Textiles must be made of natural fabrics: flax, cotton, jute, hazard, leather and others. The color palette may contain bright colors that act as accents, for example, sofa cushion, armchair upholstery.

The main gamma consists of pastel, muted or clean colors – white, black, gray, beige, brown, green, blue, red.

Choice of furniture, technology

For small spaces, the optimal option is to create an angular kitchen. The functionality of the kitchen is the same as the usual, but can noticeably save space. Corner kitchens are additionally equipped with a built-in sink, hobs. Inside outdoor lockers are drawers, cutting boards, products storage space.

Another version of ergonomic filling of the kitchen space provides for the creation of a bar counter, instead of a dining table.

Bar rack performs several functions at the same time: as a bar, a table for meals, a place to make food, and also separates space on the kitchen and living room area.

Technique should be the most modern or imitate vintage household appliances. Items must be externally concise, made in simple geometric forms, from metal with matte or shiny surfaces.

The main rule all equipment and furniture should not be cumbersome and litter space.

Soviets of designers

Loft design creates a comfortable, cozy, spacious atmosphere. It is suitable for people who choose functionality, practicality.

  • The ceiling is recommended for simple plaster, and you can fasten wooden beams, metal pipes that imitate a water supply network of communications. But if the height of the ceilings in the kitchen is up to three meters, from ideas with mounted structures it is worth refusing. The surface of the ceiling is painted in a white gamut. Ventilation pipes are replaced by chrome-plated products of small diameter.
  • Preference in the wall decoration is worth giveing ​​brick. To simulate brickwork in the panel house, decorative wallpaper or tile apply. It is interesting to design a kitchen space made of a combination of dark and light bricks.
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  • Niches It is advisable to arrange a brickwork painted in dark tones, carrying walls to arrange light color. For very small rooms, it is recommended to combine brick with decorative panels. It should be borne in mind that for narrow, close spaces brick is drawn up, as a rule, one carrier wall.
  • Alternative to floor wooden coating is tile. Invalid in the interior in Loft style use of laminate, linoleum.
  • The room must be convenient to operate, for this it is necessary to locate the furniture. Items must be compact, ergonomic. The optimal option is the location of furniture along one of the walls.

  • An excellent option to save space, is the location of the kitchen headset in the window zone if the layout of the room allows it.
  • Restricting the number of hinged cabinets and replace them on open multi-level shelves. Floor stands must be spacious, functional.
  • Color Palette for Kitchen Furniture – White, All Shades of Gray, Beige, Black.
  • Materials for kitchen heads, dining areas, accessories – wood, metal, cast iron, chrome, concrete, plastic, stone.
  • Plate can be replaced with an overhead hob.

Examples of finishing in the interior

Stucco, Teaches, Paint. For small kitchens fit walls of painted or untouched brick masonry, concrete walls of natural color or whitewashed. For zoning space on the area of ​​preparation and food acceptance zone, you can use a color contrasting insert. For these purposes, various textures and textures are also applied, appropriate use of shirm, partitions.

For example, the cooking area is decorated with a rough surface of a concrete white wall, and the food zone is made smooth masonry with metal inserts, wood. Another option – large elements of masonry, broken by small details.

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Outdoor coating is performed from wooden boards, concrete base. The main goal is the maximum similarity with the production premises.

Doors and windows are decorated with simple structures, rectangular door sliding or swing frames are applied. The windows are made in a wooden frame, as well as plastic bags painted in dark shades. Window openings always remain open.

It is not recommended to use curtains, curtains.

If there is a need to close the windows, then metallic, bamboo blinds are used, Roman curtains. Color palette in cold shades.

How to make a brick wall in Loft style, look in the video.

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