Kitchen design combined with living room, in Khrushchevka

All those who lived in Khrushchev, know perfectly well that cooking food in her kitchen is very difficult. To at least somehow turn around in this room, you need to remove the dining table and refrigerator be removed. It is no coincidence that there are many options for combining kitchens and living rooms in such apartments.

Pluses of combining rooms

Standard kitchen size in Khrushchev is six square meters. There are even five-meter cooking rooms. Place in such conditions everything that is an integral part of the modern kitchen set is extremely difficult. The thought of the kitchen combined with the living room is involved in the head. Such a solution has a problem quite a lot of advantages.

  • Combining two rooms allows you to create a space by the type of studio, where it is convenient and relax, and cooking food. At the same time, the total area becomes much more.
  • Visual expansion of the kitchen zone eliminates the feeling of stiffness and allows you to be without any problems on this territory for a long time.
  • In the absence of a partition between two rooms, it is easy to cover the dining table, moved to the living room.
  • There is no need to buy a separate kitchen TV.

  • The ability to rearrange the refrigerator at a convenient place, while it is released in the working half of the room.
  • The hostess does not turn out to be locked in close kitchen space while working without possible to communicate freely with other people in the room.
  • Kitchen design options, combined with a hall, a lot. Have something to choose.
  • When combining the hall and kitchen, it is generally possible to improve zoning in the apartment. The possibility of part of the corridor between the hallway and the kitchen to give under the increase in the bathroom.
  • The total space of the combined rooms becomes lighter due to the fact that there are two windows.


With all the advantages of combining two rooms, This option has its own unpleasant parties.

  • Smells from the kitchen penetrate the room. Over time, the taste of food is impregnated with all upholstered furniture and curtains in the room.
  • While working in the kitchen area, chaos, reigning in this part of the common space, creates a feeling of disorder in the kitchen-living room in general. It makes it makes up a lot of effort to conceal order.
  • Kitchen sounds throughout the cooking process accompany communication located in the living room, interfere with listening and watching TV and so on. And the noise of the working refrigerator is at all becoming an integral part of the life of the common room.
  • After uniting, no one who busies cooking food, no other home has its own space. The hostess loses the opportunity to work alone, and the one who rests in the room also does not have a chance to completely remove from what is happening in the economic part of housing. The greatest problems arise in a one-room apartment.

A separate problem is to resolve issues related to the redevelopment itself in the BTI, since permission is required to demolish the partition. To legitimize the demolition and other actions related to the improvement of housing, time goes. Registration of documents, and even more so, the repair itself, require financial investments.

Zoning space

To modernize the kitchen space, competently approach, both in terms of compliance with the requirements of the law and in terms of the development of the project itself. It is important to consider all the little things:

  • What materials are used during repairs;
  • As far as they can be diverse;
  • how to delimit space from the point of view of its functional purpose;
  • What furniture to put on the updated area;
  • How to organize a kitchen lighting.

You can delimit space at the expense of the organization of visual perception or other sections of the kitchen-living room with light or underscounted by color and texture of wallpaper and floor. Furniture set according to the appointment of a certain zone in general space, also helps to create convenience in it. Sometimes separation into zones can be carried out with the help of light partitions, such as transparent or translucent. They can be sliding or represent a harmonica, clean and exhibit depending on the situation. It gives the originality of the room and solves many household problems.

In the course of work it is necessary to make a certain unifying start in the decoration of the kitchen and living room. It may be a color curtains, a cross-drawing pattern of different wallpaper, furniture elements and so on. Then, with a clear distinction of zones on the functionality, the feeling will remain that this is a common space, and not two different, as it was before redevelopment.

Decoration of walls, ceiling and floor

Floor finishing options A huge amount. For the kitchen zone, a sustainable external effect is suitable, which is easy to wash. This ceramic tile, linoleum. For the living room zone, you can choose a parquet, and then the carpet. The separation itself can be done not only in a straight line, but also on the curly – as an arc, for example. The kitchen-living room is quite appropriate “Games” with floors in different levels. On the podium it is convenient to post a sofa and a TV.

For the kitchen and living room, it is desirable to choose different wallpapers. For the working area, the washable. For the living room it is better to choose materials for walls with a rich texture. In a small space, the wallpaper or paint for walls of light shades will be good, capable of visually expanding it. The combination of white or beige tones with green and pinkish will make the situation of non-piece.

For the design of the ceiling, it is convenient to choose a stretch option, although you need to see how “eating” the height of the room, which Khrushchev type apartments never boast. The same applies to the organization of multi-level ceilings. Their use is permissible, but approach the design of a kitchen combined with the living room, in this way it should be extremely thoughtful.

Arrangement of furniture

The convenience of staying in the space of the kitchen-living room largely depends on how competently arranged on the furniture. In the case when the partition is removed between the kitchen and the room, the installation of a bar counter of two parts of the apartment becomes a good option. The rack will serve as a functional separator between the working area and the recreation area. It can be made short or long – almost for the entire length of the former partition.

You can use such a structure as a dining table, and as a table top for household appliances. If this furniture is supplemented by shelves under the dishes and other kitchenware, it will become even more convenient to use. On the border between two rooms you can also put an ordinary table by making a full-fledged zone for meals. Homemade can safely gather for lunch, and the hostess will easily put the table and serve dishes on the table.

Designers recommend using on the site of the dining room functional lighting devices that will give this place more attractiveness and make it most convenient. The place of a relaxing holiday in such premises is traditionally highlighted by a sofa or a high corner. It can stand not only by the wall, but also to be a reversed side to the kitchen area. Sometimes behind the sofa put the rack on which there are books, photos within, vases and small sculptures. It turns out functionally and the separation turns out to be the most visual.

For a cabinet and other cabinet furniture, the easiest way to find a place for a particular wall. But also to apply them as a separator is also possible. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that in this case, people in the room will be visible not only the facade, but also the rear wall of such furniture. It should be reeded by wallpaper, paintings or finishing material of type of plastic wall panels.


Organization of lighting depends on the preferences of the inhabitants of the apartment. If the hostess wants to be brightly lit during operation, you can place a chandelier in the cooking zone, providing high-quality light. But in the living room you can make soft lighting with multiple light sources. No one forbates to do and vice versa, placing a rich chandelier in the living room, and in the kitchen several separate lighting devices giving lateral light.

Successful examples of interior

The disarming of the kitchen and room becomes visual when installing a bar counter, combined in color with a kitchen head and design elements on the floor. Also separation is emphasized by decorative design like Arch. Common light wall tone and ceiling makes space air.

Installation of the table on the border between the kitchen and the living room you can achieve the feeling of simplicity, convenience and comfort. In many ways, this is due to special lighting over the place for food intake. Drops in the decoration of walls and furniture combines space.

Light tones in wall decoration and air light curtains in combination with red and red-haired accents on the ceiling, floor and furniture allow you to visually expand the kitchen room. Exquisite design is achieved by uncomplicated receptions, a place to relax and kitchen work attracts.

The refinement in the setting of Khrushchevsky cuisine-living room can be achieved due to original design techniques. Half a day, distinguishing both half of the combined space, inserts in the partition in the form of high “windows” of patterned glass, community in the furniture of upholstered furniture and curtains create a harmonious whole.

The use of a beautiful partition type of a screen, combined with a decor in the working area, serves as an excellent solution for the design of harmonious space in the kitchen-living room. Bright, optimistic image will make a positive in the overall perception of the room.

About how to combine the kitchen with a living room in Khrushchev, see next video.

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