Mixless Building Vacuum Cleaners: Features, Types and Tips for Selection

Often there is a production need to remove large areas of the room: workshops, construction sites, business centers, concert halls. With many types of pollution, the vacuum cleaners of industrial and construction. These machines are able to solve complex complex tasks, but before purchasing the machine, it is recommended to understand the specifics of a particular model.


Building a milder vacuum cleaner differs from the household unit with increased power. Industrial samples are differentiated into two types:

  • Technical and industrial;
  • industrial.

The first aggregates are powerful, can work during a working shift without a break. The volume of their dust collection containers – 135 liters. Industrial products are also in demand in many areas of activity, especially on construction and industrial facilities.

There are many non-free models that are intended to perform a wide variety of works. Building vacuum cleaners without a bag for garbage and dust collecting are very popular not only in production, but also in everyday life.

There are such aggregates due to the occurrence of thrust, which is caused by the pressure drop. Microparticles are absorbed through a special hollow device, which in shape resembles a pipe. At its end there is a nozzle in the form of a tight brush that allows you to scrape pollution from any surface. Microparticles fall into a special container passing through the filter system, and the purified air returns to the room. Such models are equipped with a function of vibration.

Vibration clearance is an automatic “knocker” dust. Vacuum cleaner with vibration work works only with “dry” filters. Such a simple device significantly prolongs the working resource. The power adjustment function is also important. A few modes may be present in one machine.


Not all vacuum cleaners can perform universal facilities for cleaning. For example, the removal of explosive substances (coal and aluminum dust) can lead to ignition or even an explosion. Explanation Simple: The vacuum cleaner is a power tool in which the rotor brushes are present, they generate sparks.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, special vacuum cleaners are used to clean the shops of hazardous industries, which are much more expensive.

Models are also highlighted that are capable of conducting wet cleaning. Such machines have a different container format, there is a detergent solution. Wet cleaning is most often done in the complex with dry cleaning. Also during such work various filters are actively used. They are:

  • water;
  • cyclone;
  • fine cleaning;
  • Complex.
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In some cases, during the cleaning of the room, an additional connection of any unit is required. On the building of the building vacuum cleaner there is a socket to which various devices can be connected.

Pollution can be very different, and some of them eliminate enough difficult. Different systems of filters that are used during the vacuum cleaner work, help to cope with complex pollution. Aqua filter (container with detergent) is one of these effective elements. Through it passes airflow containing microparticles.

Cyclone filters with cyclone filters are also used on construction sites, which can eliminate any type of pollution. The lack of such devices – they “do not capture” microparticles, so it is necessary to additionally install fine filters. The joint work of two types of filters allows you to cope with almost any pollution. At the same time, the cost of the devices can be relatively low.

Most often for normal operation of the device, a power of 1.5 kW is sufficiently power, the suction force should be at least 210 W. With such indicators it is possible to process both small objects and impressive in size.

Buying a vacuum cleaner, must be emphasized on such parameters:

  • power;
  • capacity capacity;
  • Length of the cord;
  • additional functionality;
  • warranty period;
  • Ability to conduct service.

Separately, it is possible to allocate models with a very high power (up to 7.5 kW), the volume of passing air in these “monsters” over 120 liters in 60 seconds. Tanks for garbage in such models are usually enough to 25 liters, with such a volume you can eliminate any pollution in the medium-sized room.

In industrial enterprises, the technique is required more powerful and productive, in this case, the tank capacity can be up to 120 liters.

Many devices have a power regulator, which is convenient when cleaning various contaminants, electricity is significantly saved. Vacuum cleaners that instead of garbage bags have containers, possess indicators showing the level of filling. The principle of operation of such devices is based on the functioning of the float valve.

Rating of the most popular models of non-free vacuum cleaners of industrial and construction purposes:

  • Makita VC25122;
  • Einhell th-vc 18200 s;
  • BAC BAC-5000-22;
  • Dewalt DWV9002L;
  • “Dustprom” PP-220/200.3-1.5;
  • Karcher WD 3 p Premium 2;
  • Redverg RD-VC72600.

