Panda vacuum cleaner robots review

Nowadays it is difficult to present the performance of various cases without equipment that helps us save time and makes them substantially easier and efficient. One of its representatives is a robot vacuum cleaner, which is a more technological version of the ordinary vacuum cleaner, which has long become a reliable person assistant in the fight against mud and dust. These devices have not yet gained such popularity, but it is already possible to say that their use eliminates a person from the need to exercise cleaning, because with this process they cope completely well and independently. And in this article we will talk about the robots-vacuum cleaners of the Japanese brand Panda, the products of which have already managed to prove well in the Russian market.

About brand

Brand Panda is the property of the company with the same name from Japan. Interestingly, in domestic expanses it is a company that has the same name. In general, it can be said that the company decided not to invent a bicycle and nowhere did not change the name. In general, the brand technique is distinguished by high quality, like any other to which the Japanese. And there is no doubt that the solutions presented under this brand will be distinguished by multifunctionality and stability.

An important advantage of this brand is that it does not overestimate the price of its products compared to competitors.

This allows Panda devices to be implemented as budget technique. And the most interesting thing is that a number of functions that are in expensive solutions from other companies can be found here for affordable money.

Another interesting point that should not be mentioned is that technologies for creating robots vacuum cleaners were created in China. First, the company LILIN was engaged in their development and implementation, but she did not have time to go to world markets due to the fact that Panda bought her.

Then the engineers of the Japanese company continued the development of Chinese partners, improved them, increased the functionality of the models, gave them a more interesting and demanded design, after which the first models were already under the brand name Panda began to enter the markets, which caused the unprecedented interest of buyers. To date, the vacuum cleaners of this brand are greatly popular not only for Asian, but on European and, in particular, in the Russian market.

In Russia, there is even a fairly large online store, which makes it possible to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner of this brand, wherever the buyer.

In general, this brand only deserves positive estimates, because his technique is a combination of the highest Japanese quality and low price.


Panda X900 Wet Clean

The first model to pay a little attention is called Panda X900 Wet Clean. This robotic vacuum cleaner can produce both dry and wet cleaning. Its dust collector is equipped with a filter of a cyclone variant with a capacity of 400 ml and a thinnest filter. The model has a cleaning zone limiter in the form of a virtual wall, equipped with a soft bumper, sides and screen brushes. This model works from the nickel-cadmium battery. At the charge, the robot can work for about two hours, and the recharging of the battery is up to 100% in five hours. When cleaning the noise level will be about 50 dB. Its weight is about 3 kilograms.

Panda X600 Pet Series

Panda X600 Pet Series – another representative of the cleansing technology of the brand. As well as the previous model, can carry out two types of cleaning. Capacity for dust collection is represented by a cyclone filter with a floor-liter capacity and is equipped with a thinnest filter. Device side brushes, bumper, backlit screen and doof. Limiter of cleaning site here performs a virtual wall. Works on a nickel-metal hydride battery with a capacity of 2,000 mAh. On the charge can work for about 90 minutes, and the full charge of the battery is carried out in five hours. Also equipped with 15 optical type sensors. Its power consumption – 25 W, and suction slightly less – 22 W. The mass is 3 kilograms, and the noise level issued during operation – 50 dB.

Panda X950 Absolute

Panda X950 Absolute is considered one of the most successful models of this brand. He, as well as the above decisions, and dry, and washing. There is no dust collector, but there is only a compartment equipped with a cyclone type filter and thin. Its volume – 400 milliliters. The battery is represented here with a nickel-metal hydride battery with a volume of 2,000 mAh, due to which the vacuum cleaner can work from it within 2 hours. And completely battery charging in 5 hours. The mass of this “baby” – 3 kilograms, and the level of the noise published during cleaning it will be slightly higher than that of previous solutions – 65 dB. It has a lot of modes, including the “pending start”, as well as the turbo.

Panda i5

Another model that deserves attention – Panda i5. This vacuum cleaner of the combined type, that is, can carry out the cleaning of two types. It does not have a turbosette, but the suction power is increased to 125 W, which for vacuum cleaners of this brand is extremely large indicator. Moreover, power can be strongly regulated depending on the category of coating on which this vacuum cleaner works. This model works from a lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 7000 mAh. This charge is enough to clean the room of 240 kV. meters. When the Panda I5 is discharged automatically returns to the station for recharging. The model has four cleaning modes, each of which has its own characteristics. It is possible to set the device on the schedule.

The model is even equipped with a camcorder, due to which this device can work even as a fit of the house.

