Kitchen Design Options 11 kV. m with a sofa

Kitchen Design 11 kV. M. You can choose among the most different style solutions and taking into account the diverse needs and wishes. Such an area of ​​premises is considered universal, it may easily fit all that is necessary for a functional and comfortable kitchen, on which you can not only cook, but also rest.

Consider in more detail design options for kitchens with an area of ​​11 kV. M. with sofas and get acquainted with the advice of specialists in this regard.

Planning and Design Options

To the kitchen with an area of ​​11 kV. M. became comfortable and comfortable, over its layout will have to work hard and at the same time be sure to make a plan with all interior nuances. This can be done independently or entrust this work by a specialist.

To date, there are several options for kitchen planning that you can take the basis of your future.

  • Bilateral option. The kitchen set in this case is located along two walls, which are opposite each other, but a dining table with a sofa (or a mad corner) is placed next to the window. This layout will perfectly fit into an area of ​​11 kV. M., If between the parallel walls of the room, the distance is at least 2.6 meters.

  • Linear option. In this case, the finished kitchen is located only along one wall, and a dining table with a sofa and chairs is installed in front of it. Also in this case, the dining area can be placed at the window.

The distance between the walls must be at least 2 meters.

  • P-shaped version. This layout is suitable for the kitchen, in which a large zone is assumed for cooking and many built-in ergonomic techniques.

With this layout, the kitchen set will be located and fixed along the three walls, as if forming the letter “P”.

  • M-shaped layout Also perfectly suitable for room 11 kV. M. In this case, you should choose a rectangular kitchen, but at the same time the distance between the walls should be at least 2.5 m.

Select one or another type of planning should be given, while considering the future activity in the room.

Important moments

For a kitchen with an area of ​​11 squares, it is best to choose a non-lass headset and not to cherish with the abundance of dark shades.

  • On the facades of the kitchen can look good horizontal drawings that significantly expand space.
  • In addition to bright shades, concrete textures and metal elements can be used in the kitchen headset.
  • In a small kitchen, you can make mirror textures that can also play on hand.

In addition to the fact that you can buy a ready-made small sofa model, it is best to make it. So it will be perfectly fit into the kitchen in all respects.

If a lot of inventory and dishes are located in the kitchen, then preference is best to give extendable furniture and drawers, and not familiar cabinets that occupy a lot of space.

Also, for this type of kitchen, you can take part of various kinds of organizers and rails, which are securely fixed on the walls and allow economically to store a mass of accessories.

Tips for specialists

In any small kitchen, especially if we are talking about the apartment, it is very important to use every square meter competently and judicial. In addition to the fact that you can use ready-made projects, you can create one and something with the councils of specialists.

  • If the sofa is located opposite the kitchen, then it is best to choose rectangular. When choosing a soft sofa, special attention should be paid to the textile component. So, the sofa must perfectly harmonize not only with kitchen head, walls and floors, but also with the table, curtains and the rest of the decor. If preference is given to the corner sofa, it is best to set closer to the window.
  • But if the sofa in the kitchen is on the order, then it is possible to make it more ergonomic, ordering for it additional storage boxes for various inventory.
  • If the kitchen is located a large headset, a sofa and a large dining table, then you should think about the design of walls and floors. For visual expansion of space, preference will surely be given to light and nude shades, as well as good lighting.

      • To expand the space and creating a separate dining area with a cozy sofa Sometimes the kitchen is combined with a balcony. Two functional zones can be divided by a small decorative partition or by using various floor and wall coatings. Zoning in this case will help create a very unique interior.
      • Sometimes the best solution for a small apartment can be the creation of the studio when the living room is combined with the kitchen. It is in this case that the sofa in the kitchen room will look as it is impossible.
      • When choosing a kitchen, which will be located on both sides of the room, it is very important not to overload the room with various details. So, preference is worth to give the built-in technology and at the same time minimize the availability of parts that the space overloads.

      How to design a kitchen 11 kV. m with a sofa, look in the following video.

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