Modular paintings in the kitchen: stylish options

It is difficult to present the kitchen completely without decor. She seems lonely and boring. You can make a special color and a certain mood by a modular picture. This trend has not lost its popularity in the new season and is considered relevant for various stylistics. The material of this article will help the reader make the right choice of a modular accessory, noting its features and refreshing the main purchase criteria.


Modular patterns call images separated by several parts, associate components of a holistic image. Often modular panels are called structural or segmental. The technology of manufacturing such products is carried out by transferring the picture to the selected basis. Looks like this decor is unique, unusual and stylish.

Today, manufacturing technique allows the use for modular images of images from both the catalog and the client photos. Photos of the required quality are processed in a special computer program, preparing to print. Modular patterns with proper placement on the wall capable visually expanding the kitchen space. Considering that they mounted them on ordinary fasteners, change them if necessary.

One of the features of such paintings is the possibility of surfacewaying. To do this, in production use gels – crews, creating the effect of surface cracking. Also these pictures can be created with the effect of artistic brushes. Segmented images may consist of 2, 3, 4 and 5 parts. In this case, the size of the fragments can be both the same and different.

Fix the modular patterns not exactly to each other, but at a short distance. At the same time, depending on the drawing, the location of the modules can be both symmetrical and asymmetric. As a rule, the total size of paintings is rather big, so besides this decor, the wall is not decorated with nothing. The effect of smooth flow of the image is achieved by lack of frames.

Printing types

Today, the transfer of drawing on a modular picture is performed for different bases.

It is transferred to:

  • photo paper;
  • canvas;
  • glass.

Photographic paper is a standard technology option. When the picture is transferred to the canvas, it is sometimes framed by a baguette. The third methodology is considered the most difficult, buy such pictures less often due to their fragility.


Modular panels today can be the most diverse as in the figure of the drawing and form. However, we all divide on 2 types: vertical and horizontal. In this case, the size and number of modules will depend on the wishes of the customer, as well as the heights and width of the walls. Products can be panoramic and very small.

    According to the functionality of the product can be classified into 2 categories: exclusively decorative and decorative and functional. Products of the first type are needed mainly to decorate the interior of the specified stylistry. The second modifications have a clock: it is beautiful, and functionally. By the number of fragments, modular panels can be divided into several varieties:

    • Diptych – option of 2 parts;
    • Triptych – a picture consisting of 3 modules;
    • Penapetta – option of 4 parts;
    • Polyptih – Panel from 5 or more modules.

    Rules of harmony

    Not every modular picture can become a decoration of a kitchen of a particular style. Therefore, the choice of accessory should be approached with a special basis. For example, the subject matter: the same dolphins or scenes of the underwater world will not fit into the kitchen as if. Each interior design direction has its own priorities in choosing color, textures, drawing.

    Say, for Loft Stylistics, you can choose a small bright image, for Provence it can be a bright picture with the image of a flower arrangement. You can beat a picture of an unusual shape: it can be, for example, a round, symbolizing harmony and equilibrium. One of the main rules of the Combination is the choice of the right color. And here you need to rely on shades that are associated with delicious food.

    For example, it can be colors of fruits, vegetables, cereals. At the subconscious level, they will contribute to an increase in appetite. You can decorate the kitchen segmental picture in orange, golden yellow, peach and orange colors. As for the subject matter, it can be coffee beans, fruits on a neutral background, watercolor abstractions under sketches of colors.

      Little just pick up and hang picture, withstanding composition and style. It also has its correct backlight. This will reduce the potential of the accessory to the full. In addition, it is necessary to consider that the location of the panel also has its own characteristics. For example, it is impossible to hang pictures in the kitchen too high. When buying, you need to proceed from the necessary requirements of the visual adjustment of the room:

      • The modular version of the horizontal type will expand the walls;
      • Vertical analogue will be able to create a height lengthening effect.

      You need to focus on the existing furniture, choosing an option by its width. For example, the picture can focus the dining space, thereby performing the reception of the zoning of the room. It is possible to arrange it in different ways that will depend on the placement of furniture elements.

      • She can decorate the open part of the wall near the headset, if a cozy sofa with a dining table is located in this place.
      • A small panel of several segments can highlight an empty wall above the dining table, located opposite the headset.
      • It is possible to designate it a guest corner in a combined room or a kitchen-living room.

      In each case, the topics will tell the style and place of placement. For example, for Chinese style it can be an image of fantas and blooming sakura, poems written by hieroglyphs. If ecosil is chosen as the basis, you can prefer natural themes (say, birch grove). For French Provence and Country, you can contact the pictures of nature against the background of vintage mansions in the drawn manner.

      Contemporary design branches with simplicity and realism. Therefore, here it will be better to look at photos, images of the city as well as cards. African style is specific: here you need elbow silhouettes of Africans, made in a special manner. Immediately it is worth notifying: the subject may depend on zoning, but it should not be intrusive. If someone from households are alien to the direction of design, in which the kitchen is suppressed, the picture will only strengthen the negative effect.

      How to choose?

      Professional designers offer to rely on several rules, guided by which, Buyer will be able to make a picture with a decoration of one or another stylist.

      • The choice of picture can be carried out according to Fengshui principles. The image must be positive, cheerful, it may be present in it.
      • A look at the picture should calm households, and, if possible, also raise appetite. It can be a picture in the form of fruit or a plot sketch of a cafe in which you can sit after a cup of coffee.
      • Harmoniously looks in the kitchen interior segmental images with plant topics and drawings in neutral tones.
      • Image size should be correlated with the size of the kitchen itself. For example, panoramic options are good for studio planning, small segmental paintings are more suitable for small kitchens.

      Consider when choosing you need and your temperament. For example, the red tones of the drawing are not suitable for all. This color will start annoying and guests and the owner of the house. If you need to follow weight, it is better to choose a modular picture on the wall of the kitchen with blue, blue, azure pattern.

      To create a coziness you need to bet on green, creamy and orange.


                In order not to get to write when choosing a better stylish option, you can bet on still lifes with coffee, vegetables and fruits. Such pictures are perfectly combined with laminated facades of kitchen furniture of different shades. If the surface of the furniture is matted, it is better to resort to berry topics.However, it is worth considering: Giant patterns of drawing can create a visual imbalance in the kitchen interior.

                  Select the image is needed, taking into account the size of furniture and an existing area. If the buyer cannot decide on the choice, you can look at the floristic picture. When there is not enough peace, it makes sense to buy or order a picture with a landscape or nature. Ornaments are good for ethnic interior, simple abstraction looks good in modern design.

                  Examples in the interior

                  Examples of photo galleries will assume the possibility of changing the kitchen mood.

                  • Stylish option in the interior of Studio Loft Style.

                  • An example of guest decoration in the kitchen-living room.

                  • The original way of changing the mood of the dining space through a modular picture with a clock.

                  • Eclectic interior with attention distraction from insufficient kitchen width by vivid modular vertical type pattern.
                  • Decoration of the cooking zone horizontal modular pattern of symmetric type.

                  • An example of using the picture in a single concept with stylistry.

                  • Registration of the dining space in an eco-friendly style.

                  • Segmental panels in the kitchen in eastern style.

                  • Picture of berry topics, as kitchen headset support.

                  • Light panel for a small kitchen.

                  How to make a modular picture with your own hands, look in the following video.

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