Partially embedded dishwashers

Users rarely pay attention to how much time goes on washing dishes, this process has become routine. According to statistics, about 5 tons of dishes have to be blocked annually, spending about 2 hours a week. Significantly alleviate this work built-in fully or partially dishwasher.

What it is?

Such an installation – ordinary household equipment among the modern design of the kitchen. Takes not so much space, very functional and pretty looks. Design is selected individually, given the overall interior of the whole room.

Such a specific name of the device is explained by its location, that is, only the case of the equipment is fully embedded, and the control panel, which is on the facade, leave open.

Now there is partially built-in dishwashers demand only grows. More users choose a similar design. This is primarily convenience – such a technique fits perfectly into the interior, it takes a little place, wash the dishes will require less than an hour.

It is a little different from the fully built dishwasher. The main difference is that the fully built-in machine is completely immersed in the niche of the kitchen headset. From above closes a tabletop, and the material of the same furniture, which is decorated with the whole design of the kitchen on its door. This means that at first glance and do not understand where the unit is located.

What happens?

There are several variations like this technique:

  • full-sized;

  • compact (desktop);

  • narrow.

As well as dishwashers can be divided into species, pushing out its capacity. Depth usually does not reach more than 55 cm.

The most popular 45 cm wide, since it is compact, narrow, does not occupy a lot of space, it contains the average number of dishes (9-12 sets), which is suitable for the average family of 2-4 people. Such a car is easy and without problems can be placed among the kitchen cabinets of standard sizes.

Small dishwashers are on an average width of 45-55 cm, 45-60 cm high and a depth of 50 cm. There are also narrow models, they will be higher (approximately 80-82 cm), but at the same time in the other parameters no difference.

Full-size machines have more sizes, respectively, and the kitchen is needed for their placement, otherwise it will be completely inconvenient to use it. Similar devices in height reach, as well as narrow, 82 cm, stitching – 60 cm, deep into 55 cm.

Overview of the best models

Dishwasher allows you to free your user from partial kitchen routine. It will be able to wash any dishes, despite the most persistent pollution, and also saves water and human time.

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide on the choice of model. After all, it is desirable that she fit in quality and finance, but also did not disappoint.

We offer a rating of several best options for partially built-in dishwashers.

Bosch Serie 2 SPV25DX10R

Narrow compact machine that will fit even on the smallest kitchen. It has 5 levels of water distribution, which provides an excellent result after washing. For a family with a small child, this is generally the perfect option, since there is a function of blocking from children, it allows you to close access to a common panel, and it becomes much more difficult to open its doors.

And the advantage is a fairly low price of a device that any working person can afford.


Small 45 cm wide, which is just suitable for the average family. In this model, the first function appeared in the market – auxiliary sprayer, it involves the coverage of each corner and the subject, without leaving anywhere. The machine has the maximum load in 9 sets, it will be cleaned quickly, and since it refers to the models of the Energy Saving Class A ++, large utility costs are not expected. And you can also immerse the glasses and other elements from fragile glass without any fear.


If the kitchen design is decorated in dark shades, then this dishwasher is exactly what you need. Stylish metal model of black color will like to taste each person. Has a deferred start function, which allows you to start a wash, for example, when there is no one at home, so that the dishes are not inside the device. And among the characteristics of low water consumption, there are 6 modes of operation and electronic control type. Pretty compact, 55 cm wide and silent.

Bosch SMU46AI015

Optimal solution for spacious modern kitchen. It is quite wide (60 cm), contains 12 sets of dishes. It has a beautiful color of stainless steel, which defines a bright white tint. Easily cope with any pollution. For convenience, you can also use detergents 3 in 1 and not to look for special. The machine enters the class A ++ energy saving, so the optimal energy consumption is guaranteed.

Features of choice

When choosing any technique, first of all, you should pay attention not to a beautiful picture, but on the “filling” of the design. The most important criterion for choice, especially if there is a small child in the house, is the noise that is published by the machine during operation. The optimal range should vary from 38 to 55 dB, but the most comfortable maximum level that will not interfere with normal sleep, 45 dB is considered.

Buying the device, you need to remember that there are 2 types of management: mechanical and software (or electronic). This is necessary for a person to choose what he is more suitable, and that personally the user will be comfortable to use.

Mechanical control is simpler and usual, but also in electronic, too, there are many advantages: machines that are equipped with software, are considered modern and functional.

And also the seller will not be clarified, which drying mechanism is built into the technique. Now there are increasingly machines on the market, which are equipped with a so-called turbistrict (inside the bunker in a circle, warm air is moved by a special mechanism, which allows the dish to dry in a natural way).

Many when choosing a dishwasher, first of all look at the price. But it is important to remember that only more advanced designs have a “delicate sink” mode. It is designed for dishes from fragile glass (for example, glasses). Therefore, buying a cheap model, it is not recommended to wash similar elements in it, it threatens them with damage or at all the destruction that can later harm the technique itself.

An important criterion for buying a car is the ability to partial (half) download. This feature allows you to start the device with a small amount of dishes, without accumulating the whole bunker of dirty devices.

Installation and Connection

For a start, the car is placed in a special place in a kitchen cabinet, fixing its fasteners. Then plug into sewage, water supply and power supply.

First of all, it is starting to connect equipment to sewage. The drainage from the drain of the machine is joined in the usual siphon washing with a locking crane. It must be done in such a way that stocks from the shell were completely excluded, as well as the separation of various smells. Each connection must be performed qualitatively so that water leakage does not happen.

Next, the technique should be connected to the water supply system. It is recommended to attach to cold water, because hot a little worse in quality. In addition, the restriction of connecting pipelines is +70 degrees, and if there is no complete confidence that the temperature of the incoming water will not exceed the minimum, then it is better not to risk. It must be remembered that the hoses should not have bends and clamps, as well as pass close to the heating elements. In the case of installing a dishwasher in a private house where freezes are possible, it is recommended to drain the water in the cold season before low temperatures and leave the system in dryness.

And the last stage of the installation is to connect to electricity. The socket should be European type, it is also necessary to carry out grounding. Recommended current strength 16 A.

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