Retro refrigerators

Sleepy interiors that are characterized by clear lines and excellently selected combinations have long lost their relevance. Today, designers are increasingly preferred by a non-standard approach in the design process. Retro refrigerators are actively used for decoration of the kitchen, which are remarkably fit into the modern interior.

Features of models

The refrigerator is the most important item in the kitchen, which is needed for storing food products. Today it is impossible to imagine a kitchen room without such an attribute. A distinctive feature of retro-models is that they not only retain the quality of the products and their taste properties, but allow you to decorate the interior.

Similar devices are highlighted by their accessories, a variety of forms and color solutions.

One of the features of such models is their interesting appearance and bright colors. Products can be offered in red, black, beige, blue and yellow color solutions, so that every person can pick up the most optimal option for itself. All models are performed in the style of the 50s of the XX century, so they cause serious delight from the guests. When buying a similar device, you must be prepared for the fact that it will turn into the main device in the kitchen and will stand out against the background of others.

It should be noted that such a technique can easily be used in the design of a kitchen that is not decorated in the appropriate style.

The most optimal solution is the eclecticism, as it makes it possible to combine several styles in the interior design. Thus, The owner can experiment, creating more and more unique and stylish rooms.

If the main task is to create a retro interior, then without using a bright refrigerator will not do without. For such cases, an excellent solution will be a model that has a yellow or green color execution. Besides, If you wish, you can choose more calmer colors, for example, white.

It should be borne in mind that the retro style devices presented in the retro market are no different in their functionality from modern technology. “Aged” only the appearance of the device, and the internal stuffing is the same as other current models.

Advantages and disadvantages

The huge demand of refrigerators decorated in retro style is dictated by a number of advantages, among which the following can be distinguished.

  • Universal appearance. A large selection of color solutions and dimensions allows you to choose the most suitable option for any room. In addition, such devices can also be installed in other rooms, decorating the inverter.

  • Ease of operation. Today manufacturers offer high-quality equipment using past years. That is why any device is a comfortable food storage tool. Such models can boast an old fittings in the form of a handles that are very convenient to use.

  • Reliability. In the process of production, only high-class materials are used that provide durability of technology and allow it to perform their functions over long years.

  • Originality. Unique design features and an unusual appearance allow you to introduce a retro refrigerator in any interior, regardless of its stylistic orientation. Classic black or white options look extremely impressive and interesting. If you need to move away from the usual templates and create something in fact amazing, it is better to give preference to color options.

A huge number of companies around the world offers a large selection of interesting models to create an interior with elements of retro.

    One of the drawbacks of retro refrigerators is the high cost of products. In addition, they are quite overall, so they are extremely difficult to enter in a kitchen with limited space.

    Today the market contains many manufacturers who produce retro refrigerators. One of these companies is Gorenje, which offers Retro Collection. These are stylish and advanced refrigerators with two cameras, which differ in the original appearance.

    Among the main characteristics of the devices of the Slovenian manufacturer, a dynamic cooling can be distinguished, which does not allow condensate, and also pays serious attention to maintaining the temperature inside.

    It is because of this, you can store some products for a long time and not worry about their safety.

    Among the most popular models from this line should be allocated as follows.

    • Gorenje RK 60359 OCH – a unique refrigerator that is made in retro style. The freezer is located below. Designers of the model put every effort to make equipment a central kitchen element. Among distinctive features, chrome-plated pens of ancient type can be distinguished, as well as convex forms. This model turned out quite large – the refrigerator volume is 229 liters, and the freezer – 92 liters.

    • Gorenje RF 60309 OA. The main feature of the device is that the freezer is located on top. Technique available in various colors, among which silver, coffee with milk and champagne.

      Another interesting manufacturer of equipment offering retro refrigerators is Ardo. A distinctive feature of the brand is that it focuses on the vintage direction, which enjoys extremely popular for kitchen design. The company’s technique is characterized by the utmost simplicity and boasts a parallelepiped form.

      Among the most sought-after manufacturer models, you can allocate the following.

      • Classica. Different with classic style forms of the 50s of the last century. In their appearance, they are almost the same as in the old movie. But at the same time they look extremely stylish and attractive. Close attention in this series manufacturer highlights the exterior finish.

      • Mediterraneo. The ruler includes vintage models that are impregnated with the spirit of Italy. In order for household appliances to the most reminded the Mediterranean Sea, designers picked unique color solutions.

      • Gallery. This model will be the perfect choice for people who go crazy by painting. Here you can see fragments of the most famous works of art. Refrigerators in retrostil from the Gallery line will be an excellent solution for creating a harmonious and stylish kitchen.

        Interesting models in retro style also offers the German company Bosch. Despite the fact that the products are stylized under ancient, they look like extremely modern. Persistent attention should be paid to the single-chamber models of the company who were able to make high technology and old traditions.

        One of the most famous models is Bosch KDL 19468, which attracts consumer attention design, manufacturability and unique functionality. In the production process, high-quality steel was used, and each shelf of the refrigerator boasts halogen lamps. As in the other technique, Bosch has paid great attention to the details. Pens are performed on the basis of individual sketches, so the composition seems completely complete and thoughtful.

        Stylish examples

        • Colored refrigerator made in Italian style. The distinctive feature of the model is that the freezer is located on top.

        • Vintage mini-refrigerator width 70 cm, which perfectly fit into a small kitchen. The small device is made of steel, which guarantees the durability of the model.

        • Original two-chamber refrigerator with chrome handles. A unique color solution makes the model with a central kitchen element.

        Gorenje RK60359or Refrigerator Video Review.

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