Rating of the best dishwashers

Modern kitchen equipment allows you to significantly save time and strength. One of these helpers is a dishwasher. In houses in which a large number of people live, such equipment is indispensable. Constantly updated assortment makes it possible to choose a model with financial capabilities, set of functions, sizes and other features. Having studied the modern market, the specialists drawn up a list of the most popular and sought-after technique models.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

The best separate models

The selection in the rating of dishwashers was carried out with the following factors: the ratio of quality and cost, the opinion of professional repairmen, reviews of real buyers and experts. And also taken into account the test data of Rosset.

All options presented below can be found at Russian household appliances sales points, including online stores.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Model TDW 4017 DS from WeissGauff brand

Thanks to the compact dimensions for this model there is a place even on the most small kitchen. This is a practical option for small apartments, in which it is important to maintain a maximum of free space. Manufacturers thought out the designs in such a way that at once in the device it was possible to download 6 sets of dishes. Compared with prices for current multifunctional models TDW 4017 DS machine can be considered budget option.

Representatives of WEISSGAUFF have thought over a network of operating regimes:

  • Standard mode;

  • Economical washing (used in the case when kitchen utensils are not strongly contaminated);

  • intense (to effectively remove contamination);

  • Fast (washing and rinsing dishes only takes 30 minutes);

  • 90 minutes;

  • Separate mode for glass products (glasses, saladders and other dishes will be perfectly clean, without flutters and divorces);

  • Bio-program (economical car wash).

Rating of the best dishwashers

To select a suitable program, just press multiple buttons on the electronic control panel. Due to the timer, you can postpone the work of the equipment up to 24 hours, and run the washing at any convenient time.


  • Sizes – 55x50x43,8 centimeter;

  • Noise level – 49 dB;

  • water consumption for one cycle (on average) – 8 liters;

  • Power Indicator – 1380 W.

Rating of the best dishwashers

The advantages of the model:

  • Economical fluid flow;

  • a large variety of washing modes;

  • Comfortable and spacious dimensions.

As minus celebrate Not enough informative instructions.

Rating of the best dishwashers

ESF 9452 LOX machine from ELECTROLUX

The next position in the ranking is equipped with modern technology called Airdry. With its help, the dishes quickly dries under the influence of natural ventilation. It is enough just to restrict the door for 10 centimeters after each washing cycle.

6 separate modes are provided:

  • Autoflex Standard cleaning at a water temperature of 45-70 degrees Celsius;

  • Fast program (60 degrees);

  • intensive car wash (70 degrees Celsius);

  • Special mode “Glass” (45 degrees);

  • Bio-mode with pre-sink of dishes;

  • rinsing for additional cleaning.

Additionally, a function is provided “Time Manager”. Using it, you can double to reduce any of the working modes and save time, electricity and amount of water. And also has a deferred launch to turn on the machine at any time.

The timer is installed for the gap from one to 24 hours. Immediately after completing the washing, the dishwasher will turn off independently due to the special option.

So you can run the car wash and go on business, leaving the technique on full autonomous.

Rating of the best dishwashers


  • 9.9 liters of water is consumed on one cycle;

  • 1 time in the compartment, you can immerse up to 9 sets of dishes;

  • Power – 1950 W;

  • Noise during operation and rinsing – 46 dB.

Rating of the best dishwashers

The main advantages:

  • ARDRY technology;

  • External information display, which displays information about the operation modes of the machine;

  • An excellent quality cleaning of dishes and other kitchen utensils.


  • High price (in catalogs you can find more available options);

  • Compressed instruction that lacks informativeness and details.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Model SMS24AW01R from the famous Bosch brand

The distinctive characteristic of the following dishwasher is Aquastop. It will save the equipment from breakdown, failure and possible flooding of the room. And full-size equipment equipped with ActiveWater and Loadsensor options. These functions are needed to consume the optimal amount of water, which is enough for effective cleaning of even the most persistent contaminants.

Manufacturers took care of the economical flow rate not only liquid, but also detergent. The device is mounted Separate container dosageassist. It is in the handle of the upper box and performs the above declared function.

Tap water is often tough, with a large number of third-party impurities. The Glass Protection function is provided for adjusting the stiffness level. It is necessarily useful for washing dishes from fragile crystal or porcelain, as well as cleaning glasses of thin glass.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Number of operating modes:

  • Fast car wash (at 65 degrees water temperature);

  • Eco (50 degrees);

  • Normal (standard) cleaning;

  • Pre-rinse that will help to cope with resistant stains.

