Miele vacuum cleaners: descriptions, types and components

Germanic products invariably differ in very high quality and thorough overlap. However, you still need to carefully choose. This requirement also applies to household appliances even leading manufacturers.


Any of Miele vacuum cleaners will be able to ensure cleanliness and order in the house. The manufacturer claims that on average its products serves at least two decades. All released vacuum cleaners after the drive from the conveyor are tested. They are launched on a continuous action for a thousand hours. Only when there are no problems, the whole game is released on sale. Therefore, you can be sure that for all the time of operation of the vacuum cleaner, the power of suction will remain at the same level.

As applies to the modern manufacturer, Miele constantly finds out and creates new technologies that immediately find use in the technique. Because the same vacuum cleaners are constantly being improved. The main direction of engineering search in the XXI century is the maximum simplification of cleaning and reducing the cost of time on it. Each vacuum cleaner is equipped with high-quality depreciation wheels. Rollers containing a rubber layer are not bad maneuver. If necessary, they easily scroll into 360 degrees. The appearance of scratches and scratches is excluded even on smooth surfaces from fragile material. It provides ease of movement on any floor and minimum noise. Brushes also design so that they do not leave tracks.

Outdoor models of German vacuum cleaners are equipped with gradually accelerating motors. Because when the device begins to work, it goes to the required mode after a while. Such a solution helps to significantly reduce premature wear. Yes, and the protection of the electrical network from overloads is quite justified.

Attention deserves the innovative filter complex “Airclean”, which, thanks to the multistage device, cleans the ejected air to almost the perfect state.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main confirmation of Miele’s advantages is the stable popularity of this home appliance. The overwhelming majority of buyers noted that it is:

  • going as much as possible and competently;
  • constructed with the calculation of excellent operational parameters;
  • Made the most reliable and resistant to external influences.

In relation to vacuum cleaners, it means first of all thorough sealing of the case. It is achieved with reliable seals placed along each seam. Even a small amount of dirty air or dust can not get outward.

What is important, the German firm offers a number of specialized vacuum cleaners. Each of these lines is designed for specific working conditions, and under these conditions achieves the greatest efficiency.

Therefore, the choice of the most suitable device does not represent much difficult. Speaking about the advantages of vacuum cleaners from Miele, it is necessary to note again:

  • excellent maneuverability;
  • convenience in work;
  • external grace;
  • High mechanical strength of all joints and fasteners.


Nothing fundamentally new on parts of components Miele did not offer. Reusable bags that are made from textile materials are used to collect dust. In the shops of partners of the German company you can also buy:

  • Universal brushes;
  • turbo slats to remove hair and wool;
  • ordinary floor brushes;
  • Parquet nozzles;
  • sets of nozzles;
  • pens;
  • brushes for mattresses;
  • coal filters;
  • Hepa filters;
  • Various hoses and dust collectors.

For Miele SGDA0, synthetic dust collectors are manufactured from spanbonda. Increased strength allows these bags suitable for collecting single glass fragments, cement dust. There are also two-layer and five-layer modifications of dust collectors. The corporate set, except for the dirt drive, includes a motor filter and microscopic filter; They can be applied to SBAD0, and on other models.


The German company produces the robots vacuum cleaners. They allow you to clean up the house even in the absence of owners or with severe employment by their other affairs. There is only one model of such equipment, which allowed developers to focus on improving and optimizing it. Wireless apparatus is also completely eliminating the need to stretch throughout the cable. And most importantly – you do not have to constantly stumble on this cable.

Vertical vacuum cleaners are highlighted in a special category on the company’s website. They are perfect for cleaning carpet. Similar devices develop enough intensive rotation of the shaft brush. Therefore, the dirt is effectively removed from the carpet across the depth. There are detergents that are recommended for cleaning:

  • tile;
  • marble surfaces;
  • concrete floors;
  • other water resistant materials.

