Kitchen in the style of “Modern Classic”

Kitchen space – a place where we spend the most time. Here are collected by family, communicate, arrange gatherings with friends. Of course, it would be logical to take care that this room looks stylish and allowed to accommodate useful devices, equipment, dishes. But not every style is harmoniously combined with a typical apartment or country house. A compromise solution in this case can be a beautiful and elegant cuisine in the style of “Modern Classic”.



Features of classic style

Stylistically weathered classic cuisine – this is a space in which everything for a comfortable pastime. If we consider the design trends, then here, of course, the effect of European, partly of the Scandinavian culture is visible. Many national styles came out of the classics – Victorian and Provence, minimalist and modern. All this branches that gave rise to the desire to follow the main covenants of the classical design of spaces:

  • Clear linear planning;
  • functional solutions in the setting (one item has several appointments);
  • preservation of natural color palette;
  • absence of stringent and unnecessary details.

However, the fact that we are here today a classic style, also in many ways borrowed from ancient, ancient Greek culture. Coldness and naturalness, the maximum proportionality of the situation, the abundance of natural light allows to achieve the effect of space filled with air – light and free from the heated of unnecessary things.

It is in such a kitchen to be pleasant for a long time, staying indoors not only for cooking lunch or dinner.

What neoclassic is different from traditional style?

Classical with elements of modernity – exactly what residents of city apartments are chosen today. Of course, in space, where the height of the ceilings does not exceed 2.5 meters difficult to present a massive chandelier or velvet porters to the floor. But it is here that the share of modernity only goes to benefit. So, the relaxation can be made in the choice of materials – the heavy massif of wood is replaced with MDF, LDSP, acrylic, windows are decorated with laconic porters (required symmetrical, pairwise) without an additional horizontal plank.

Another change is associated with the functionality of the objects of the situation. Gone to the past fireplace banquettes, long tables and chairs with high backs. Obeying relevant trends, the classic says goodbye to his monumentality and offers a new look at the problem of formation of the situation. Modern countertops and window sills made of artificial stone, bar racks and “islands” instead of full-fledged tables. Neoclassical style turns objects into the elements of the transformation of space, completely changing views on the design in general.

What should not be in the interior?

In addition to the recommendations for choosing the details of the kitchen, It is worth paying attention to those moments that are absolutely unacceptable in a similar setting.

  • Asymmetry. It is absolutely excluded in classic style. The journey of the altitude and configuration of objects will create a feeling of chaos, whereas the purpose of the designer in this case should be orderliness.
  • Ruthless live white lighting. Lamps with cold light without lampshades – Luminaires-SPOTs or spotlights – can highlight disadvantages even in the perfect interior. To prevent this, it will be enough to just pay the choice of a lighting solution a little longer.

  • Excess glossy shine. In order not to create a feeling of pussy or the perfect “doll house” in the style of insane sixties, it is worth paying attention to matte textures and muted shades. Then the nobility of the classics will be transmitted correctly.
  • Abundance of plastic. This material from the very beginning refers to completely different stylistics and will interrupt the feeling of harmony, making a certain imbalance in the design of space.

Features of the design of the room

What needs to be done to bring a classic design in the kitchen space? Start from floors, ceilings and walls. The first and most importantly – they should be smooth, without sharp drops, textured, matte. Neutral flooring solution can be selected among laminated panels, linoleum, parquet board or porcelain stoneware. The coating should not be slippery, complex in care.

For ceiling structures, suspended ceilings are suitable or classic plastered surfaces. Possesses of classical motives will help the overhead moldings and stucco – with the right selection, they will also visually make the room above.

With color it is better not to experiment – the white will turn out to be like the way. Instead of embedded lamps, it is better to choose zoned lighting with scaves and chandelins under the lamp.

For walls in the neoclassical interior it is worth choosing a material with a rich texture. Artificial stone or decorative brick for the “Apron” zone, safe washable wallpaper or satin paint for the rest of the premises will be the best solution. Among the shades used by the designers, the olive, peach, coral, beige.

Choosing a kitchen headset

In the neoclassical style, the kitchen set is not at all the central element of the whole composition. It rather does not specify the overall mood, and mimicries under the total color solution and provides the room the necessary functionality. If the architecture of the room allows you to choose a P-shaped module location. Straight kits are located on the longest wall, opposite the dining area. Symmetry is obligatory because it is it that creates a sense of orderliness in the interior.

Matters and proportionality. Rows of cabinets must correspond to each other in width, height; In the corners will be appropriate for the installation of casements, in one of which can be placed a built-in refrigerator. Household appliances are located on the central line headset.

When choosing a material for a kitchen headset in a modern classic style worth paying preference to natural wood or veneered LDSP. It will be appropriate as natural facades with natural colors and texture and painted.

Overhead details, carving, finished fittings will remind you of classic accessories. If we are talking about a country house, a natural wood focus will help to decorate the kitchen.

Kitchen-dining room in classic style

The interior of a spacious studio or country house allows you to combine two rooms at once, with the help of zoning the territory and the creation of maximum harmony. New classic in the space kitchen-dining room is especially relevant. In this case, the object receives a clear division into functional areas.

It can be emphasized by difference in lighting: Parade chandelier over a dining table and point lighting over worktop worktops. Strengthen the effect will help choosing a floor covering of two contrasting colors or even creating a podium with a height drop of 10-15 cm.

Dining table – base composition in the kitchen-dining room space. Classic style allows you to use round or oval options, allowing to make the alignment of chairs convenient, save space. It will be appropriate and a small serving table.

If the configuration of the room is elongated, the main working area is made by P-shaped or M-shaped, using the opening of the window and the windowsill. Opposite the table with chairs. You can zonate space and at the expense of the texture. Stone and tile, multi-tiered ceiling and smooth coating with moldings will help add volume space.

What technique is appropriate: embedded or ordinary?

Modern household appliances, especially decorated in the style of high-tech, often dissenisles with the design of classic cuisine, gives him some disorganization. But modern design solves this problem, offering not easy to build, but also hide the inappropriate objects of the setting for authentic facades, most often carved or lattice, to ensure sufficient ventilation. But it works in the case of a refrigerator or dishwasher. And how to be in the case of an oven or stove?

Save the position help product line in traditional design – they have all modern manufacturers. Instead of excessive perseverance and gloss, here you can find original copper or bakelite handles, exquisite shape of the burner.

Such stylization will cost somewhat more expensive than ordinary analogues, but will allow not to move away from the general concept in the design of the interior space, which is quite important in neoclassic.

Textiles and window design

Harmonious design of modern kitchen does not do without using home textiles. Curtains and tablecloths, napkins and towels in this case provide the harmonious fusion of all accents in space. When selecting textile products, it is necessary to follow a number of rules:

  • follow the natural color scheme, without inclusion of neon tones and excess shine;
  • refuse synthetics – more appropriate will be linen, cotton, velvet options, curtains from Sheochel;
  • Do not use multi-layered – enough two curtains on the sides and lace veil in the center;
  • Observe the symmetry of the elements – it will help streamline the space, add its depth design.

When choosing a curtain, it is better to give preference to simple direct porters without drapes and lambrequins, in a monophonic version.

After examining the design of the classic interior and the choice of headset to it, the decor or lighting will be quite easy to pick up. If you are looking for this, concise, and at the same time noble design, it stands from the very beginning to comply with the rules for decorating and configuration of the space by all the necessary elements. Then your classic cuisine will succeed in modern, cozy and very functional.

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