Overview of dishwashers Electrolux + 45 cm width

Many Swedish companies are known throughout the world, as they offer high quality product. One of these manufacturers is Electrolux, which specializes in the manufacture of functional and smart home equipment. ELECTROLUX dishwashers detect separate attention. In this article, consider the review of the dishwasher 45 cm wide.


Swedish brand Electrolux offers a wide range of dishwashers of various species and with a variety of features, Which allows each customer to choose, depending on personal preferences, the optimal model characterized by reliability and high quality. The company is constantly considering new innovative solutions to offer its customers with household appliances equipped with modern useful programs and the latest technologies.

ELECTROLUX Dishwashers use a small amount of water and electricity. They are characterized by simplicity in operation, during operation practically do not create noise, and also have an affordable cost, given the advanced functionality.

ELECTROLUX 44 cm width dishwasher possess the following advantages:

  • Narrow models contain all the necessary cleaning methods – they have the functions of express, intense and standard washing;

  • characterized compactness;

  • Pretty simple and easy to figure out the control panel;

  • Interior space is regulated – you can arrange both small and large dishes.

Unfortunately, the dishwashers under consideration have disadvantages:

  • Narrow models do not have protection against children, so you need to be extremely attentive if there are small children at home;

  • There is no program for half the dishes;

  • Water supply hose has only 1.5 meters long;

  • There is no possibility to automatically determine the rigidity of water.

If you decide to purchase an Electrolux 44 cm wide dishwasher, consider multiple key parameters.

  • Capacity. For small kitchens, a 45 cm wide model is quite enough. A small width allows the installation of equipment even under the sink, still leaving some free space. Embedded models can be perfectly entered into the kitchen design, since the control panel can be left open or, on the contrary, hide if desired.

  • Number of cutlery. Dishwashers of small dimensions have two baskets, while they can be placed at different heights. On average, 9 sets of dishes and cutlery accommodates the dishwasher. One set includes 3 plates, as well as cups, spoons and forks.

  • Cleaning class. 45 cm wide model refers to the class A, which ensures the reliability and efficiency of equipment.

  • Use of water. The productivity of the unit affects the use of water. Than it is higher, the more water is used. Some solutions have special nozzles by which during splashing water is used by 30% less, and the quality of washing remains at the height. Such models are more expensive.

  • Drying. Pretty hard in the dishwasher small width to build drying, but Electrolux has succeeded. But this feature uses a lot of electricity. If you do not want to overpay, and the speed of drying does not play for you a big role, then you can buy a model with natural drying.

  • Noise level. The equipment works quite quietly. Noise is only 45-50 dB. If you want to use the dishwasher during the dream of a child, then it is better to look better model with a lower noise threshold.

  • Protection against leakage. Each model from Electrolux has been protected from leaks, but it can be both partial and complete. This system received the name “aquacuation” and is represented as a special valve, which is installed in the hose. If any kind of breakage arises, your kitchen will be protected from flooding.

And the most important function – operation mode. On average, the dishwasher has 6 modes.

Let us dwell on them.

  • Accelerated. The water temperature is 60 degrees, the washing mode is carried out in just 30 minutes. The disadvantage is only that the car should not be strongly downloaded, the number of dishes should be small.

  • Fragile. This solution is suitable for washing glass and crystal. 45 cm wide models include a convenient wineglass holder.

  • Frying pan and pans. This mode is ideal for eliminating fat both the old and burned. The program goes 90 minutes, all the dishes after washing clean.

  • Mixed – With its help, you can immediately put pan and frying pan, cups and plates, faience and glass.

Swedish company Electrolux provides a fairly wide range of 40 centimeters wide dishwashers, and they can be both embedded and separately standing. Consider a Read more Rating of the best models.


Built-in dishwasher allows you to save space, as well as it is hidden from prying eyes. This solution likes many customers. Let us dwell on the review of the most sought-after decisions.

  • ESL 94200 LO. This is an excellent built-in device that is characterized by a simple installation and convenience in controlling. Narrow dishwasher has a capacity for 9 sets of dishes. This model has 5 modes of operation, which will make it possible to choose the optimal. For example, for washing a large number of dishes Ideal the program for several hours. The model includes selection of temperature modes (3 of them 3). The device has a cutting class A condensation type. Additionally in the kit includes a shelf under the glasses. The weight of the equipment is 30.2 kg, and the dimensions – 45x55x82 cm. The ESL 94200 Lo model provides high-quality soot of dishes, has reliable protection against leaks and fairly easy control. Among the minuses it is worth noting the noise during operation, as well as the absence of tray for spoons and forks.

  • ESL 94320 LA. This is a reliable assistant in any kitchen, which is characterized by a capacity for 9 sets of dishes, provides washing and drying class A. The dimensions of the device are 45x55x82 cm, which allows you to embed it in any place, even under the sink. Regulation is electronic, 5 modes of operation and 4 temperature modes are presented. Dishwasher has full protection against flowing. The kit also includes a shelf for glasses. The weight of the product is 37.3 kg. Of the advantages of the ESL 94320 LA model, it is necessary to note silent, the presence of a fast 30-minute washing mode, as well as the possibility of laundering of any fat. Significant minus stands for the lack of protection against children.

  • ESL 94201 LO. This option is perfect for small kitchens. When choosing an express mode of the dishes will be pure in just 30 minutes. Silver color model perfectly fit into the kitchen interior. Drying is represented by class A. The device includes 5 modes of operation and 3 temperature modes. This model is designed for 9 sets of dishes, which allows you to purchase it even for a large family. Its dimensions are 45x55x82 cm. Of the advantages it is worth highlighting a quiet job, the presence of rinsing program. Among the disadvantages, you can allocate the lack of a postponement of the start.

