Plates “Dream”: characteristics and model range

Buy a kitchen stove seemingly easy. However, there are many models from different manufacturers. A good choice will be the stove “Dream”.


The manufacturer of kitchen stoves “Dream” began its work in the household segment in 1968. For many years, the enterprise had a confirmed State Quality Sign. Over the past half a century, over 12 million plates have been made. Success is guaranteed due to the fact that production is carried out at the capacity of the military-industrial complex. Product quality is not questioned.

Plates “Dream” both gas and electric, use the stable demand of consumers in different countries. This is connected with an acceptable price level, and with optimal reliability of designs. No other Russian manufacturer failed to achieve such a high thermal efficiency. The name “Dream” is fully justified by the flawless modern design. The rules are updated annually.

Electric plates “Dream” can have cast iron burners or tubular electrical heaters. Windscreen cabinets are equipped with backlight systems and thermostats. In the outdoor models, 4 standard working modes are provided, providing warming up warm-up and bottom.

Gas plates “Dream” are designed to consume propane-butane. Developers provide a minimum flame mode. Each model issued certificates of compliance with the technical requirements and norms of fire safety. Gas stove, as well as electrical, has an enameled case. Such designs are good and in urban dwellings, and in field conditions.

There is a lot of modifications of the slabs “Dream”. They are all included in the budget category, however, they differ in excellent quality. Popular in Russia and abroad 4-killing versions. This is the number of burners it is necessary to cook food for the usual family. Burners in such modifications are often made from cast iron.

We are talking about such versions as:

  • 12-06-03c;
  • 12-06;
  • 12-06-03SB.

    Sometimes the cobblers based on Ten. The only representative of this group is 12-03.

    Cast iron burners do not require complex care. However, they differ in large thermal inertia. As well as in contact with cold water or at the blow of heavy dishes of cast iron is easy to crack. Fastly increasing and rapidly cooling tan is bad because all crumbs and spilled liquids dry under the heater.

    Part of the electric stove are equipped with so-called express burners. They are mounted in high power TEN (not 1-1.5, and 2 kW). Cooking surfaces are covered with glassmall, which is resistant to mechanical effects. Such a coating is guaranteed to retain its qualities at a large temperature. Even the “dreams” models, operating 10-15 years, do not lose external appeal.

    “Dream 211ch”

    A good example of the electric plate “Dream” is a model 211ch. It does not provide an oven. Product dimensions make up 0.54×0.296×0.09 m. Management is performed by mechanical way. There is no timer, there is also no display and watches.

    211T VK

    Modification 211T VK is considered a completely reliable device. Two-projector ergonomic design heats food due to spiral heaters.

    12-06-03 Sat

    Another option plates with two burners – model 12-06-03 Sat. As a manufacturer declares, reliable glass email is used to make a cooking surface.

    The main advantages of such a decision are considered:

    • excellent resistance abrasion;
    • ease of cleaning;
    • Long preservation of an attractive appearance.

      On the control panel put an inclusion indicator. The oven is equipped with a backlight system. Because the observation of the preparing food is possible when closed doors. Provided dual heat resistant glass. The thermostat is designed to maintain exactly the specified temperature.

      The greatest consumption of energy in this stove is 5.3 kW. Cast iron electroconforships work very reliable and stable. Changing their power can be stepped (setting 1 out of 7 levels). Capacity oven reaches 48.7 liters.

      “Dream 29”

      But sometimes it takes a smaller electric stove: in which 2 burners with oven. In this case, “Dream 29” will come in handy. In its production, use white and black enamel. The manufacturer promises that the life of the product will be 10 years. On the first 2 years is given a branded guarantee.

      The stove is really compact and can be installed in a small kitchen.

      At the cottages, in the country housing such an advantage is very valuable. The largest working current – 16 A. therefore Installation of “Dream 29” is possible in any building where there is a standard wiring of a modern level.

      The burners will be limited for a maximum of 3 minutes. There is a compartment for unused dishes. The package includes a baking sheet with an enameled coating and a grill intended for frying and drying products. The greatest power consumption at the “Dream 29” – 2.2 kW. Net weight is 25 kg. With a similar characteristics of electric stove 251ch weighs 29.5 kg.