The advantages of this model will be:

  • excellent cleaning efficiency;
  • Low noise when working;
  • Excellent navigation mechanism;
  • Availability of remote control.

Of the flaws, let’s call:

  • high price device;
  • No ability to program the device for a week.

Panda Iplus X500 Pro

Another model that deserves attention – Panda Iplus X500 Pro. This vacuum cleaner is an excellent combination of the highest performance and affordable prices. It is interesting that this decision is not equipped with a charger, which means that when the battery is discharged, the vacuum cleaner will need to be installed on the recharging manually. Working device on one charging can about 2 hours for which it time to clean up to 80 kV. M Square. Charging the device up to 100% percent is carried out in 4 hours.

It should be noted that this option is only designed for dry cleaning and equipped with two modes.

The model is also equipped with infrared and ultrasound sensors. Also, the device can itself adjust the suction power depending on the category of coating with which it works.

The disadvantage can only be called the absence of the so-called virtual wall.

Panda X7

The next model of which should be mentioned – Panda X7. It is quite popular and technological. It is combined, that is, it can not only carry out dry, but also wet cleaning. Note that this model has a tank for a garbage of 0.6 liters. There are 5 cleaning modes. In addition, this robot vacuum cleaner works from a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh. On charge, he can work up to 2 hours, and charge – in 5 hours. Its power – 1800 W. In addition, the model is independently returned to the database when discharged. Separately, it should be noted the presence of a turbinestone and pairs of lateral brushes, as well as the ability to control from the smartphone and the presence of a doof.

Such a decision will be an excellent assistant in the house while working.

Panda X1 Clever

Another model that requires attention – Panda X1 Clever. This device is considered one of the best solutions from the manufacturer by price and quality criteria. It runs from battery on lithium-ion-based capacity with a capacity of 2200 mAh. This is enough to work on charge during a couple of hours. Full charging device is carried out in 3 hours. In total, this robot vacuum cleaner is designed for 1000 recharge cycles. It should be said that it is distinguished from other models of an extremely small noise level – only 45 dB. The model is equipped with a filter of a cyclone view, as well as a pair of side brushes, a liquid capacity and a brush for a dust collector care. In addition, there is a virtual wall function here, due to which the magnetic limiter is included in the kit.

Separately, it should be said that there is an ultraviolet lamp that kills 98% of microbes. The volume of the dust collector here is about 0.7 liters.

Also, the device is equipped with 4 types of sensors and the possibility of cleaning programming software.

Panda Soteco Xp

Under this brand, another rather unusual series of vacuum cleaners. Her name – Panda Soteco XP. One of its representatives will be the model Panda 440 GA XP. This device is called dusty-pool and has no shape as we used to see from ordinary vacuum cleaners. It looks more like a kind of wheels on wheels. This vacuum cleaner is not a robot and is a conventional model capable of performing both dry and wet cleaning. The weight of this device is a whole 24 kilogram. The dirt collection mechanism here is a 62 liter tank. The power of this device is 4200 W, and the maximum level of the noise published is 75 dB.

In general, how can you make sure the model range of Panda’s vacuum cleaners is quite extensive. Thanks to this, each user will be able to find a solution for himself, which is suitable for him most and maximize its needs.

How to choose?

It should be said that the choice of a robot vacuum cleaner is the case is extremely responsible and important. After all, the cost of such equipment will be significantly higher than the usual analogues. At a minimum for this reason, a potential buyer should not be mistaken in choosing. Otherwise, for considerable funds, you can get almost a useless thing. Therefore, consider the criteria that allows you to make the right and competent choice.

The first important criterion will be the maximum cleaning area. The fact is that each robot vacuum cleaner is characterized by a certain number of square meters, which it can be cleaned with one charge. Data indicator should not be neglected. Usually it is indicated in the process of device.

To work properly, it must be able to remove on one charge more than the number of area with which it will be supposedly operating.

Next important criterion – battery. It will be best to choose a device with the maximum possible battery capacity. Than this indicator will be higher, the more the robots of the vacuum cleaner will be able to work. Last and low-quality solutions are considered to be, the capacity of which will be lower than the indicator of 2500 mAh. It is better to buy models with indicators from 5000 to 7000 mAh.

But not only the amount of battery will be important, but also its type. Nickel-metal hydride accumulators that have Ni-MH designation are considered the cheapest. High-quality lithium-iones with the designation of Li-ion or lithium polymer analogs with the designation of Li-POL. Especially good will be the last. They now only conquer the market, but are considered safe, environmentally friendly and light.