  • ESL 94300 LA. This is a narrow embedded dishwasher, which is characterized by simplicity in setting up and operation. Its weight is 37.3 kg, and dimensions – 45x55x82 cm, so it is easily embedded in the kitchen module. Maximum filling – 9 table sets. The device includes electronic regulation, 5 modes of washing dishes, including 30-minute, 4 temperature modes. During operation, the equipment does not publish a loud noise. This model is perfectly coping with washing plates and cups, but with pots, difficulties are possible because the fat is not always completely washed.

  • ESL 94555 Ro. This is a great choice among embedded dishwashers, since the ESL 94555 RO model has 6 dishwashing modes, a delay function, publishes a signal after the end of work, convenient management. She is even able to remember the last program and further produce it while pressing only one button. This device is fully embedded, capacity for 9 sets of dishes, washing and drying class A. Includes 5 temperature modes. It has dimensions 45x57x82 cm. The dishwasher has the function of energy saving, it works almost silently and perfectly copes even with the solar fat. Among the minuses it should be noted the lack of protection regime from children, as well as the drying mode does not correspond to expectations.

Separately standing

Many buyers for spacious kitchens acquire separate dishwashers, which Electrolux offers quite a lot. Let’s stop more on several sought-after models.

  • ESF 9423 LMW. This is a great solution for quality sink and drying. The model is comfortable and easy to control, silent while working and compact. ESF 9423 LMW dishwasher has a capacity to 9 tableware sets. Washing and drying class A, 5 modes and 3 temperatures. Additionally enters the shelf for glasses. It has a weight of 37.2 kg and dimensions of 45x62x85 cm. The maximum duration of washing is almost 4 hours. Using the dishwasher ESF 9423 LMW, you can easily get rid of dirt, as well as the model does not make noise during operation. To provide high-quality wash, filling the equipment need dishes loose.

  • ESF 9421 LOW. This is a rather requested solution, since the dishwasher ESF 9421 Low is equipped with an “aquacuation” system, which ensures reliable protection against the flow. A narrow model of a 45 cm wide will perfectly fit into any kitchen. It can maximally accommodate 9 sets of dishes, includes 5 modes and 3 temperature solutions. Equipment dimensions are 45x62x85 cm. The longest program is 110 minutes. Among the advantages should be emphasized by stylish design, almost silentness and excellent wash quality. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages, for example, components are made of plastic.

This technique is not suitable for washing dishes from aluminum, cast iron or wood.

  • ESF 9420 LOW. Stylish design and high quality successfully connected in this model. The presence of a LED indicator allows you to find out when you need to add a rinser or salt. Separately standing dishwasher has a capacity for 9 sets of dishes. On the cost of electricity, it refers to the class A. The dishwasher has 5 modes and 4 different temperatures, as well as drying mode Turbo. It is only partially protected from the course. Its dimensions are 45x62x85 cm. Among the advantages should be noted the presence of a flow water heater and express wash.

If we consider the disadvantages of this model, note that it does not have protection against children, as well as fast regimes can remain food to dishes.

User manual

Initially, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions for use of the dishwasher. It is recommended to read it completely to avoid various “surprises”. After you need to connect this unit to the power grid, water supply and plum. Better to seek help to a professional. When the master did all the necessary connections, you can move to the preparation of equipment for use, namely:

  • Fill the tank for salt and the rinser dispenser;

  • Enable Quick Quick Sink Program to Clean the equipment inside from various kinds of pollution,

  • set up the level of water softener, taking into account the rigidity of water in the region where you live; Initially, there is a mean value of 5L, although it is possible to change in the range of 1-10 L.

Do not be afraid to try all modes of work, as well as check the main functions, because in this way you can determine which programs and settings are suitable for you.

If you wish, you can immediately turn on or off such settings as:

  • Sound signal on the end of the work;

  • Indication of the rin dispenser;

  • automatic selection of the program and settings that were used during the last washing of dishes;

  • sound indication of pressing buttons;

  • AIRDRY function;

  • and also adjust the water rigging indicator.

You need to know how to load a dishwasher. This will help the following recommendations from specialists:

  • Initially, you should fill the bottom basket;

  • If you need to put overall objects, the stand below can be removed;

  • Top basket is designed for cutlery, glasses, cups, glasses and plates; Lower – pans, pans and other large elements of dishes;

  • The dishes should be upwards;

  • Between the elements of the dishes, it is necessary to leave some free space so that the water jet can be with ease of passing between them;

  • If you simultaneously want to wash the dishes, which is quite easy to be afraid, with elements stronger, then choose a smaller mode with a smaller temperature;

  • Little size items, for example, plugs, covers, better place in a special compartment or compartment, designed for forks and spoons.

To properly use the dishwarm Electrolux, you must not forget about important points:

  • Large food remnants should be removed from the dishes before loading it into the car;

  • Sort immediately dishes on the hard and light, while large dishes should be located exclusively in the lower basket;

  • After the work is finished, the dishwasher should not immediately remove the dishes;

  • If the dishes are very fat, it is recommended to use the soaking program, the equipment will be easier to cope with severe pollution.

In the manual for the use of dishwarves, Electrolux notes that the unit needs regular care, then he will last longer.

Store the following rules:

  • After each cycle of washing dishes, it is necessary to wipe the gasket located around the door;

  • To wash the chamber inside, it is recommended to choose a standard program once a month, and drive the unit without dishes;

  • Approximately 2 times a month you need to unscrew the drain filter, and remove the accumulated food residues;

  • All dispensing holes should be cleaned with a needle about once a week.

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