Kitchen Design 10 KV. m with a sofa

    10 kV cuisine. m has its own characteristics and advantages. It can not be called a little, as in typical buildings, but also to calculate the free space. However, knowing some design secrets, on such a quadrature it is possible to accommodate all the necessary furniture, to highlight the functional areas of the room.


    Before ordering a kitchen set and a suitable dining and upholstered furniture, it is necessary to determine the future location. Layout depends on two factors.

    1. Form of the room: Square or rectangular. Also matter protrusions, niches, arches, erkers that should be considered.
    2. Priorities in zoning. Whether the lion’s share of space is given under work surfaces and kitchen appliances or the main part will take a vacation corner – it is necessary to decide in advance.

    Location of furniture for 10 square meters. m can be any, but to achieve maximum comfort, it is advisable to take into account some nuances.

    L-sample layout perfectly fit both into a rectangular and square room. This standard location provides convenience of culinary work when everything you need is at hand. Also in this option, the easiest way to create a working triangle “Plate – Sink – Refrigerator”.

    Linear accommodation option is suitable for elongated kitchen, where one of the walls is narrow and cannot be functional, as it turns on either a window or door.

    However, here you can also use the P-shaped version, then the window will appear an additional countertop, and under it – bins for storage of utensils or products.

    Island location convenient for square room, where equal distances from the wall to the wall. The island part will become a natural separator of two zones (working and recreation), and can also serve as a dining table or bar counter.


    Zoning will make the interior more comfortable and visually ordered. Thus, the working area of ​​the kitchen can be represented by the predominance of glossy surfaces, tiles, blinds, and recreation area include textiles, upholstered furniture, curtains.

    It is necessary to put the priorities for the functionality of the zones in advance. If you plan to use the room for the most part for cooking, then the main emphasis will be done on the placement of the necessary lockers, cutting surfaces, household appliances. Another option – a kitchen as a resting place, living room. In this case, for kitchen accessories, a minimum of space is given, and the main space occupy a dining room and a place to accommodate households and guests.

    It is important that different functional zones are nevertheless completed in one style direction. Zoning is made by decor, color gamut and lighting, without disturbing the single style of interior.


    Kitchen space requires a special approach to lighting, especially if the kitchen is divided into functional zones. Ideally, each zones should have its own main source of lighting in the form of a large ceiling lamp and several additional lamps. But for a small kitchen in 10 square meters. M is quite suitable for one chandelier of central lighting, as well as built-in lamps in the working area and wall sconces – in the recreation area.

    Above cutting surfaces, sink and stove set point lamps. They are embedded either into the surface of the suspended ceiling, or in the bottom of the kitchen headset. Wall-mounted scaves in the dining area will additionally illuminate the surface of the table, which is important when receiving food, and visually create an atmosphere of a separate cozy room.

    It is worth remembering that a large number of lighting devices, as well as household appliances will apply a significant load on the electricity. Therefore, before the start of repair, it is necessary to take care of the replacement or repair of all wiring.


    Lighting in the kitchen space, especially if it is divided into zones, is already a kind of decor. Sources of light emphasize parts of the room, create shadows and glare, distinguish advantages and hide disadvantages. However, the decor of the walls, ceiling and gender plays an important role. If it is planned to be fully repair, it is possible to consider mounted ceilings in several tiers, an unusual wall finishing, pick up the right flooring. So, for a clearer separation into zones, you can use laminate in the dining area and tiled floor tiles – in the field of cooking.

    Wall decoration can be made of moisture-resistant materials that are easy to clean. It will be important at the slab and sink.

    For the relax zone it is better to use more “warm” materials on the walls: decorative plaster, water-repellent wallpaper.

    Color solutions

    Shades in which the design will be performed is largely dependent on the selected style. However, there are some nuances that allow you to choose the elements of finishing, decor and flower gamut:

    • Light tones visually increase the space;
    • Dark or saturated – give comfort and create a homely atmosphere;
    • The combination of bright and dark shades visually draws zones;
    • The game on the contrast will add the place of unique sophistication;
    • Bright accents on calm colors planes will attract additional attention.