The lineup

Review of the vacuum cleaners of the German concern it is appropriate to start with the vertical modification “Dynamic U1”. This machine is equipped with no analogues with a rotary inclined mechanism. Therefore, it is possible to achieve unsurpassed maneuverability. Made of selected materials Flat case allows you to clean the dust without any problems even under small tables and beds. An attractive feature of “Dynamic U1” is also a significant radius of the workspace – 14 m.

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The package, except for the nozzles for upholstered furniture, includes a nozzle for cleaning up. The designers took care that the vacuum cleaner automatically “adjusted” to the height of the pile on the carpet. The installed motor is designed for the most smooth overclocking. System, winding network cable.

Thanks to the autonomous motor, the turbo wagon is spinning with constant speed, no pressure exerted by it.

But in the Miele line there is a robotic vacuum cleaner Miele SJQL0 SCOUT RX1. With its creation, special attention was paid to improving the quality of navigation. The device is not only vacuuming, but also cleans and even sweeps floor. The developers tried to maximize the duration of continuous operation on one battery charge. There is a system that protects furniture from scratches.

A system that provides a reliable cleaning of all angles has a considerable importance. The creators of the vacuum cleaner have devoted a lot of forces by adjusting the recognition system obstacles (both furniture and staircase steps, high thresholds). As a result, the robot will not harm and will not suffer. Thanks to the timer, you can set the perfect accurate mode of operation.

If you go to manual models, it is worth considering the vacuum cleaner without sacks “Blizzard CX1 Red Powerline” – Miele SKRR3.

It is distinguished by high suction intensity. Air enters inside through a telescopic tube. The main filter does not require maintenance. The device can work both on the soft carpet and on the solid floor. Air speed in the pipe exceeds 100 km / h, which allows you to suck dust any value.

Branded description also indicates that the purification of the dust collector will not be much difficult.

“Miele SKCR3 BLIZZARD CX1 Excellence” also does not have bags. Energy consumption reaches 1.1 kW. The filter is provided, selecting fine dust. Its cleaning is performed automatically and does not require effort from the user. A pair of nozzles is stored inside the hull of the vacuum cleaner, and another accessory integrated into the carrying handle.

The model “Blizzard CX1 Jubilee Powerline” differs little from the already described versions. But there is a vacuum cleaner and its own feature – the package is included for cleaning the parquet. The product is adapted to cleaning solid floor coatings that are easily scratched.

“CX1 Cat & Dog Powerline” is default equipped with a turbo. That is why it effectively collects wool and hair (both with carpets, with carpet tracks, and with upholstered furniture).

Attention deserves and “Miele Sbad3 Classic C1”. Air suction intensity reaches 1.4 kW. Thanks to the universal nozzle, cleaning the floor is greatly simplified. What is important, even with a complete set of technical accessories Aggregate weighs only 5.8 kg. The range of action is 9 m, and therefore the cleaning of large rooms will not cause difficulties.

During the development, the focus was paid to the reliability of fixtures and convenience of blocking random launches. Delivery set includes a floor nozzle, tube tube and handle.

“Miele SDAB3 Compact Powerline C2”, as follows from its name, requires quite a bit of parking space. At the same time, the power of dust suction reaches 1.8 kW. To work on the floor there is nozzle with a sole of metal.

Vacuum cleaner of this model Even with accessories weigh no more than 6.5 kg. Telescopic tube helps effectively adjust the height. Cable winding is performed when you press one button.

Miele SGDA3 – another modern vacuum cleaner from the German concern. You need to manage this device using buttons. Air suction force is 2 kW. The wide range of applications is ensured by a universal floor cleaning nozzle. Also included in the package includes 3 accessories. The radius of the vacuum cleaner – 12 m. Cable looking is made by pressing the button.

To many models of Miele vacuum cleaners are suitable bags-dust collectors “GN Hyclean 3D Efficiency”. These are heavy-duty products, evenly distributing dust along the internal volume. Everything is done so that with a minimum of the power of the thrust reached the maximum.

It is important to indicate that three modifications, often wanted by consumers, have already been removed from production. This is:

  • “Miele Sbad0”;
  • “Miele S8330”.

