Kitchen-living room design with bar counter

Trying to improve the interior of your own apartment and make a stay in it as comfortable as possible, more and more of our compatriots prefer merged spaces. The most popular option is a kitchen-living room. In such cases, it often arises difficulty in zoning space. With this task, the bar counter is perfectly coping with the role of which is considered in this article.

Varieties of racks and accommodation options

Surprisingly, this subject of furniture came to us from the West, where it was always used in its direct appointment. It cooks cocktails and squeeze them into companies, sitting on high bar chairs. We also have such an element most often playing the role of a table or a working surface, but not a bar rack in the initial understanding of it.

Classify all the variety of available variants of bar racks by their location. This makes it possible to understand their basic functions and possible placement methods. It is worth noting that even small apartments can acquire such an element, without having anything with a functional or an aesthetic point of view.

Several types of racks.

  • Arched. Option when the rack is located directly in the arch. It can be part of it or a separate element separating space. The best examples are obtained when the owners (or designers) find unique solutions that allow you to perceive these 2 elements as a whole. But even if they are independent of each other, the rack and the arch should go well among themselves and emphasize the advantages of the room. Lighting plays a big role in this.

  • In the opening. This species often use standard planning apartments. When combining two rooms (hall and kitchen) formed opening. In it and is located such a desired element as a rack. In this case, it plays the role of a small dining table, as it does not allow it in the kitchen, the square does not allow it, and other furniture necessary and work are found in the hall.

  • Prienna. An interesting option that allows you to enjoy the view from the window, sitting behind the rack with a cup of fragrant coffee. You can place it and along one of the walls, but then it turns out that you will lose look in this plane. Considering that the width of the bar rack is small, not a very beautiful picture. Having placed it along the window, you will save the place and get a full-fledged working surface, for which, if desired, you can dine.

  • Combined. If the area allows you to develop a layout of a future kitchen headset combined with a bar counter. Such models can be M-shaped or P-shaped. Convenience is that you competently zonail the room. Although the room is called a kitchen-living room (or studio), it is necessary to highlight the functional zones. This contributes to the right perception of space and ease of use.
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  • Island. This modification requires a large space. Accommodate it in modest 6 or even 9 kV. M. It will be easy to unreal. For the convenience of the hostess, a cooking surface can be located or even a sink. Here you can also observe the functions of functions. On the direct assignment of the rack if it will be used, it is extremely rare. Russian people are not accustomed to limited to a cocktail, they like to arrange lush feast, and put all the cooked food on a modest rack will be very difficult.

So, before ordering the kitchen set (or get ready), consider all options. Perhaps combined bar rack is exactly what you need. Its feature is to connect to the working surface of the headset. That is, the design is one whole, has the same height, identical coating (worktop), design. The convenience of such a model is indisputable. You can quietly prepare lunch and watch what is happening in the hall or communicate with guests.


Working out the layout of the design of the future studio, it is necessary to clearly understand what functions it will perform. For example, if the hall is also used as a bedroom (a sofa or armchair is folded overnight), then you need to work with lighting and additional partitions. Early in the morning, you should not interfere with those who still sleep in the living room. In this case, it is advisable to place a rack along the window.

With a different embodiment, when there are small children in the house, the rack shares them well, dividing these two rooms. So, the young mother will be able to watch the game of children in the living room and cook lunch. The competent location of the TV at the above room layout will also be undoubted advantage. You can stay at the rack with a cup of morning coffee and see the latest news.

Classic high bar counter will suit those who love to arrange parties and collect friends. It seems that it is simply created for a bachelor apartment.

Choosing style


Brick walls, massive raw beams, no lace tulle on windows and massive items are an integral part of this style. Bar rack perfectly fit into it. Her design should be laconic and simple. No complicated curved lines and decorative decorations. Let it be the most brutal. It will give the interior special chic and respectability. It is possible to make it from wood, Fiberboard and other similar materials. At the same time, it can be as open (t. E. have a countertop and legs) and closed. The last option looks in the interior especially interesting.