Third Aspect – Container. Capacity of the garbage collection will determine the time of the continuous operation of the robot vacuum cleaner. If you have more accommodation with an area of ​​more than 80 square meters, it is better to choose models with a capacity of half to one liter. Capacity in 0.5 liters will be enough to clean the room with a size of 50 to 80 square meters. If the area is less, then the garbage collector and 0.3 liters will fit. But it is better to take a model “with a stock”. In this case, it will have to be cleaned somewhat less.

Another point – configuration of the device. When selecting a robot, you need to pay attention to what comes with it. The manufacturer usually does not bother to components for their models and releases filters, various side brushes, as well as other little things.

Another component will be technical aspects, power type and so on. It is better to choose a device that has the greatest suction power. After all, than this parameter will be higher, it will have higher efficiency. Also should pay attention to the noise level. The most quiet robots work, making noise at 50 dB. Middle value will be 60 dB. All that above can create discomfort for households.

The height of the vacuum cleaner will be another important factor, as if it sounds strange. The fact is that the lower the device, the easier it is to clean the furniture. There are miniature models with a height of less than 6 centimeters. But usually the height of such devices ranges from 7.5 to 9 centimeters.

Such a height will be enough for a vacuum cleaner to quietly go under most of the furniture with a small height.

The next aspect that deserves attention is the method of cleaning. All applications under consideration can be divided into three large categories. The first can exercise extremely dry cleaning. They are devices that suck dust and garbage to themselves, where there is a special hole equipped with a brush or without it. Depending on this moment, the robots can produce specific ones or other floors.

Models that carry out floors are first splashing liquid, wash it floor, after which it is collected in a tank for dirty liquid. There is a third variety – combined solutions.

Next Criterion – Orientation in space. Any such device has its own navigation mechanism, which may have laser sensors, sensors and cameras. The option with the sensors is the cheapest, but such devices are usually only chaotic moving around the apartment. Other solutions can already make room maps and put routes.

Additional options can also be an advantage.

In general, it should be said that choosing a robot vacuum cleaner can be very difficult because of the large number of criteria. But if you understand them, you can choose the most efficient home device.

User manual

At the beginning of use, errors will almost inevitably occur related to the understanding of the device.

First of all, after purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it will be necessary to assemble – install brushes, put a garbage container and so on. The following item that should be performed is charging the device up to 100%. For some reason, users think that if the vacuum cleaner is supplied already charged, it is not necessary to recharge it before first use. This is an erroneous opinion, since any battery, even lithium-ionic, has a so-called “memory effect”, because of which the battery slowly loses the charge. Therefore, you will need to charge the device first. The next step will be familiarized with the instructions and inspection of sensors and buttons directly on the vacuum cleaner.

If the set is the remote control, then you should figure out what it controls.

It will also be superfluous to read the instruction manual, since many neglect this item. And only after that you can activate the device and start using it.

As a rule, there are several buttons activating various cleaning programs on the remote. One will be ordinary, other – fast, and the third is local. It often happens that the device can be controlled even at a distance.

As soon as the dust collector will be filled, the indication will know about it. It must be cleaned, in order to prevent the device overloads and do not create excess load on its main components. It should be said that at some point the vacuum cleaner will discharge and stop moving. If he does not return to the database itself, then it should be taken there for recharging.

As a rule, the complete recharging device will be visible to sunbathe special indicators. After that, the robot vacuum cleaner can be used again for cleaning. In general, there are no special subtleties in the operation of such devices.

But to disclose the full functional of the device and its proper operation will not be superfluous before use, it is still familiar with the instruction and figure out how this or that function of the vacuum cleaner is activated.


Most users noted really good quality such vacuum cleaners. And they are cleaned literally any garbage. Also, users who have small apartments are satisfied with the fact that one charge is enough for complete cleaning.

In general, negative reviews are quite a bit. From flaws, users note that often devices are cut into furniture, as well as stuck in the carpet and without the help of a person, it cannot get out of it.

A number of users notes that after a year the battery capacity drops, although most likely the reason for this is that the model has a cheap battery and nothing more.

Some celebrate almost silent work, if we compare them with a conventional vacuum cleaner, as well as unpretentiousness in work and maintenance.

In general, if you judge the user reviews, the robot vacuum cleaner is an excellent solution for those who are looking for a reliable assistant in households. And Panda’s vacuum cleaners will be an excellent choice for everyone who appreciates Japanese quality, excellent purity and manufacturability and wants to get it all for quite a little money.

Panda X500 Pet Series Red Robot Robot Review You can view in the following video

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