    In whatever style, the design of the kitchen is, it is important to adhere to the principles of harmony and not clutter the space. Large decor elements, such as bulk panels, panoramic paintings and photo wallpapers, macrorsunok on the tile, will be more profitable to look at the only copy and only in one of the zones.

    To maintain the style of the style, the furniture must be harmonized among themselves on texture and execution, but may vary by shades.

    So, the High Tech style is chosen for the kitchen, which suggests glossy surfaces and modern technique, then in the recreation area it will be inappropriate to make a corner in the lush baroque style or install the headsets under the rural antiquity in the style of Provence.

    Sofa for kitchen

    The volume of the kitchen in 10 squares will allow not only convenient to accommodate household item and equipment in it, but also to equip a soft corner for daily dinners and dinners.

    In this case, the main emphasis of the recreation area will be a sofa.

    Installation of the sofa in the kitchen room has a number of indisputable advantages:

    • The space is released from most of the chairs that have to constantly push and plug;
    • Households and guests can be seated on the sofa, thereby freeing the approach to the table for the hostess;
    • The sofa in combination with wall instruments will make the kitchen convenient for chickening television or films;
    • Sofa in the kitchen solves the question of sudden night guests, when there are no extra guest rooms.

    Of the cons installing the sofa in the kitchen, the dimensions of this furniture can be noted. However, modern furniture products offers a wide variety of kitchen furniture and will allow you to choose the right option. It can be a compact angular model, a sofa clamshell or a sofa transformer.

    How to choose?

    When choosing a sofa, the main attention should be paid to the following factors:

    • Form: angular, semicircle, rectangular;
    • Design: folding, with drawers;
    • Upholstery material;
    • Color gamma in the tone of the room.

    Immediately it is worth notify that it should not be chosen for a 10-meter kitchen full-size sofas intended for living rooms.

    Even if initially it seems that the bulk sofa “good will rise” along the wall, then, after installing all the furniture, it will certainly find out that in the kitchen “there is no place to turn around”.


    There is a wide range of compact sofas for every taste. In addition, such models are equipped with all sorts of functional devices: from drawers for linen and towels to a folding bed.

    One of the most convenient options is the corner sofa. It takes an empty corner of the kitchen, saves a place, is very roomy. The same qualities have semicircular sofas – they can be placed near the window or even share the functional zones. For example, an idea may arise to deploy a sofa back to the working kitchen zone.


    By design, it is preferable to choose the furniture most accommodated, but with minimal decor elements. What the furniture is easier and easier, the less the space will be clicked. Sofas-benches are suitable for the kitchen without armrests, with a thin back, but at the same time having lower boxes or laid down.

    Compact transformer sofas will be the perfect option in this case.


    Upholstery material is selected taking into account the features of the kitchen room. Even if there is a good drawing in the kitchen, do not avoid smells of food, vapors from the plate, random droplets on the upholstery and other possible contaminants. An ideal upholstery for the sofa will be leatherette or eco. Such material is easily cleaned by conventional means in contrast to textile surfaces.


    Do not forget that the sofa in the kitchen, even the most compact, will be a rather bright accent in the design of the entire room. Therefore, its color gamut should be selected especially carefully, so as not to break the interior style. The optimal option, if the style is not particularly designated, neutral shades will be: woody, brown, beige.

    To give brightness and, depending on the style of the orientation, you can choose more radical tones. For example, for styles minimalism, Ar Deco, the classic will fit black and white colors. Provence style with pastel shades – lilac, turquoise or lilac color is appropriate here. The ultra-modern style of High-Tech will emphasize the combination of silver tones and red, orange or blue. But for the styles of the country, Rustic or chalet is better to choose the same neutral shades with a bias into natural colors.

    Tip: In order for your design idea to be fully embodied and subsequently corresponded to expectations, you should not neglect the preparation of the project. The detailed plan, made before the start of repair, will avoid mistakes and save the mass of time and budget funds.

    Cuisine Overview 10 KV. M with a sofa Look in the following video.

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