      “Dream 100m”

      Ural manufacturer has gas models. Plate “Dream 100m” is designed for desktop installation. It can work on liquefied gas. Important: Switching to natural gas is permissible only when buying replaceable parts in the company’s service centers. A small magnitude “100m” allows you to easily move it anywhere.

      The designers took care of the sustainable burning of the gas in the least intensive mode. No less important and lining on legs preventing sliding. Thanks to them, it is possible to install on a smooth base. The stove works only on liquefied gas. Single accessory included – grille. Both burners give out 1.7 kW of heat.

      “Dream 200m”

      “Dream 200m” also also works on gas. It requires liquefied fuel. Similarly, alteration for classic natural gas. In the proprietary description it is indicated that the stove has quite compact dimensions (0.5×0.285×0.115 m).

      “Dream 221-01 GE”

      Complete the review appropriate on the combined plates. “Dream 221-01 GE” is quite compact and can be used even in a slight kitchen. In its electric oven, two tan are installed (one from above, another bottom), because the heating of food is more efficient. What is important, the stand allows you to use the stove and on the floor and on the table.

      For work, both natural and liquefied gas can be applied; Run burners is made by an electrical ignition device.

      The design allows you to reconfigure the slab at your own, adapt it to various types of gas. Attractive and equipment.

      Together with the stove supply:

      • enameled tray;
      • grid for frying and for cooking surfaces;
      • shield;
      • weak gas screws;
      • Injectors.

        Electrical part and electrical unit unit are calculated on household current with standard indicators. Thermal capacity of a separate burner is 3.4 kW. Electricity consumption in the oven – 1,2 kW. It can maintain a temperature of 50-300 °.

        The dimensions of the device are:

        • width – 0.5 m;
        • depth – 0.43 m;
        • height – 0.85 M.

          The greatest weight – 19.5 kg. Like other products, the service life is 10 years, warranty period – 2 years.

          “Dream 251-01 GE”

          An alternative can be considered the plate “Dream 251-01 GE”. In its characteristics, it differs little, the difference concerns only dimensions: 0.5×0.6×0.85 m. In addition, this stove is harder – up to 25.2 kg.

          “Dream 450 GE”

          There is another stationary model – “Dream 450 GE”.

          As in other models, provided:

          • “Small flame” mode;
          • Indication of the launch of the electroconforc;
          • double heat resistant glass;
          • compartment for storage of dishes;
          • Thermostat maintaining a temperature of 50-300 °.

          Tips for choosing

          When choosing, you need to consider some nuances.

          • The number of burners is of great importance (heating positions). The plate with 1 burner is distinguished by very small sizes. But there are such products very rarely. They are needed only for episodically visited cottages. On such tiles it is easy to warm the teapot or warm up a small dish. For full preparation of even the most simple dishes, the 1-korphic plate is not suitable. The double-door cooker model has more opportunities. At the same time in a limited space, on the same dachas, to use such plates conveniently. If necessary, the expansion of the working area due to the additional insertion will not be much difficult.

          For small kitchens, where you need to cook on a family of three or four people, desktop tiles with 3 burners are better. A classic solution, however, is a four-meter plate. It allows you to prepare a large number of dishes in a short time.

            • Recall the size of the kitchen and dimensions of the slab. From washing to the stove should be 0.6 – 1 m, and from any edge of the panel to any wall at least 0.3 m. These parameters are the same for gas, and for electrical panels.

            • Selection of surface type. Enameled coating used many decades, because it costs cheap and quite steadily destructive effects. But enamel is badly cleaning from fat, swallowed milk, broth. Moreover, even cautious appeal does not help to avoid the appearance with the time of small cracks and scratches. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the stainless steel cooking surfaces. They excellently carry strong heating and even mechanical impact.

            It must be remembered that the steel looks good only in modern interiors. If the kitchen is framed in classic style, steel will be inappropriate.

              Stainless steel is not covered with deep scratches, especially chips. The stove of steel without problems is washed away from food residues. However, it is impossible to clean it with abrasive powders. Steel surface is often covered by well-noticeable fingerprints, and therefore will have to rub it systematically.

              An attractive feature of the glass-ceramic surfaces is both design and functional characteristics. But it is necessary to understand that special funds are required for care. The glass ceramics is painted only in black.

