Increase in the kitchen at the expense of other rooms

A small kitchen will definitely be charming and cozy, but it does not fit, from the point of view of practicality, if a large family lives in the house, and there may be several people at the slab. The expansion of the kitchen space is often the only way to make the room more functional.

How to enlarge the kitchen at the expense of the room?

You can use to expand the kitchen not only a balcony or corridor, but also a bathroom, storage room, room. Studio apartment are becoming increasingly popular, they allow you to feel more space around. One of the simplest ways to expand the kitchen – remove the inner, nonstructural wall and pick up a little space from the adjacent room. Such an intervention in the layout more often costs much cheaper than the rest. If your kitchen is located next to the living room or hall, the removal of one wall for combining spaces allows you to interact with your family while it is prepared for food.

The most important thing is to make sure that this is not a supporting design.

Such a method also works well if the room is located next to the formal dining room, that is, that which is practically not used, in this case the combination of spaces allows you to achieve a more functional room. Even if the kitchen becomes too big, the island is the perfect solution to delimit the territory, When creating an additional place to work and storing kitchen utensils.

Sometimes the expansion of the area of ​​kitchen space becomes the cause of the violation of the legislation. Special rules concern dismantling the ventilation system, kitchen devices in the corridor in the previous niche existing there, connecting space with a balcony. For residents of apartments, the process of redeveloping the kitchen is not as simple as I would like. To take into account the housing legislation, which strictly controls the capabilities.

There are cases when expanding the room of the kitchen using the room space, it is impossible. For example, if a gas stove is installed. However, there are no hopeless situations, such an opportunity has the owners of the apartments on the first floor, because there are no residential premises under them. It is also possible if the room is on the second floor, but above the non-residential area, such as a warehouse or office.

It is strictly forbidden to remove the carrier wall between the kitchen and the room, since this reconstruction leads to an emergency.

The entrance from the loggia can not be touched, although some balcony space also try to use as an additional area.

Through hole

Oddly enough, but the expansion of the kitchen area is possible not only by having demolished the whole wall, but also just breakdowns. You can create a passage space, a corridor in an existing wall, which allows you to see what is happening in another room. Name such changes are not fundamental, but the method is not bad, when the hostess does not want the smell from cooking too much to the house.

Depending on the layout of the house, you can remove the entire top of the wall and use the remaining half as the surface to create a table top or bar for guests. Such redevelopment gives more space for work, since in the room can be involved in the cooking process not one person, but a few.

Using storage room

Most old apartments have planned large storerooms. If this is exactly the option, it is necessary to abandon it and use as an additional space for the kitchen. In fact, in this version, the room will bring much more benefit, because at least a storeroom and provides the hosts in a valuable place to store unnecessary things, rarely really turns out to be necessary. Additional workspace – the best choice that the owner of the apartment could do, If he has a small kitchen. Organize new shelves can be on the walls.


In private houses, the most expensive way to increase the area of ​​the kitchen is an extension, because it is required to build new walls, demolish the old. The process takes away a lot of time and strength, beats the pocket. If there is no experience in the field of construction, you have to hire specialists, respectively, to pay extra.

How to enlarge at the expense of the bathroom?

If it is decided to increase the kitchen in a one-room apartment at the expense of the bathroom, where the toilet is near, it is necessary to seek help to standards, in this case, to the joint venture. It becomes clear from them that if the additional space for the bathroom is closed at the kitchen, then the bath becomes above the residential room below the apartment that cannot be.

As an elimination of the apartment on the first floor and on the second, if at the bottom of the non-residential premises.

It would seem that if it is impossible to pick up the space for the bathroom, respectively, it is impossible to take the area for the kitchen, but there is nothing in the legislation in the opposite direction. But, when applying, the application does not always give permission in higher authorities, based on the government’s decision, where it is indicated that it is impossible to reorganize the premises if the conditions for its operation deteriorate. It is in mind that a person himself creates the worst conditions for himself when the bathroom of the neighbors from above turns out to be over the kitchen room.

There is only one option, in which such redevelopment is possible when the apartment is located on the first, but on the last floor. In this case, a person does not worsen the conditions, since there are no neighbors from above. Less frequently, the neighbor from above turns out its own resolution on redevelopment, so its bathroom is shifted. Accordingly, it cannot coincide with the one that will be at the bottom of the neighbor, therefore it becomes possible to extend the kitchen area at the expense of the bathroom.

It should always be remembered that the expansion leads to the reconstruction of the floor and walls, so the redevelopment project is needed. A preliminary examination of the entire residential premises is carried out, it is issued at the end of the technical conclusion, whether the transfer of the bathroom is possible. With private houses everything is much simpler, no documentation is required.

How to connect with dining?

The easiest option is to remove the wall with the dining room, thus opening the space. It will be necessary to make the kitchen visually more, removing the general wall between the kitchen and dining room, which will look great from the side. The resulting area, where there used to be a wall, is used to install a larger number of cabinets under the ceiling. So more space for storing kitchen utensils appears.

Pantry is also removed because it most often turns out to be completely useless, and when redeveloping a kitchen can give the desired space. The wall is demolished quickly, changes are obvious almost immediately. Sometimes surprises are revealed, with which they have to face only after repeated wall. Move along with a wall of sockets, wiring, because the working area also increases.

If the sink is transferred, then the water supply pipes, the sewer pipes with it.

The floor is opened, then removed the walls of the walls. In general, the premises will have to re-organize overhaul to give him a new appearance.

To perform electrical work work, it is better to call the masters, especially if there is no experience in the field of electrical network laying.

Plasterboard can be closed with electrical wiring niche. Water pipes move inside the wall of the old storeroom. After the walls are completed, they are plastered, they will be treated under the finishing finish, you can start the remaining stages:

  • Installation of floor covering;

  • pasting wallpaper or painting of walls;

  • installation of plinths;

  • Installation of furniture and household appliances.

It is so easy and easy to expand the kitchen space at the expense of the dining room, which before that did not bring benefits in the house. It is possible to remake the kitchen room at the expense of the bathroom. The increase in the area in a private house is not difficult, since it is not necessary to require permission.

Move the wall simply, a small alteration does not take away a lot of strength, time and money, most importantly, make it right. In the absence of experience, you can consult with a specialist, such a consultation will never be excess.

How to redecessing the kitchen, look in the video below.

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