Overview of the colors of the kitchen in the style of Provence

Style Provence in the kitchen interior as if specifically designed for romantics and creative natures, as well as connoisseurs of life in nature. Color range of rooms diverse. Those who prefer blue, green and even gray shades will be able to arrange this space in accordance with the peculiarities of this style.


Provence is interesting for the harmoniousness of unobtrusive flowers and shades that set up for a calm way. To place a room in such a spirit, you need to take into account the following features:

  • Walls have light shades;
  • The room produces a feeling of fullness of light;
  • It has a large number of textile elements (natural fabric, type of flax and cotton);
  • When creating the situation, predominantly natural materials are used;
  • The furniture makes the impression of a fucking, while creating it is sometimes used wood carving;
  • The interior uses tablecloths and napkins, decorated with manual embroidery, woven decorative elements, clay or copper dishes.

In general, the situation is created in a manner, which could be called Rustic. At the same time, simple, in something naive is not devoid of grace and ease.

Primary colors

Paints are used primarily warm shades. In this room, the place is white, green, beige, turquoise, wood tones of oak and other breeds. Extremely appropriate yellow palette resembling a bright sun. Many paints have a polynya look, as if burnt. At the same time, modern trends in Provence involve the use of bright accents of dishes, napkins and tablecloths, other elements of the interior. It may be, for example, blue saturated spots or accents of the emerald type, mint color and others present in various kitchen accessories.

Use of white in the kitchen of Olive Style – Classic Genre. This tone is often traced in the design of walls, furniture, ceiling. Thanks to the use of color partner, such as lavender or turquoise, it is possible to avoid the impression of the hospital chamber. Using blue also allows you to match olive style. In the kitchen looks well and pale shades, and bright. This color is used not only when designing the facade headset, but also in the curtains, upholstery of upholstered furniture in the zone of dining room, tablecloths, decorative elements.

When designing green, they advise you to choose nonsense tones, combined with bright accessories from these shades. For example, well combined olive and pistachio. Green Color draw up not only furniture or textiles, but also window frames, doors. Shades of gray in the creation of the kitchen interior welcome people seeking calm and security. Such kitchens are pleasant to the eye. You can choose from palette of tones.

Gray kitchens may seem boring, however, this color is combined with other, suitable for olive-style colors – beige, blue, blue.

Additional color stains should not be much so that there is no sensation of varnishes. At the same time the gray itself can not have a steel shade. Competent use of two colors, such as gray and cream, will create an original design, leaving the feeling of freshness and comfort.

Color of interior elements

To emphasize one or another color of the kitchen, putting bright accents in different areas. Kitchen Apron – Great Place for Experiment. For example, a common light green gamut can be emphasized by emerald impressions in the design of the space between the upper and lower part of the headset. It can be saturated emerald or light. It all depends on the preferences of the owners and the general design plan.

To create a beautiful apron use both ceramic tiles and a mosaic of ceramics with bright splashes. Also interesting combination will be the neighborhood of color turquoise and terracotta, purple and yellow colors, blue and some shades of brown. The total color decision is emphasized by the window decor.

Curtains and curtains can be with floral or fruit ornament, motley or monophonic. They should not be too dense. This will allow them to skip a sufficient amount of light. Textiles itself, whatever color, begins to glow from the inside under the rays of the sun, creating a feeling of comfort and space indoors.

If the walls in the kitchen have a rough surface, the Roman curtains or fabrics of natural colors of “coarse homemade” are well combined with them. Curtains and curtains when observing the style of Provence can be installed not only on the windows, but also on the bottom of the kitchen furniture – bedside tables or islands.

It is important that the color of such an accessory coincides with the main color gamut of the furniture facade or echoed with it.

Kitchen appliances

Modern household appliances in their mass come into conflict with the style of traditional rustic cuisine, but without them anywhere. In order not to create problems in terms of color solutions, it is easier to hide the technique inside the headset or close the decorative facade. You can look for things with a special design, when the surfaces of the matte devices, having a color of beige or ivory, and metal elements are made under bronze.

Wall color

In addition to the white, beige pale blue or lilac shades are often used in wall decoration. To supplement the image of the kitchen in the style of Provence, you can stick on one wall photo wallpaper. Best for this will fit in the zone of the dining room. For example, the image of a lavender paradise can emphasize the rustic style of the entire kitchen space.

The design of the “Provencal Direction” will not fit wallpaper with bright color stains, geometric ornament.

It is better to choose one-photo, with a thin stripe or small pattern. Also, the walls are separated by a light tree, fragmentary – brick or deliberately rudely plastered. Color range in any case. Permissible underlined lack of gloss in color.

Floor color

The floors in such a kitchen are most often designed by wood, their shade. If a parquet is used, it should not be with a gloss. Better let it be a light tree with an effect of making and well-visible texture. Dark floors (linoleum or laminate) in such an environment is not the best choice. It is better to prefer to finish under the stone. You can add decoration using a carpet suitable for color or hand-made rugs round or oval shape.

Ceiling color

The most appropriate solution for the kitchen ceiling in the style of Provence is the use of light wood or plaster. But it is appropriate in your home. If the kitchen is drawn up in an ordinary city apartment, you can simply stretch the white matte ceiling. When creating a multi-level ceiling construction, it is important not to peer with the number of items, observing the measure. If the stretch ceiling is painted, the paints choose non-lass.

Tips for design

If the kitchen is small, when choosing a style of Provence, you should give preference to white color as the main. This applies not only to the walls and ceiling, but also a kitchen headset, dining table and chairs. Paul preferably beige or terracotta. Decorate a small room can be lavender flowers, olives or ocher.

Nice to look at the combination of warm and cold shades.

The kitchen in which a lot of sun is present during the day, it is better to separate in cold colors of the type of blue or blue. Although neutral light gray or greenish shades will also be appropriate. Kitchens in which natural light is small, it is preferable to fill the items of warm tones. In the appropriate color scheme to arrange the walls.

Beautiful examples

The presence in the kitchen of a large number of blue requires compensation in the form of parts of warm shades. You can put a bouquet of sunflowers on the table, and the situation does not seem too strict.

Pistachio color headset sets a common tone of the kitchen. The furniture is perfectly combined with pinkish and beige shades in the walls of the walls, as well as accessories and details of the interior of a lilac shade.

The kitchen in blue colors seems to be spacious and filled with air. Furniture is harmonized with beige shades in the design of the apron and floor, as well as the color of a light tree chairs.

The gray color of the walls and the white headset in combination with the shades of a light tree in the design of the ceiling and floor will fall asleep to the calm, aspiring to spiritual equilibrium. Any bright color spots in this kitchen will emphasize the styles and elegant simplicity of the interior.

Shades olive are perfectly combined with dark wood. Kitchen set of this color in the company with a dining group of mahogany makes the kitchen spacious and ennoble interior.

Tips for the choice of design and colors for the kitchen in the style of Provence See in the video below.

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