As in the rest of the above models, the launch transfer timer is provided. It is possible to delay the sink at any time interval with a duration from an hour to day. Now this technology is equipped with almost all modern models.

Rating of the best dishwashers


  • noise level – 53 dB;

  • In the device you can accommodate up to 12 sets of dishes;

  • about 11.7 liters of water is spent in one cycle of washing;

  • Equipment capacity – 2400 W.


  • Simple and understandable operation;

  • capacity;

  • Economical consumption of water and electricity – with frequent use of equipment, this indicator is very important.


  • high noise;

  • Some buyers noted the low quality assembly. After a couple of years after use, TEN braves.

Rating of the best dishwashers

The next top will tell about embedded models that were selected in quality, functionality and other characteristics.

Manufacturers that produce household equipment of this type take care not only about the reliability of technology, but also about its ergonomic.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

BDW 6042 Machine from WEISSGAUFF brand

This option of household appliances is equipped with four sink modes:

  • With strong and persistent contaminants, an intensive program is used – as a rule, it is chosen to clean the fatty dishes;

  • Fast car wash (the whole process with cleaning and rinse will take half an hour);

  • Economical washing (with a small pollution, so as not to spend a lot of water and detergent);

  • The program “90 minutes”, which provides the most thorough cleaning of kitchen utensils.

Manage household appliances functions very simply through a set of electronic LED backlit buttons that are located on the front panel. The camera is very spacious and will allow 12 sets at once.

Rating of the best dishwashers

And also manufacturers added the possibility of disappearing dishes at the first stage of purification. Optionally load the machine completely. If a little dirty dishes accumulated, you can fill in the chamber half.

Special float switch set to protect against possible leaks. Using a timer, you can postpone the launch of the machine for several hours (maximum – 12 hours, at least 3 hours).

Technical description:

  • The highest noise level is 52 dB;

  • The power of the device is 2100 W;

  • Water consumption for one cycle washing – 11 liters.

Rating of the best dishwashers


  • excellent cleaning quality;

  • There is a mode of incomplete booth load;

  • A spacious design that allows you to quickly wash a large amount of dishes.

As a lack mark Small number of programs.

Rating of the best dishwashers

ESL 94200 Lo machine from Electrolux manufacturer

The main distinguishing feature of this option is in stable and high performance. The system notifies the user with a set of special signals, which are talking about the need to add cleaning composition, rinse or other component.

The width of the dishwasher includes only 45 centimeters, so it can be conveniently placed even in a small room.

There are the following set of modes:

  • Economical cleaning, abbreviated Eco (water heats up to a temperature of 50 degrees);

  • normal (65 degrees);

  • intense (70 degrees);

  • rinsing before starting washing.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Maximum capacity – 9 sets. The appropriate program is selected through the characters panel, to deal with any user.

Another feature of this model – System SensorControl. With its help, the equipment independently determines the weight of the loaded dishes and adjusts the optimal consumption of electricity and water.

Technical specifications:

  • noise level – 51 dB;

  • The amount of water consumed in one launch is 10 liters;

  • Power Indicator – 2100 W.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Pluses of the model:

  • Easy to operate and configure;

  • canceled cleaning quality, regardless of the durability of pollution;

  • Spacious camera.

The disadvantage is considered High noise during operation, which causes discomfort.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Dishwasher SMV25EX01R from Bosch

Last variant in the list of embedded models. In its development, experts decided to establish an inverter engine, due to which the high quality of the washing of dining and kitchen dishes is preserved.

Inside, you can download a large number of kitchen utensils, and the additional download compartment varioodrawer makes the equipment more compatible and practical. Cutlery folded in this level. Large capacity allows more efficient to clean a large amount of dishes with minimal electricity, water and cleaning components.

The choice of users offer the following programs:

  • automatic mode at which the water temperature varies from 45 to 65 degrees;

  • To quickly wash the dishes, choose the same mode with a temperature of 65 degrees;

  • Night washing, during which water heats up to 50 degrees;

  • Intensive cleaning will be put in order even the most contaminated kitchen utensils.

Rating of the best dishwashers

After the cycle is completed, the machine will notice via the indicator. It will only be allowed to get clean and dry dishes.

For cash savings, the equipment was equipped ActiveWater technology. It calculates the optimal number of resources spent, which will be enough to effectively remove fat and other contaminants.

