Rainbow vacuum cleaner review

It’s no secret that environmentalists and doctors advise more time to carry out in the fresh air. In the big city it often becomes a problem. However, to ensure the maximum possible purity and freshness in the apartment can be using Rainbow vacuum cleaner. Its unique features allow you to carry out wet cleaning, as well as thoroughly clean not only the surface, but the air itself.

Main characteristics

Today, the company presents the Rainbow E2 Black model, which unites the advanced advantages of previous variations. The secret of this device lies in the special structure of the hydrotreating. It does not allow dust particles that pollute the environment, leave the capacity of the container. Thanks to the electric filter, the vacuum cleaner is able to collect particles whose magnitude is thinner than a human hair than 200 times.

For those who suffer from allergies, this technique is a big breakthrough. Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner with Aqua Filter can save the surface and various things from dust parasites, and the atmosphere – from their products of their livelihoods.

This device is recognized as the best assistant in the fight against respiratory diseases (asthma, allergies).

Technical characteristics of the unit:

  • The degree of noise is 69 dB;
  • The speed of turns of the separator – 32 000 m³ / min;
  • absorbed power – 800 W;
  • The magnitude of the hydrophiltra is 2.3 l and 3.7 liters;
  • The length of the hose – 2140 cm;
  • cleaning level – 99,99991%;
  • The length of the power circuit cord is 6350 cm;
  • Size – 40 × 44 × 45 cm;
  • Weight – about 8 kg.

Positive aspects

The advantages of such equipment are its numerous opportunities. With its compactness, this detergent vacuum cleaner is not inferior to large cleaning machines.

  • This device allows you to make a wet cleaning of any coating. Aqua filter is built into the vacuum cleaner, the volume of which is quite enough to premise the standard size. In this case, you will not need any additional chemicals. The procedure will still be a full-fledged.
  • Vacuum cleaner allows you to maintain permanent air humidity. It does not need to exploit any other devices specializing in the spread of fluid in the room. When setting up a Rainbow device for small speeds it will spread with finest jets liquid that will eliminate dust, not allowing it to be in the air.
  • The possibility of cleansing furniture. This function will have to do with the one who has pets in the house. Each person has an idea of ​​how hard to clean wool with upholstered furniture. The brush that is included in the standard set together with the vacuum cleaner allows you to remove not only old pollution, but also a large amount of wool.
  • Most of the time of the hostess is losing, rubbing the frame of art objects and caring for room plants. The cleaning vacuum cleaner with its function of delicate cleaning allows you to clean the dust from the chandelier, all kinds of decor items, and also carefully cares for flowers, removing dust from the surface of the leaves and moisturizing them.
  • Often people are fighting for a long time with the contamination of carpet flooring, pressing the brush into the pile. Included to the vacuum cleaner attached useful nozzles, one of which is electrolate. It will make it without much effort to clean the carpet or carpet track. In addition, it is possible to apply this brush for solid flooring.
  • It’s no secret that the hose and pipe limit the possibilities of the vacuum cleaner, because their materials are not able to bend to get into hard-to-reach places. Rainbow will simply blow dust from such a surface, because the vacuum cleaner has an appropriate function.
  • There is an aggregate and the function of “blowing” air. It is it that allows users of this technique to inflate sleeping mattresses and other similar things.
  • As already labeled earlier, together with the vacuum cleaner, the happy owner will receive and a set of other nozzles that will help to adjust the features of almost any coverage, as well as perform other tasks associated with cleaning. With this device you can clean and beat the pillows, clean the walls and t. D.
  • Together with all sorts of brushes, the kit includes a special package that is designed for enhanced cleansing. Things that need to be exposed to special cleaning, add up to this package. Then the edges of the package are fixed around the tube with hand, the device turns on. Its capacity allows you to eliminate as dust, like dust parasites living in things.
  • Another important factor are the quality of the product and the firm guarantee. The manufacturer claims that with proper care and careful attitude to the technique, it is possible to exploit up to 25 years. The warranty is given for a period of 8 years.
  • No need to change the dust collector. Just every time filling the tank with fresh water, merging the dirty.
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The most significant minus for most of the population is the price of this product. The fact is that the average resident of our country is far from pocket such a vacuum cleaner. In addition, those who have already acquired Rainbow aggregate noted that the mass of it is very large, although the built-in wheels and compensate for this nuance.

Terms of Use

Failure to comply with the following recommendations may cause emergency breakdown of the device. Therefore, it is necessary to learn in advance about the possible “culprits” of faults, as well as how to avoid similar troubles.

  • The nozzle is selected on the basis of the situation (type of cleaning, the view of the surface of the surface).
  • It is necessary to check the quality of the separator consolidation, as well as comply with the purity of this part.
  • It is impossible to exceed the level of filling with water tank (the limit is marked).
  • After each use, it is important to merge the remaining water.
  • The container for the liquid and the vacuum cleaner itself is recommended to be stored separately from each other.
  • Electroker, which is included in the set, is not recommended to operate to purify wet surfaces.

Instructions for use

Since the washing vacuum cleaner differs from ordinary, more familiar and more often used models, The instruction on its operation also has its own nuances.

  • The first thing the container is filled with cold clean water.
  • Then, with the help of the power unit, this container is attached to the overall structure, thus creating a unified system.
  • A hose and pipes are also attached to the overall design. To make sure of the actions of the actions carefully listen – with the right attachment, the device makes a click.
  • After that, the hose handle and the corresponding nozzle are fixed.
  • The final action is to connect the vacuum cleaner to the power supply.
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Reviews about the product

Buyers note the high quality of furniture processing and other products, which, before purchasing Rainbow vacuum cleaners, demanded a maximum of the care and periodic services of dry cleaning workers. People who live in cities with a bad environmental situation, thank the manufacturer of this device, because the contaminated atmosphere has negatively affected their health. People living in arid areas now have the opportunity to maintain and maintain the beauty of their skin with the help of a vacuum cleaner and its functions of preserving optimal humidity in the room.

Many believe that everything comes to comparison. Based on this, they note that the Rainbow vacuum cleaner is the best not only among standard, familiar models, but also among devices of similar specialization.

Where you can buy goods?

This technique cannot be found in the usual stores. Such a vacuum cleaner is not just a device, but a whole system for guidance and maintain cleanliness in the house. The manufacturer’s official website has the opportunity to order both the vacuum cleaner of the last model and the variant of past years if available in stock. This company conducts its sales since the 80s, which makes it possible to judge the quality and experience of the manufacturer. Also on the site there is a section with additional pipes, hoses and brushes necessary for high-quality cleaning.

As an aggregate affects the atmosphere in the house?

Summing up, it is worth noting that the advantage of the detergent Rainbow vacuum cleaner is the ability to detain dust and dirt clubs within itself, while conventional cleaning devices simply allocate them back. The detergent unit eliminates the problems, making an apartment safer for the life of her owners.

He will also make the life of the buyer more comfortable if pets live in his house, because it gently removes wool from the surface of upholstered furniture and decorative components of the room.

In the next video, the presentation of the Rainbow vacuum cleaner model is waiting for you.

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