MIELE dishwashers

MIELE dishwashers are distinguished by a wide variety and fairly high technological level. Among them are built-in and other models of 45 and 60 cm wide, familiarize yourself with the reviews of which is no less important than with the assortment. Already after the purchase, you should learn more about the tablets and powder for them, about the features of the repair and everyday circulation, about the error codes F11 and F14, F78 and F24.


Immediately it is worth saying that the dishwasher Miele meets the most stringent requirements of modernity. This manufacturer makes a lot of effort to ensure the equipment in the most relevant functions. Designers took care of, among other things, about optimizing the download of both large and small objects of dishes. Universality and comfort of use are achieved thanks to Flexline branded boxes. Additionally, it is worth noting:

  • ease of placement of dishes;
  • Flexibility of pallets;
  • the presence of short programs;
  • gentle handling of glass;
  • automatic dosing system of reagents;
  • autorun at the set time;
  • intuitive management;
  • decent lighting of the indoor space;
  • Water and electricity consumption efficiency.

German brand goods are well known. In their manufacture, only modern and reliable materials with excellent wear resistance are applied. Many leading engineers are attracted to the development of dishwashers. The location of the pallet is regulated by all three axes. Specialists thought out everything to ensure the ergonomics of the models.


Separately standing


A good sample of such machines is G5430 SC BRWS. By default, such a model is painted in white. Inside, you can lay up to 9 housing sets. With a depth of 600 mm, the product width reaches 448 mm. Users can take advantage of both intense and delicate washing modes. Designation of program execution and reliable leakage protection. Designers worked 5 programs, including half loading mode. The machine is equipped with a special closer and system indicating the residual time. It is possible to connect to the hot water supply system. Condensation drying is in active mode.

Other important features:

  • Special pallet for cutlery;
  • branded protection against leakage;
  • Standard niche width 45 cm;
  • Net weight 47.6 kg;
  • Total current consumption – 2 kW;
  • Single-phase power supply.


As an alternative can be considered G5000 SC BRWS. In such a machine, up to 14 cm wide, up to 14 sample sets. Provided for 5 programs and a third basket. Sound volume does not exceed 45 dB.

Consumers can postpone the start for 1-24 hours, there is also a special holder for cups.



Model G5260 SCVI CLST meets all consumer requirements. It accommodates 14 sets of dishes. Stainless steel surface surface. Provided if necessary half-loading mode, and there is an intensive wash option. Display Painted in Yellow. Sound signals are provided for control operation.

Technical specifications:

  • Niche width 60 cm;
  • The required height of the niche from 80.5 to 87 cm;
  • net weight 44 kg;
  • single-phase power supply;
  • The length of the aquatic and sewer hose 150 cm;
  • Network Wire Length 170 cm.

G7150 SCVI

You can choose to replace G7150 SCVI. The depth of this typewriter is 57 cm. Consumers can take advantage of the fully automatic program. Text single-line display is very good.

To coordinate the work there is a button; When choosing an automatic program, water consumption in the cycle is 6 liters, and the sound volume does not exceed 44 dB.


G 5890 SCVI

A sample of such a built-in dishwasher can be considered G 5890 SCVI. Its width is 45 cm. Designers have provided 12 washing programs. You can use the programs of “special purity” and “special dryness”. Pallet under 3D cutlery in combination with a special box guarantees the optimal placement of dishes of various dimensions. Peculiarities:

  • Drying category A;
  • stainless steel color;
  • simultaneous washing 9 housing sets;
  • Drying with an additional feature of the automatic door opening;
  • hygienic mode;
  • work with beer glasses;
  • Especially quiet program (with the volume of sound no more than 40 dB);
  • the ability to connect to the hot water supply system (at the expense of special branded technology);
  • Blocking the door and protection against children;
  • net weight of 40.8 kg;
  • water consumption with ECO 7.7 l mode;
  • Sound volume 43 dB;
  • Fuse at 10 a.

G 5260 SCVI

Choosing a dishwasher width of 60 cm, it is worth paying attention to G 5260 SCVI. The manufacturer promises excellent wash quality for only 58 minutes. Inside, you can put 14 housing sets. Control is performed using the buttons. Cutlery will be placed on a thoughtful pallet.

User manual

Among detergents is beneficial Rinser 21995496eu4 CC2. It is supplied in packs of 0.5 l. Due to this composition, the drying of the dishes passes quickly and efficiently. Completely excludes the formation of divorces and flops. Glass will be reliably protected from destruction. And also need to look at Freshener 21995493EU3. This fragrance successfully suppresses bad smells. The substance includes simulators of green tea and lemon. The fragrance will persist long. Usually packaging is enough for 50-60 milking cycles. Branded salt comes in packs of 1.5 kg. The drug is assembled into large grains. He is perfectly opposed to posting lime.