How to choose?

But even despite the reduction in the range recently, the choice of a suitable vacuum cleaner is quite complicated and requires care, accuracy. Experts believe that it is worth paying attention to “Miele SKRR3 BLIZZARD CX1 RED4”. Despite limited power (1.1 kW), the device sucks dust effectively. All stimuli and allergic substances are removed from the pumped air. A cyclone filter with a capacity of 2 liters was used as a dust collector. This machine can be selected if you need a high-quality vacuum cleaner with a decent set of functions.

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In addition to descriptions of models, it is necessary to navigate and on the specifics of a particular room, and the required cleaning quality. The more carpets with a long pile, the higher the power of the vacuum cleaner should be. Only in this case, the rapid removal of all the dust has been guaranteed.

Sometimes cleaning with a standard set of nozzles is very complex. Then the acquisition of a vacuum cleaner with an electric brush becomes the output. It works at 20-30% more efficient than ordinary accessories. If the house has a pet, the choice is definitely necessary to do in favor of the “Cat & Dog” line. All the machines included in it are equipped with a filter complex, stopping the spread of unpleasant odors.

But even if there are no pets in the house or apartment, it does not mean that you can ignore the difference in branded series. So, for cleaning the smooth floor, the vacuum cleaners of the Parquet family are recommended. They have a special brush that allows you to care for the coatings let it thoroughly, but in gentle mode. The glossy floor will be untouched, while all the dirt will be collected rather quickly.

In any case, the devices having a compartment under nozzle become a good choice. Compact devices of this kind may be vertically, and horizontally. The nozzles are attached sometimes outside with the help of a special locking element.

If you just want to get a reliable and universal device, it is worth paying attention to the “Total Care” series. All vacuum cleaners of this line are equipped with a mass of differentty nozzles. Because they will cope with the cleaning of any surface, pull dust from hard-to-reach areas.

It is worth considering the power of suction. Even if the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a variety of nozzles, but draws air with force to 0.45 kW, it will not cope with the cleaning of the carpet. In this case, it is worth navigating the model with a capacity of 0.5 kW. You can also ignore the difference between devices for dry and wet cleaning. Dry cleaning implies the receipt of garbage into the tank (container), and the capacity of this container is of particular importance.

Vacuum cleaner, designed for wet cleaning, more efficiently. However, it is greater and heavier. In addition, not all materials can be subjected to wet processing. ATTENTION WORKS TO TURN AND FOR FILTERING SYSTEM. In high-quality devices, it has at least three levels:

  • dust tank;
  • filter to protect the motor;
  • In-depth cleaning filters that improve the quality of the air discharged.

It is from the last component that the health of those suffering allergies and immunological disorders directly depends. If there are small children or pets in the family, exactly the same need to check that the air is cleared by 99.95%. A more serious degree of cleaning is peculiar only by professional models for special applications. In the household segment, it is not used, because the costs do not justify the result achieved.

The longer the cord, the better. Fears that the cable will be confused, do not make sense.With the right handling, this problem does not occur. But the ability to restore order even on distance from the outlet is very valuable.

As for the suction pipe, everything is simple – only telescopic samples are suitable.

Very good if this tube is made of metal. His increased durability will have to be like the way. Typical set of nozzles includes 1 brush, slotted and lathes. An important characteristic of modern vacuum cleaners is also a bumper with a rubber layer. It avoids multiple problems during operation.

The placement of control elements is also not indifferent to the user. If they are put on the handle of the hose pipe, you can run and stop the vacuum cleaner, without touching its housing. This circumstance will delight all the elderly, as well as those who suffer from problems with the spine. Useful and power adjustment option. Experts advise immediately, without leaving the store, check:

  • noise of the vacuum cleaner;
  • its complete set;
  • technical documentation;
  • guarantee period;
  • Accessibility of service and spare parts.

