Lumme vacuum cleaner review

    As you know, the very first vacuum cleaners were invented in the USA. They are cars for cleaning dust and dirt. In the modern world it is difficult to imagine life without this device. Homemade little vacuum cleaner will help remove the apartment without difficulty, making it clean and flawless. One of the companies that is engaged in the production of quality cleaning aggregates is Lumme.

    Briefly about brand

    Lumme initially thought as a small company for the sale of small household appliances under the general St. Petersburg wholesale brand Stingray, and over time, turned into an independent largest company for the sale of household appliances, as well as audio, video products and communications from its own manufacturer. Now Lumme has been successfully developing in the country’s market for the second decade. The list of products contains the whole range of shallow and large household and embedded equipment, which usually produce the largest world manufacturers. Under this brand can be seen in stores, brand cabinets, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners. It is about vacuum cleaners and will be discussed in this article.


    There are two types of vacuum cleaners: it is a network and rechargeable. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages.

    The home is very suitable for a battery manual vacuum cleaner. It is easily transferred, the lack of a network wire makes accessible to work even where there are no sockets. The main disadvantage is only the fact that the battery can sit down. Therefore, you just need to follow.

    Network vacuum cleaner, on the contrary, does not fail at the most inopportune moment. But can vacuum only at such a distance, as far as the length of the cord. In rooms where there are no sockets, remove the apartment will be problematic.

    Of course, now we need vacuum cleaners not only to remove the house. There are also devices that clean the car interior, upholstered furniture, swimming pools, outerwear. All vacuum cleaners are now systematized.

    Also, vacuum cleaners have another classification.

    • Universal vertical. Expensive model, not particularly in demand in the middle class of the population. It consists of a long plastic handle and nozzle. Equipped with engine, small dust collector, filters.

    • Vacuum cleaner. Ideal for collecting dry garbage. Compact, miniature, easily clean the dirt in the kitchen. After collecting the garbage, the finish-end is the wiping of the floor, laminate, a wet cloth. After such cleaning the floor will sparkle and shine. This model is more suitable for wet cleaning, in demand. By itself, it is very convenient to use and weighs only 2.5 kg.

    • Multifunction device. Has many nozzles, removable brushes. Wireless apparatus easily cope with cleaning. Remove dust and dirt from furniture, clothes. Equipped with a big filter. Works from charging. They can be well cleaning clothes from hair and pet wool, clean the salon of any car, and in general carefully remove the apartment.

    Lumme LU-3211

    One of the most popular models is considered Lumme LU-3211. High demand is due to an acceptable pricing policy. Characteristics of such a mini vacuum cleaner Lumme LU-3211 simple. The black color apparatus, ergonomic: 2200 W, cord length up to three to four meters, no bag for collecting dust and dirt, comfortable and technological pipe, automatic cord, comfortable plastic handle, unique power on and off, lightweight and fast container cleaning. Deserved customer reviews only positive.

    Lumme LU-3212

    Next Model – Lumme LU-3212. Such an orange-colored electric pressure is mainly designed for dry cleaning in apartments. Included nozzles guarantee the cleaning of all types of flooring in the premises. Multifunctional brush helps without much effort to get rid of wool and hair on the upholstery of furniture. Capacity for a dust collector – only two liters. Perfectly washed from dust and dirt.

    Lumme LU-3210

    Similar model – Lumme LU-3210. The small-sized blue electric power plate also does not provide for dust collection bags. Plastic two-liter container helps to collect trash fast and efficiently. Very simple and reliable in service. Power type – Network 220 V, Weight – up to three kg, autotlope with overheating, self-shocking. Conveniently packaged and does not occupy. It is more often buying and responding positively. Rarely breaks.

    Lumme LU-3206 and Lumme LU-3207

    Identical models for the price and characteristics are Lumme LU-3206 and Lumme LU-3207. Comfortable garbage containers, lack of paper bags, turning off the leg, a large assortment of nozzles. Protects from the inflection of the vacuum cleaner hose. This unit can be purchased in network stores within 1,500 rubles (in the “mini vacuum cleaners”. Most buyers choose such a model due to ease of maintenance, ease of use and affordable prices. Vacuum cleaners are rarely breaking and served guaranteed.

    Choose a mini vacuum cleaner not so difficult. In any store you can seek help from a consultant, on official sites read reviews. If you independently make decisions, then, of course, you need to pay special attention to the package, the number of nozzles on the device. What they are more and more diverse, the multifunctional vacuum cleaner.

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