It is also necessary to carefully select powder. It is best to give preference to informable compositions with the addition of supersenzimov; Tablets can only be used by those recommended for a specific dishwasher. But before using any means, you will have to install MIELE machine correctly. Make it possible even without circulation to professionals. Compact models put on table tops either under the sink. In the absence of a special cabinet it is more correct to install a separate device. It is very important to prepare competent drawings, taking into account sizes and connection points.

Include typewriter only through a special moisture outlet. Any tees and extension cords are not allowed. The socket must be thoroughly grounded. It is assumed to supply current through a differentiating machine for 16 A. And also need voltage stabilizer.

Connection to the water supply traditionally goes with a mixer. However, away from the sink can be simply crashed into a pipe. Drain fix or straight to sewage, or to the siphon. Connection points required to enhance clamps.

After connecting, you will have to drive a test program without dishes.

Other nuances:

  • Only children from 8 years old can use the dishwasher independently;
  • Regularly check the health of the machine, its wires, hoses;
  • Use damaged devices is impossible;
  • Access to the outlet must be constantly free;
  • You can not use detergents for hands and other reagents that are not intended for dishwashes;
  • Wash in the dishwashers you can not have any items that can collapse from high temperatures;
  • It is not allowed to use any accessories, except the original MIELE products;
  • Open the door during operation it is necessary extremely careful, saving the emission of hot water and steam;
  • It is required to actively monitor the quality and rigidity of water.

Additionally there are a number of tips:

  • lay minced items upstairs, and large – down;
  • It is impossible to put the dishes on each other;
  • Highly dried and burnt dishes need to be mashed at least 10 minutes;
  • The dishes should not create barriers to exposure to jets and to rotate the blades;
  • Silver, wooden and glued items washing in dishwashers;
  • Fayans must be processed only at very low temperatures;
  • Porcelain and glazed items are not originally intended for such washing;
  • Intensive sink can only be chosen for the dirty dishes;
  • It is necessary to put the device so that it is freely ventilated and did not overheat (which often occurs surrounded by furniture with a bad calculation).

Error codes and elimination

Even so reliable dishwashers sometimes have different malfunctions, and many of them can really be eliminated at home. You only need to know key errors and encoding.

So, the signal F01 Speaks about a short circuit in a water heater or in wires. In this case, turn on the heating of water and the rinsing mode is impossible. You can fix the problem:

  • check indicator and cables (discontinuity search);
  • inspection to connect to the network;
  • Replacement of the Failure Temperature Sensor.

Signal F11 Served when water is impossible. In this case, it is necessary to check:

  • sewage;
  • Plug pallet;
  • filters;
  • Relay, follow-up for pressure (sometimes they have to change them).

The problem is solved:

  • cleaning the valve in the pallet or replacement of it;
  • cleaning the drainage pump;
  • Debugging power pump.

Mistake F14 indicates problems with water intake. Often it is associated with pressure switches. Repair implies:

  • check the switcher itself;
  • nutritional assessment and harness cables;
  • replacement of problem parts of the dishwasher;
  • debugging and replacement of the circulation pump;
  • Removal of foreign objects.

Failure F24 Indicates that the dishwasher is experiencing problems with a heating relay or with contacts. As in other cases, the beep is fed for 2 minutes. The root cause is often the injection of moisture on the relay. In some cases, instead of replacing the entire relay, it is enough to change the plug of its heater on the output side. Check it easy – enough to measure resistance.

There are some other errors:

  • F69 – the circulation pump is clogged;
  • F84 – incorrect position of the shutter of the chiber;
  • F78 – jamming of the pump;
  • F79 – lack of communication with a block controlling pump;
  • F19 – extremely tight rotation of the flow meter;
  • F25 – It is not possible to achieve the desired temperature.

Review reviews

In general, the opinions of buyers about Miele technique are favorable. They often indicate the presence of all the required programs and the optimal purity of the dishes. Also celebrate abundance of new technologies and high mechanical strengths of baskets. A small minus is to leaving water droplets on plastic surfaces. Dishwashers of this brand work quietly, even a set of water is noticeable only with active listening.

With a capacity of such devices, too, everything is in order. You can count on saving water and current. True, washing metal saucepan and a frying pan does not always allow to achieve the perfect result. Practicality and security in general at a decent level.

Over time, the quality of the sink may worsen.

In other reviews, pay attention to such nuances as:

  • the need to rinse the dishes before washing;
  • Specific drying structure;
  • the ability to miss even sticking and dried porridge;
  • noises for some instances;
  • lack of limited download programs;
  • Periodically remaining sublifting (which is rather due, however, with the wrong selection of rinsers).

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