Kitchen without windows: features planning, design and arrangement

When creating a comfortable atmosphere in the premises, an important factor is the source of natural light. In the planning of the old-type apartments each room had a window. At this time, the owners of houses are often faced with the lack of window openings in some rooms. This can be done specifically on the idea of ​​the architect or after redevelopment of the former owners. In fact, the kitchen room that does not have the window does not apply to the list of unresolved problems.

If you observe several rules and recommendations from well-known designers, you can turn the deaf room into a chic room for cooking and family gatherings, while the absence of the window will become completely inconspicuous.

Organization of kitchen space

Abandon the purchase of an apartment or at home, into which the kitchen room does not have access to the natural light, extremely irrational. By connecting your own fantasy and taking advantage of masters, from a closed room you can make the most cozy room.

Each correctly selected detail of the interior will play a significant role in creating a common space.

To begin with, you should deal with the layout of the kitchen headset. It is necessary that the cooking surface is located at some distance from the refrigerator. The same applies to and washing. This Council has not only the security of the owners of the house, but also providing a long period of operation of kitchen items.

Lack of windows in the alignment of kitchen furniture allows you to install additional cabinets. They can be distributed over the entire surface. Internal lockers can have two floors. On the top floor there is a dishes that are extremely rare. There must be objects that are used in everyday life. In fact, the lack of window opening in some nuances is considered a huge plus.

Ordering kitchen furniture, you can immediately indicate that instead of a huge bulky slab, it is necessary to embed a small cooking panel to the worktop working area. Includes a standalone oven, which does not take up much space.

Now you can talk about the distribution of kitchen furniture. Kitchens in which there is no window opening, they themselves possess little quadratures. Accordingly, when ordering small sizes of the kitchen headset, the remaining free space increases.

Due to the technologicality of modern kitchen furniture, every closet and each shelf have their own special advantages. In an open state, they do not interfere with the hostess freely move from the cooking surface to the sink, then to the refrigerator and back.

Special details of decoration

To create comfort and comfort in the kitchen room with a missing window, it is necessary to pay great importance to the following details:

  • Furniture combination;
  • light devices;
  • Appliances.

Used lamps and lamps in their appearance and color scheme should be perfectly combined with the main style and design of the kitchen, while providing maximum lighting.

In the presence of mirror elements of the kitchen decoration, you should select the dotted lamps. Thanks to the reflection of the light stream, the visual space of the room increases significantly. The chandelier as the lighting device is installed exclusively above the dining table.

To give additional comfort and comfort, you need to select a model that can be adjusted in height. Kitchen furniture itself must also be equipped with additional lighting. It is not only an outdoor, but also internal illumination that automatically turns on as the door opens.

It is important to remember that when designing the interior design of a kitchen with a lack of a window opening, only light shades should be chosen. It can be a beige wallpaper or cream color paint, exceptionally light tones.

The most exquisite will look like a snow-white facade. When choosing kitchen furniture, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of embedding household appliances. The most appropriate solution will be a multifunctional cabinet. On the appearance, it will seem column, when opened on the shelves, all available household appliances will be visible.

Special attention should be paid to the corner kits. Development data allow not only visual, but also to enlarge free space. To facilitate appearance, you should pick up a worktop made of transparent materials. It can be glass or reflective marble.

As for the interior design in general, since the window does not have a window, respectively, the doorway should be empty. The entrance group from the corridor into the kitchen is made in the form of an arch.

As mentioned earlier, the walls and the ceiling must be made in bright colors. But the floor covering can be done with a little contrast. It can be a tile with a picture of several point shades or dense color gamuts alternating in a checker order.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lack of window opening in the kitchen room of an apartment or house may seem great trouble. However, by connecting fantasy and creative approach, you can see a few special advantages.

  • The useful area of ​​the closed room increases several times. Instead of the missing window opening, you can hang an additional locker. Worktop increases several times.
  • No need to choose the decor for the design of the windowsill and windows.

The only drawback of such a situation is the absence of fresh air and constant increased humidity in the room.

By the way, it is these factors that can cause various fungal manifestations on the walls and the ceiling. But problems are solved quite simply – it is enough to establish a hood and all of these manifestations of physics will disappear by themselves.

Decorative accents

To equip the kitchen with a missing window opening, you should take advantage of some prompts of famous designers.

The most used solution is to create a imitating window. Speaking with simple words, a poster is glued on the wall in the form of a window opening with open shutters. The view from the improvised window may be nature, mountain terrain or urban alley. Just above the glued poster is installed hardine with small curtains, preferably light tones. To enhance the effect in the Gardina region, you should install additional backlight.

In the second place of decorative decisions Designers Apply the most practical and very elegant way – Falchok. To install this decor will have to spend some time. It is necessary to make a niche, for this you will need to hollow out a small section of the wall. The edges of the niche are closed by special window frames, which are also imitating elements. Interesting paintings are glued in the niche deepening.

Thanks to the modern features of using the photo printing, the image you like can be printed immediately on the wall.

For an additional brightness on the surface of the top of the niches, the backlight is installed.

To visually increase the kitchen space, you should paint the walls of the paint of light tones or use the wallpaper with a vertical pattern.

Depending on the color of the furniture, you can play with the COLOR. Walls with furniture painted in bright colors, and where niche is located, use a light color. This step will create a certain contrast, the kitchen will seem “juicy”, bright and high.

Third way To solve the problem of the closed space lies in the possibility of installing a mirror surface. This feature is considered quite practical, but not all the mistress agree to this fact. To start mounting mirrors in the kitchen room you need to make additional lighting.

If it is not possible to make these items, you will have to resort to some tricks – use foil as a reflective element. Lighting from the chandelier is repelled from the foil located under the ceiling, and is distributed throughout the room. After installing the reflective element, the fact that the kitchen space has become much brighter and lighter.

Then you can proceed to the installation of a mirror surface. It is worth noting that the size of the mirror surface must comply with the requirements of the interior. The width is selected depending on the wishes of the owner, and the height should be from the floor to the ceiling. Connoisseurs of High Tech Technology prefer winding edges of the mirror surface. That is, the edging will remind a wave. In some cases, the mirror can be divided into several parts and assembled on the wall surface as a mosaic.

Despite the whole mirror canvas or its pieces, the result of the scenery does not change. The kitchen becomes bright, light and high. Extra comfort and comfort appears in it. From this it follows that the lack of the window opening is in no way the criterion for the abandonment of housing. In this way, you can make an unusual decor not only in the kitchen, but also in any other room.

About what kitchen niche, you will learn from the video below.

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