Mirror aprons for the kitchen: species, design and application in the interior

When designing a kitchen design, much attention is paid to choosing apron. This design can not only be profitably submitted to the decor of the room, but also add coziness. And this is not all its functions. Apron perfectly protects the walls of the rooms from drops of moisture and fat. With all these tasks, a mirror design is perfectly coping. In addition, this option helps visually expand the room.


Some time ago to protect the walls near the working surface used mainly tile. Due to the variety of modern materials, most people have become available to most people: other types of facing:

  • a rock;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • Mirror glass.

When creating a modern design kitchen, a special place occupies a mirror apron. Its popularity is related to a number of advantages that ensures this material. So, the mirror surface shows excellent heat resistance and moisture resistance. In addition, it perfectly transfers sharp temperature differences. This design has another significant advantage – it is easily clean. In the process of cooking on apron from any material, fat drops and divorces from water evaporation appear. And it is from a mirror surface that they are easy to remove. To do this, it is enough to use a microfiber cloth or a simple sponge and mirror washing.

In addition, mirrors help visually expand the kitchen space. This factor is especially important when decorating small rooms. Modern mirror aprons differ sufficient resistance to mechanical damage. Such a material is difficult to smash, but if it happens, the fragments are safe. This feature of the material is relevant in cases where there are small children in the house.

Another plus of this type of apron are density quality material. The absence of pores on its surface eliminates the formation of mold and fungi. For the kitchen room, this is important, since it often occurs in high humidity, which is a welcome habitat for such formations. Here I also want to note the hypoallergenic properties of mirrors, as well as their environmental safety.

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With all its advantages, this coating is no high worth. Even the unprepared worker will be able to assemble the structure. Mirror apron can be consolidated not only with the installation of special fasteners, but also using glue. This design has several drawbacks. To maintain a good appearance, the product must often wash. In addition, for a better decorative effect, this surface must be fully open. Therefore, from hanging extra shelves and hangers in this zone should be refused.


Depending on the modification of the mirror apron, the appearance of the kitchen changes. These designs can be made in the form:

  • monolithic panel;
  • tiles;
  • Mosaic.

Panel product type produce from tempered glass. This design is not only distinguished by hanging strength, but also a sufficiently large length of the canvas – up to 3 meters. This allows you to install the panel as a whole, which, in turn, makes the decor more expensive. Mirror tile is a spectacular decor element. You can find and modifications under the brick. Different and types of surfaces. They can be both glossy and matte. However, with such a modification, the cleaning process is significantly complicated. Various pollution, including fat stains, settle on tile joints that are difficult to extract.

For modern design in the style of High-tech or techno, a mirror mosaic is perfectly suitable, which looks modern and perfectly combined with chrome and metal kitchen items. With the help of sufficiently small parties of the design in large rooms, it turns out to create the effect of the delimited space.


Mirror surfaces for the aprons are distinguished by a variety of an additional decor, which gives the appearance of the surface the uniqueness and originality. Currently, designers offer several basic solutions for design mirrors in the form of kitchen apron:

  • Color canvas;
  • satin effect;
  • aged texture;
  • Availability of drawing.
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Color mirror involves a large number of decor options. Coloring can be selected in accordance with the color of the kitchen headset or its accessories. A good idea can be a contrasting tone mirror. Satin effect is created using surface matting. In this case, the mirror surface can be processed under satin both completely and partially. Designers offer a large number of geometric options, as well as the creation of unique matte patterns and drawings.

The aged mirror aprons combine not with all directions of decor. Most often, such structures are used when creating a classic design of the room. Universal are mirrors with a pattern. The pattern is created not only by sticking a special film, but also sandblasting. The drawing can be applied to order on the ready-made mirror apron.


Mirror designs can be installed in rooms of various sizes. Most often, the element is used to expand and deepen space. The maximum effect in this case is obtained with a combination of white kitchen and a mirror apron. This color when reflected adds to the place of light and creates the impression of the absence of boundaries in the room. It should be noted that the combination does not require powerful lighting devices in the table top area, plates or washing. There will be enough light illumination, since most of the lighting will add a mirror apron. This principle in the presence of a white headset is valid not only in daylight, but in the dark.

How to put?

Before installing a mirror apron or put a tile, you need to align the surface of the wall. This is important for the correct refraction of light. After performing work, you can proceed to the calculation of the size of the structure. When installing any mirror model to the obtained area, you must add another 10%. Move the panels are necessary with special accuracy to avoid damage. Mounting itself is produced in two stages. Initially, you must apply special glue on the wall. And then, exactly putting a apron, tightly press its minimum of 15 seconds. If the surface is heavy, then the time of grapping may increase. Then you need to make sure that the design is installed smoothly and leave it until the glue drying. The whole process is carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions on the packing of the adhesive substance.

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On this principle, the tile is performed. It is advisable to perform all the actions quickly, so that there is a time to enhance the fabric of the apron. Separate tiles can shift when laying. If the adhesive substance fell on the mirror surface, then it must be removed immediately. After drying the composition, it will be much more complicated, especially without glass winding. If necessary, allowed wetting a sponge or tissue towel with a small amount of solvent.

After several days, when the glue is completely dry, you can proceed to seal tiled seams. This is done with a clear silicone. In the case of solid design, it is recommended to similarly handle lateral junctions. The mirror apron fits perfectly into any design and gives the kitchen modern and stylish look. Therefore, when creating a new decor, it is simply necessary to take this option to consideration.

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