Kaiser Plates: Features, Models and Safety Tips

German manufacturer Kaiser produces high-quality equipment for home. Gas, electric stoves, brass cabinets due to flawless characteristics are convenience. Special niche in copies, consumption and gas, and electricity.

Advantages and disadvantages

Important advantages of combined Kaiser plates – the ability to use positive qualities and gas, and electricity at the same time. Owners of similar products receive adjustable burners, a luxurious multifunctional oven. Kaiser stove can be equipped with a familiar panel, where gas equipment will be linked, and the oven is completely electric.

There are in the Kaiser lineup and universal products with the burners of two types: gas and electric. The practicality of the electro-core plates is significantly expanding the horizons of cooking. When accidental accidents or gas disconnection remains working cooking surfaces. No wonder on sale especially popular plates, where one or two electrical burners, and the remaining gas. The advantage of such models is the possibility of connecting and to the main gas, and to the cylinder.

Such an advantage was estimated by the owners of cottages and country houses. Together with the advantage of gas cooking panels, the advantages of electrophovok, which are considered safer and more comfortable gas. Modern models are equipped with convection, grill, automatic shutdown. All these advantages also estimated the hostess.

The disadvantages of Kaiser plates include such characteristics as:

  • high cost of technology;
  • high cost of operating costs;
  • The need for high-quality wiring.


Design features of Kaiser plates vary depending on the type of household appliances. Consider them in more detail.


The classic gas stove has substantial advantages over electrical. First of all, this is an abbreviated time that you need to spend on cooking. With a gas stove, it is possible to immediately start culinary creativity. Electrical burners are required to warm up as much as possible, and then you can already prepare. Cooling they also slow. A gas cooking surface can be simply turned off, and the heat supply will simply stop.

Modern gas stoves are presented in a wide range. Buyers attract stylish design and good technical features in these products. Models are distinguished by a variety of additional functionality. You can find a good gas stove at a lower price than electric.

The main points to pay attention to when buying, a little.

  • Konford. Injectors in devices differ in diameter. Details are interchangeable, in the event of a breakdown you can simply install others.
  • Cooking panel. In the gas stoves it is usually steel, with enameled coating. Such a decision is aimed at relieving the care of the stove. High-strength glass panels have special resistance to damage.
  • Oven. In classic plates, it is also equipped with gas, but sometimes complemented by an electric grill. When buying it is important to think: whether this addition is needed in everyday life.
  • Rizhag. Modern plates are distinguished by an automated system. Automatic Razhigig simplifies the inclusion of burners. To activate this option, a separate button on the panel is usually provided.

The cost of gas plates is usually associated with the fame of the manufacturer and additional functionality.


Modern devices of this type are convenient, as they can work from the usual home electrical network. Characteristics and capabilities from models are different, they must be studied before.

Older electric stoves with cast iron heating elements. The main conductor of energy in such products is a spiral element. Thanks to the simplicity of design, these electric stoves are available in price. The same simple design becomes the cause of long heating of the burners, inaccuracies of temperature indications.

Electric stove with induction heating elements Works at the expense of special coils that transmit vortex currents. Energy such copies consume less, and they have more possibilities. Additional modes of operation are safe in daily operation. But the plates of this type eliminate the use of metal dishes.

Products with a glass-ceramic surface work due to a spiral or ribbon heating part. The element is under a single cooking surface, which is easy to care for. The top glass can be adjusted according to the degree of heating, and the dishes can be used absolutely any.

In the halogen designs participate inert gases. They are responsible for fast heating dishes. Plates are distinguished by numerous software modes, a variety of additional functionality. The cost of these instances is very high. The main advantage of all electric stoves in increased safety. In the absence of a gas pipeline, a gas leak is excluded. For electric stoves optional extractor, as they do not output oxygen. Heating temperature in electric stoves is adjustable.


Kitchen gas electrical plates are static or multifunctional. In the first copies in the oven there are besides. Sometimes the models are complemented by a grill, which is a tubular electric heater. The design allows you to choose more accurate temperature, which is more convenient when cooking.

Multifunction specimens have function forced air circulation. Heating elements in the oven larger, more precisely, 4. Uniform heat distribution allows you to specify certain modes. Some copies are able to defrost products.