Operating tips

The quality of Miele vacuum cleaners is undoubtedly. However, even the most reliable and kindup equipment will last longer and give the best result with proper use. The vacuum cleaner should not work without a break longer than 60, a maximum of 90 minutes. If you break this rule, the motor can overheat. As a result, its resource will be rapidly lost. Sometimes even when compliance with temporary restrictions, the vacuum cleaner is very hot. It is possible to avoid this, without presses the nozzle excessively to the surface. Then the free air circulation will allow a little cool engine.

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Nozzles in any case need to move on moderate speed, smoothly. This will allow cleaning the surface perfect. Noticing the drop of thrust, you should immediately empty the dust collector. Even pull cleaning until the end of cleaning is not recommended. Contrary to common myth, it will only help save time and strength. Yes, and the room will be a gentle better.

Before emptying the dust collector, you must carefully read the instructions. There it is precisely described that with which filter should be done, what and what time it is to replace. When it comes time to vacuuming curtains and curtains, it is required to limit air flow. Too strong streams will lead to unpleasant consequences. Similarly, it is necessary to act when cleaning the carpet with a subtle or simply worn pile.

It happens that despite the purity of the dust collector and filters, the weight of the vacuum cleaner is weak. In this situation, it remains only to inspect the hoses, nozzles and pipes. If they are good, not clogged, you need to immediately contact the service center.

Without professional engine repair skills or control system is impossible. To reduce the risk of such a situation, you just need not overload the vacuum cleaner.

It is categorically impossible:

  • touch the vacuum cleaner with wet hands;
  • to concern it at the same time and any grounded item;
  • pull the plug from the power outlet;
  • put pressure on the plug or pull it overly strongly;
  • pull the wire strongly;
  • open the vacuum cleaner connected to the network even to replace the container or inspection;
  • Trying to remove the construction trash, combustible fluids, perfumes, unknown substances;
  • to change the design of the vacuum cleaner;
  • repair it at home;
  • allow the hose punctuate;
  • leave a vacuum cleaner unattended in the presence of children or pets (even if it is turned off from the outlet).

When the sound changes when working, it should immediately alert the owner. We must immediately stop cleaning, de-energize the vacuum cleaner and check it. If the problem is immediately resolved or non-obvious, you should immediately appeal to professionals. Even if everything works fine, the filters need to be changed once in 30 days. If cleaning is carried out daily or on a large area, they are replaced more often.

It is strictly forbidden to use the vacuum cleaner when the voltage in the network is very low, very high or unpredictably changes. Homemade vacuum cleaners should not be used to clean out street sidewalks, earth floors, industrial and office space. You can not collect them:

  • nuts;
  • Screws and bolts;
  • nails (even small);
  • pieces of metal (including rust and scale);
  • Construction Materials;
  • chips;
  • Acids and alkalis.

With long interruptions in cleaning the vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to disable from the network and put on the designated place. This place should be dry, eliminating the fall of the device itself. Clean the surface of the vacuum cleaner and its parts can only be the compositions that manufacturer recommends. Strong blows and moisture getting out, extraneous liquids may be destructive for household appliances.

More information can be obtained from the instructions for a specific apparatus. It is advised to even re-read every 2 months to prevent errors.


The overwhelming majority of buyers evaluates Miele technique as a very worthy choice. Model “Complete C3” is characterized by excellent assembly quality. She has a decent line: at the highest speed, the brush with difficulty breaks away from carpet tracks. It is noted that the vacuum cleaner works without excess noise. Special system allows him to suck the air intensively, even if the bag will overflow during cleaning.

The device copes well with pets of pets. But it is better to purchase a specialized “Cat & Dog” for this purpose. It is distinguished by decent power, although it works quietly. There are all the necessary nozzles.

The only weak point is the insufficient strength of the plastics, from which the case is made.

“BLIZZARD CX1” stands out:

  • the optimal ratio of power and current consumption;
  • concise appearance;
  • a swittle assembly;
  • Ease of emptying container.

In the next video, you will find a review of the vacuum cleaner Miele SGDA0 COMPLETE C3.

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