Option called Loadsensor is responsible for economical water consumption. The sensor takes into account the load capacity, and calculates.

Technical indicators:

  • In one launch, the machine spends about 9.5 liters of water;

  • Power has – 2400 W;

  • noise level – 48 dB;

  • Uploading up to 13 sets of dishes.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers


  • spacious and spacious compartment;

  • Understandable management from the first minutes;

  • Separate tray for cutlery, which is placed above.

The disadvantage is Lack of quick sink mode.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Note: This review includes topical models that are now presented in the technology market. Presented manufacturers offer both inexpensive machines and premium models, which are distinguished by an increased set of programs and improved technical specifications. Too cheap techniques should alert, because in most cases it is a fake.

Child Nuances

Choose for home use one option among the huge variety is not easy, especially if earlier the buyer did not have the experience of handling such a technique. Before making the final choice you need to consider the main technical parameters.

The first characteristic to pay attention to – Capacity. For a large family, you need a dishwasher with a spacious chamber. Nelisses will be additional compartments. The number of sets directly depends on the size of the apparatus. The standard full-size machine is capable at a time to accommodate from 12 to 14 sets, and compact options (designed specifically for small-sized apartments) have a capacity of 6-8 sets.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Cleaning class. How carefully the device is laundering the dishes, it is possible to determine before it uses. About efficiency will tell the cleaning class. Many modern models are marked with the letter “A”, which indicates the maximum remote cleaning result, even if we are talking about persistent pollution.

Volume of water consumed. Any machine for washing dishes will spend less water compared to manual cleaning. But if you often run the equipment, the high water consumption will affect the family budget. As a rule, about 10-12 liters is spent in one cycle, but you can find models with lower water consumption. Such machines help to save natural resources and cash.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Drying method. This parameter is also important as the sink level.

This characteristic is marked by alphabetic classification. The most effective class is denoted by the letter “A”. Such devices quickly dried dishes without leaving even small drops on her surface.

The following drying options are found:

  • If the process occurs due to the heating element and a powerful fan, such a type is called a turbosushka;

  • A variant in which the dishes dries independently, naturally, is called condensation drying;

  • Sometimes there is a method at which two options are combined – we are talking about intensive drying and using heat exchanger.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Cleaning programs. Current models can be equipped with a large number of modes. The more programs, the higher the functionality, but the price for such a technique will be higher. Manufacturers equip the equipment with separate modes for cleaning products from thin glass, effective removal of oily stains or additional rinsing. As a rule, for the home, choose devices with a standard set of cleaning programs, and for catering institutions, choose equipment with a maximum set of functions.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Noise. Even the most expensive and high-quality equipment produces noise during operation. In the specifications of each model, noise level indicate. Most often, full-size devices work quieter compared to narrow options.

Equipment with a low noise indicator choose to save in the house the most comfortable conditions. The optimal is the indicator from 45 to 52 dB.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Level protection from leaks. You can find equipment with full or partial protection. The first option is more preferable in terms of reliability. If the house has expensive repair, you should choose the equipment to the maximum security level.

And also should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • dimensions;

  • accommodation option;

  • energy efficiency;

  • trademark;

  • appearance (on the last parameter pay attention when the design of the kitchen is thought out to the smallest detail, and each element in the room should look harmonious.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Choosing a manufacturer. Some buyers have favorites among shopping brands. These are brands that have deserved popularity due to high-quality equipment, reasonable value and a wide range.

Several brands are popular with popular.

  • Bosch. Famous German brand offering a rich selection of dishwashers in a large price range. Models economically spend water and electricity while working.

  • Electrolux. Swiss firm that is engaged in the release of separate and embedded equipment. The technique is chosen due to understandable management and high security.

  • Midea. Brand brand from China. Budget models and medium price categories are available on sale. The choice of buyers are presented both compact and full-size options.

  • WeissGauff. Another company from Germany with a rich assortment of household appliances. All devices are equipped with a set of special programs and practical electronic control.

  • Hansa. This Chinese manufacturer is engaged in the manufacture of inexpensive dishwashers. The whole technique is protected from leaks and does not make out strong noise while working.

Although what model is going to buy a client, technique should be high quality. Do not take equipment in unreliable sales points. The shop is obliged to provide all the relevant product documentation, as well as arrange a guarantee.

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

Rating of the best dishwashers

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