And a few more advantages:

  • The combined stove will be useful for those who often turn off the energy and there are gas interruptions;
  • Differences of different types allow you to adjust the heating of food;
  • The price is regulated by additional functionality, so you can purchase a product at an acceptable value.

Kaiser presents to customers a wide range of instrument data. Product specifications require careful study.

Models and their specifications

Consider the most popular models. The EXCLUSIVE series is characterized by high security characteristics. The distinctive functionality is a gas control system and an electrofery, which are characteristic of modern models. These features are equipped with all stoves of the German company.

Special demand for consumers is now on the glass-ceramic cooking panels. Elegance from Kaiser has such a characteristic. Built-in control and sensor are convenient in daily use. Functional provides many variations for the implementation of culinary abilities. Plate surface coating material does not imply chemicals and cleaning brushes. All that will need the hostess – wet rags and ordinary water. The oven for this slab is equipped with protection against children, inside there is a grill. Outdated Kaiser plates and are now popular and are actively purchased from.

Modern Kaiser devices are implemented in an expensive segment. For example, the HC 52082 KR glass-ceramic cooking panel is for sale at a price of 40000 rubles. Product burners have a functional Hi-Light. Device increases surface heating rate. The multifunctional oven has several modes, one of the most comfortable – fan and grill with spit.

A few recipes are placed on the oven door, which can be implemented with the modes of this product. By the way, the enamel inside the oven is cleared by itself.

The HC 50080 Kb plate is equipped with numerous functionality, has the following features:

  • The oven is cleaned;
  • Glass can be removed, the door itself is removed;
  • Mechanical management, but it is comfortable and understandable;
  • there is a grill and spit;
  • There is a built-in container for dishes.

HC 5172 is not very expensive model – 40000 rubles, but multifunctional. Glass ceramic plate, grill, grille, door with mirror glass on which the menu is located. Exterior of the product made in brown decoration, very rich.

HGG 60511 KB – one of the few plates with a gas oven. The model is suitable for households with the suburban gas. Features Security Adjustment All In Stock. For example, gas control system stops fuel supply immediately after switching off the switch. In the oven this model there is an infrared grill, which greatly facilitates cooking fried dishes.

HGE 60508 KW is a classic stove with an enameled surface, but improved functional. Though it is difficult to care, but the electrojig is embedded right in the rotary handles. Safety here is a gas control system. The stove is notable for the electronic programmer, as well as the possibility of defrosting food.

Tips for choosing

Typically, the plate is selected as a specific housing, as well as in accordance with the requirements of the hostess. An important characteristics will be:

  • dimensions;
  • functional;
  • appearance.

For example, products with cast-iron grilles on the surface it is better to choose those hosterators who prepare a lot. If young parents have restless children, it is better to consider the option with an electrojiggig in the handles. Technical features of Kaiser plates will satisfy any requirements. Controversial moments can be disassembled in the instructions for the selected product. Gas instances are not recommended to connect without the participation of a specialist. You can choose a suitable set of modes on your own, decide on the features. For example, such an additional device as an infrared grill will help make your chicken with a crisp crust. Time reference function will not allow food burning.

User manual

Any plate requires configuration in accordance with the technical parameters. Only service representatives can be connected to gas and electrical devices. At the end of the connection, they will make the appropriate addition in the service accompanying document. The slab can be used when the valves and nozzles are equipped with special seals.

After all the work performed, it is allowed for the first time to turn on the slab. Kaiser recommends removing the nitens from the oven, and all the surfaces wipe with a wet rag. The burners are desirable to warm up at maximum power by installing a mechanical timer. When they trigger, a strong thermocouple protection is formed. While the stove works for the first time, it is not recommended to put the dishes on it. With the advent of smoke and the characteristic smell of the new device, it is recommended to ventilating the room.

Gas burner first turns on to the maximum temperature scale. Kaiser gas plates are equipped with a mechanical timer, which is called a minute button. Compiled controls are equipped with induction plates with oven.

The programmer can be sensory, analog or electronic. Even induction instances are equipped with a blocking of the cooking panel that you need to pre-configure. To remove the lock, you need to click and hold the LOC icon. When the functionality is enabled, no oven, nor the plate, cannot be changed the software settings.

Do not require initial warm-up and settings only glass-ceramic plates. They can immediately start cooking.

About how to disassemble and clean the brass door Kaiser, see the following video.

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