Cleaning with these devices is carried out both wet and dry, the volumes of dust collectors on such devices are also rather big (up to 25.5 liters). An additional “input” is present on the machines, through which such units can be connected:

  • turbines;
  • Stroboresis;
  • electrolovik;
  • Electric chisel and others.
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From the weak qualities of the aggregate Makita VC2512 You can note the absence of “blowing” function. The device is compact, weighs only 7.8 kg. Included there is a set of tanks. This model is done at the European Union factories that a priori speaks about high-quality assembly. In our country, a lot of service centers of this brand, and if necessary, the instrument will not prevent.


Th-vc 1820 s – Universal unit, which can clear any plane from pollution and dust savings. It is pleasant to surprise power in such a compact device – 1.25 kW. Waste collected in a large 20-liter container. Perhaps with this vacuum cleaner also carry out wet cleaning.

Useful Function Function, complete with special consoles. This allows you to remove the most resistant mud layers. Such a functionality is convenient to use for the processing of hard-to-reach technological holes in various aggregates.

There is a socket on the case, which makes it possible to simultaneously connect a variety of devices.

The container is made from the “stainless steel”, it is easy to clean. While working to the unit, you can connect any electric tool. Additional advantages:

  • drain neck;
  • automatically curling power cord;
  • Picks are present.


The company has proven itself in the Russian market with the best side. Building vacuum cleaner Bosch Gas 20 (weight 5.9 kg) is expensive, but this model is reliable and productive. There are comfortable handles and wheels on it. The socket on the housing allows you to connect any electrical device. There is a clear indicator showing the filling of the container, as well as the semi-auto optic filter cleaning system.

Benefits of the Bosch Gas 20 model:

  • original view;
  • Durable housing;
  • well-working mechanisms;
  • It is possible to make wet cleaning;
  • high efficiency;
  • High purification coefficient.


Until recently, Japanese and German were considered the best vacuum cleaners in Russia, but the development of domestic industrial production in Russia contributes to. In our country has become popular Model PU-34/1202, which is produced by the well-known company “Interskol”. This model has the most complete equipment, as well as a comprehensive filter with a vibration. The engine is only 1.21 kW. There is a two-mode power setting.

The model is highlighted by the optimal combination of price and quality. TTH machine has the following:

  • Capacity container – 33 liters;
  • filter “Cyclone”;
  • hydraulic protection against too much capacity loading;
  • Great suction force (62 l. with.).
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In the price / quality category, the vacuum cleaner of the Russian production “Soyuz”. There is a car only 5.5 thousand rubles. Great popularity uses PSS-7322 model. At construction site, it is difficult to find something better than this vacuum cleaner.

Positive traits:

  • high power;
  • ease of operation;
  • performance.

Tanks for dust in 25 liters is enough to put in order the average space in the area. Also, using this device, you can carry out wet cleaning, which sometimes it is easy to do. The weight of the unit is only 7.6 kg, it is compact and mobile (4 wheels).

Criterias of choice

To choose the right vacuum cleaner, it should be understood how efficiently it will be able to remove pollution of the most different nature.

Dust differentiates to such types:

  • Safe dust – these are microparticles of such substances like chalk, villi, land;
  • Middle Danger – alkali, radioactive materials, metals;
  • High risk dust – These are carcinogenic substances, radioactive materials, heavy metals, phosphate fertilizers, etc. NS.

To eliminate the dust of the last type, powerful special equipment and individual means of protection are required.

To find the desired device that will optimally meet the needs and needs, it is necessary:

  • determine what principle the vacuum cleaner works;
  • what power of a particular model;
  • On which kinds of garbage specializes a particular vacuum cleaner;
  • bag volume;
  • Availability of additional functionality.

If you need to clean the garbage on an industrial scale daily, then rationally buy a vacuum cleaner from the manufacturer Makita, Bosch or Interskol. Functioning such machines can for many hours, have good power, which allows you to high quality up to 200 square meters within an hour. Each unit is supplied with the most different nozzles, which is important to consider when choosing.

To work in the “Blowjob” function, a certain snap is needed, so it is necessary to check its availability when buying a car.

It should be borne in mind that any additional function is markedly appreciates the aggregate, so when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you need to have clear ideas, what kind of work it will perform.

In the next video, you are waiting for advice on the choice of construction vacuum cleaners.

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