              • Familiarity with features of the oven. Very good if it has convection mode. Such structures improve air distribution during cooking. The backlight of the oven is missing only in the cheapest plates modifications: additional functions have consistently raised the price. “Dream 29”, with all its merits, does not have a gascontrol and timer.

              • Electric or Gas Plate. Gas products are cheaper than similar electrical devices, and the fire is regulated much easier than TEN. Almost all experienced cooks prefer precisely gas: it allows you to quickly heat the dishes and products in it. Nothing amazing: the open flame is much hotter than the hot disk. In addition, blue fuel is cheaper than electricity.

                Burning gas threatens fire, and when leakage of methane and propane-butane, mass poisoning, explosions inevitably occur.

                Another weakness of gas stoves is that the temperature in the oven cannot be specified. But if you can leave this problem using a mixed model, then additives to natural gas that makes various goals will still deliver inconvenience: after combustion, they may unpleasant to smell. Gas leaves a lot of soot, and in a closed room with weak ventilation moisture will accumulate. Finally, in the house with small children, the electric stove is precisely safer. It must be chosen if you need a functional oven and there is no desire to constantly struggle with So, and in the foreground – safety.

                The use of electric stove outside the city should be thought out. Although there are lower electricity tariffs there, outside the large settlement often lack power of the power grid.

                • Carefully examine all feedback on a specific model, Before making the final choice.

                How to connect?

                Gas kitchen equipment must put exclusively professionals. Electrical device can be installed on its own by studying the connection scheme. Primarily, should be checked if the wiring will withstand.

                For electric stove only a copper stranded cable, whose cross section is more than 4 mm 2. And for especially powerful plates – from 6 mm 2.

                Equally important is the connection of wiring to protective automata designed for the strongest current (with a margin of one denomination). Also check the readiness of the socket and forks, their load matching. Be sure to use Uzo.

                Only compliance with these requirements guarantees complete safety.

                Before installation, make sure that there are all parts and components that must go in the set. And the most powerful plates are better to connect not through the plug, but through the terminal.

                When working should strictly observe the connection phase. Connection is performed only in the place where the risk of moisture. Each part of the wire is securely fixed.

                Instructions for use

                For the safe operation of the slab, you should follow the rules.

                • Plates “Dream” should be connected only to AC networks designed for voltage 220 V. You can not use them where there is no grounding contact.

                • It is forbidden to install both gas and electric plates in rooms that do not comply with the requirements of technical documentation.

                • If the stove does not work, it must be de-energized, and only then inspect and look for a problem. It is strictly forbidden to change any details: only qualified specialists are eligible to replace them.

                • Change the place of installation of the gas stove are also eligible for gas economics and accredited organizations.

                • When problems with the gas burner, you can clean it outside and remove the garbage from the available moves. However, to disassemble this item and other elements of the pipeline, again, only trained specialists have the right.

                • Before searching for a reason for one or another problem, it is strongly recommended to read the technical documentation to the end.

                • Working with electric heaters (TEN, spiral), as well as with thermostat and mode switch, with electronic components in handicraft conditions are invalid.

                • Even such a simple procedure, as a shift of a deformed network cord, should be carried out only by employees of service centers. You can not use thermostats and other spare parts that do not have certificates of conformity to a specific slab.

                • All stains and other pollution should be laundered immediately. For this purpose, only the manufacturer recommended by the manufacturer.

                • It is undesirable to use the dishes with a wet bottom (for a gas stove, it is also bad, although to a lesser extent than for an electric hearth). Cannot be used and dishes with too narrow or wide bottom.

                • It is forbidden to include gas or hub electric stove “Freshly” (without dishes or with empty dishes). The gaze should be registered before ignition.

                • If water or other liquid came inside the kitchen appliance, it should be shown to specialists.

                • It is not allowed to operate any plates, housing and the external parts of which are at least under weak voltage.

                • 4-position switch must be placed so that working contacts are closed. This will make the chain resistance to the maximum, at the same time zooming the heating. If the electricity goes, but the stove does not work, you should check all the contacts with the tester: professional repairmen will have to look for less. Teni burners check sequentially.

                Overview of the “Dream” electric stove, look in the video below.

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