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It is unacceptable to use openwork tablecloths and carved oak tables. They do not fit into this subject. But the Bar Stand of the right form will emphasize the uniqueness and uniqueness of the interior. In this case, it will be possible not to think about where to put the dining table. His feature will perfectly perform a stand. For minimalism, the riot of paints is unacceptable. Therefore, the main color is selected, which is diluted with similar shades or combined tones. Classic options are black and white, beige and brown, gray and green.


Such an interior is distinguished by functionality and special atmosphere of home coat. To the rack organically fit into this style, you can use the use of the separation of space, that is, lay it on the line between the kitchen and the hall. Clear boundaries of individual zones are inherent in Scandinavian style. Therefore, for contrast, you can perform the floor in the living room in bright colors, and in the kitchen – in dark. Bar rack will play the role of a separating element without overloading space.


This style is distinguished by a special lightness. Finishing is made in bright natural colors. With proper design, it seems that you are in a house on the seashore, and the transparent curtains easily shakes the sea breeze. And although the landscape outside the window you cannot change, inside will reign the atmosphere of heat and comfort. For this style, large areas are characterized and lack of a bulky furniture, cluttering space. The kitchen-living room with a bar counter will be an ideal solution for such an interior. To finish the rack, you can use natural or artificial stone, as well as a tree (LDSP, DPV).

Zoning space

Various arches and partitions visually reduce the quadrature. At the same time, the benefits from them a little. Bar rack – a real find for those who want to allocate individual zones in their apartment, but not lose the functionality and sensation of space. Try to place the bar counter on the kitchen border and living room.

In this you will find several advantages at once:

  • There will be an additional work surface;
  • will disappear in the kitchen table;
  • The space will have clear functional zones;
  • You will create an original interior, not spending huge tools.

It is not necessary at the same time regarding the bar rack as a separate item. It should be concisely fit into the existing interior and complement, and not conflict with him.

Successful examples of interior

It is difficult to say which option will be the most suitable for your apartment. It all depends on the quadrature, selected style and your preferences. Very interesting looking studio in Loft style. But not everyone loves them because of the feeling of coldness and apparent incompleteness. Classic options are always relevant. Choosing this style, you can be sure that a laconic calm design will not get tired of you in a few months and even years.

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The atmosphere of freedom and carelessness can be felt by issuing a kitchen-living room with a bar counter in Mediterranean style. Imagine how pleasant will sit beyond the steep evening, enjoying calm and serenity. And it doesn’t matter that the metropolis buzzes outside the window.

Dimensions and materials

The choice of materials for the manufacture and finishing of the bar rack is limited only by your fantasy and capabilities. Consider the most popular options.

  • Tree (DVP, LDSP). This is a classic option that will find its place in almost any style. In addition, wooden structures are very practical and durable.
  • Marble. Such a rack will look very expensive and respectable. By the way, the material itself really does not apply to cheap.

  • Hangpocarton. With it, you can implement the most bold ideas. Whatever form, neither the future rack was planned, this practical and affordable material will easily cope with this task.
  • Stone finish. This option looks good in the Mediterranean style. He will fit into the loft. This finish will serve you for many years. Optionally use expensive and heavy natural stone. His artificial fellow looks no less worthy.

  • Tile finish. The variety of design of this finishing material is striking. At the same time it is available for the price and is easy to wash.
  • Metal and wrought structures. They are practical and durable, perfectly suitable for looftal premises.

  • Plastic. Provides a variety of design. Although many still prefer to him natural materials.
  • Glass. Pretty capricious material requiring caution when working with it. Modern technologies allow you to make shockproof glass. But do not forget that it will take a special care.

  • Brick. Brutal and durable building material can act as the main for design or perform the finishing function. In any case, the interior will acquire a highlight and uniqueness.
  • Concrete. Severe and solid material. When it is used, it is necessary to keep in mind the load that it has on the floor. It is worth considering that if you perform the design completely from this material, it will be severe.

Bar rack is becoming an increasingly popular subject used for design of kitchens-living rooms. It is functional, can make a special chic even the most modest room. And although its initial function is now slightly expanded, it gives it only greater relevance in the design of the interior of a modern stylish apartment.

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