Modern small kitchens: design options and examples in the interior

When arranging a small space, sometimes it is not easy to choose interior design elements. This may seem problematic in a small kitchen, where it does not do without a headset, the minimum set of furniture and household items. Small Mercalon Against the Background of Limit Pattern Creates the Effect of Disorder. To prevent this and fill the kitchen in the dwelling atmosphere of home comfort, you should familiarize yourself with the basic principles of its creation in a limited space of the kitchen.


When selecting furniture, wall and floor facing, they proceed from the features of the kitchen room itself. For example, the room can be complicated by planning. It can be bevelled walls, incomprehensibly located protrusions and clumsy niches who are difficult to beat, giving them the visibility of the virtues of the interior. In addition, small kitchen is usually limited by the amount of natural lighting.

Little windows make an uncomfortable kitchen, you have to beat it by central and auxiliary lighting. Another point can be called the location and size of the entrance door. There are planning in which its width does not exceed 60 cm. Sometimes the door location does not leave a chance for harmonious installation headset. Worst of all, if it is not possible to demolish the wall in order to increase the space or at least parts of the wall.

Modern interior styles are good because they strive for minimalistness and functionality, Do not shout with pompousness and spraying of elements of arrangement. Due to the minimum set of furniture and its ergonomics, it turns out to make a feeling of air and lightness in the design, which is especially important in the conditions of limited space. In addition, modern design directions welcome the use of modern materials. Such furniture does not create an effect of massive.

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To rationally use the space, and at the same time creating a clear organization, you will have to zonail the area of ​​the kitchen. If it is very small, it will turn out to be equipped with only two zones: dining and looking. If the kitchen allows you to accommodate a small sofa, you can arrange in it and compact guest space. If reasonably approach zoning, you can use a compact sofa as part of the dining area.

You can use lighting for zoning. For example, you can separately light each zone. If in the room in order to save space instead of the dining table, a bar rack is installed, you can illuminate it. Also, to maintain the organization, you can use wall cladding or flooring, using different colors or materials for different functional zones.

For example, cooking zone can be denoted by a beautiful kitchen apron, refreshing it with a flexible ribbon or binding the backlight inside. The wall near the dining table can be designated by photographs or even a small picture in a strict frame made of wallpaper. You can post the wall near the table with tiles or other trim. This will place the place of meals.

Paul dining area and cooking sites can also be different. However, under conditions of limited space, the materials used should not contrast each other sharply. For example, you can bet on linoleum, designated by different materials of the border of two zones. As for the placement of furniture as one of the zoning techniques, it will depend on the planning of the kitchen itself.


Headset and other furniture for modern stylistics are in the kitchen based on the placement form. For example, linear arrangement along one wall is used in narrow and elongated rooms. In such cases, it is impossible to pull the already narrow space, thereby finally killing the rest of the coziness. If the room is striving for square form, great freedom is allowed for furniture arrangement. One option will be the purchase of angle kitchen with a peninsula or an island.

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Today, these models are distinguished by compactness and ergonomics. They are very functional, provide for the presence of mounted lockers and a variety of shelves. If the room has an erker protrusion, it is it that uses under the dining area, drawing up a table and compact chairs.

Parallel arrangement along two walls – another solution for square cuisines. However, here you will have to look at the location of the window and doors. To put a table near the cooking zone, thereby installing it in the center of the room, you need to possess square cuisine. As for the table, it should be a bar counter.

Design and design options

Modern stylistics need a spacious and light. It is these criteria that are on top of her success. Everything that will be indoors is intended for use. Furniture must be compact, comfortable, functional. Table and chairs must be combined with the headcard.

Considering modern interior styles, you can reveal their shared features, among which the involvement of metal, plastic and glass textures, the use of household appliances and the introduction in the interior of modern illumination. In other words, for harmony you need to fill the lack of lighting, to introduce small, but practical furniture with the texture for metal or plastic. An excellent solution will be a table with a glass countertop with toning painting.

Style minimalism, whether Scandinavian, Japanese varieties or industrial, ecological subspecies, does not tolerate anything superfluous. He calls to abandon stripping and decor, immersed in simplicity and accentuation of space. Facards of furniture should be flat, the backlight must be damaged to the ceiling. Choosing the components of arrangement of adjacent styles, you can create a business, not deprived of the originality of a comfortable environment.

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Curtains for the interior of modern kitchens must be small and technological. It can be a roller carrier, options for Plears, as well as Roman curtains. Such products are compact than the space free and create a spacious effect. Their size does not exceed the window frame, some curtains are wound on a special shaft, others remotely resemble blinds.

If you want more familiar options, you can refer to conventional rectangular curtains on rings-lover. They are also relevant, but in conditions of small kitchens can be not only standard, but also shortened.

Lighting devices in the interior of modern small kitchens must be compact, characterized by concise design. Excellent here will fit point lamps with a uniform step around the ceiling perimeter.

Beautiful examples

  • An example of zoning and saving space using a bar counter.
  • P-shaped layout along the walls and windows, using green to revitalize the interior.

  • Harmonious arrangement of elements of arrangement in a small kitchen.
  • Arrangement of a separate Corner Studio Planning for Loft Kitchen.

  • Furniture arrangement with a wide door passage to the kitchen.
  • Designer option to arrange tiny space with a wide entrance to the kitchen.

  • Corner kitchen with mounted cabinets, use of metal furniture texture and folding table design.
  • Stylish solution with brickwork texture and P-shaped kitchen.

  • Selection of the dining area with two paintings. Use of different lights for individual functional zones.
  • Kitchen option with access to the balcony. Dining space zoning.

In the next video you are waiting for the ideas of design for a small kitchen in “Khrushchev”.

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