Ideas for budget renovation kitchen

Overhaul of the kitchen is not budget, but sometimes there is not enough money for him, and then it seems appropriate to make it at the same time cheap and beautiful, not engaged in the global recovery of communications. A simple and economical option in a not too old apartment is usually possible, albeit a few limited framework.

Pros and cons

Almost any repair, involving changes in the configuration of communications, is considered to be cosmetic, and it is he, due to the lower complexity of the work, is considered cheaper. This approach has its own advantages:

  • More simple work and fewer consumables significantly reduce costs, and after all, our goal is to save;
  • The design of the room is changing, bringing an aesthetic effect from the repair carried out, in the way you can and somewhat improve the room in terms of comfortable use;
  • The simplicity of the work performed leaves the opportunity to do without attracting expensive specialists, fulfilling all the work with their own hands;
  • The absence of complex tasks usually positively affects the speed of execution, because it is often possible to do without moving apartments.

Cosmetic repair is good on all sides, but a couple of flaws still find. First, with a small budget, it simply will not be able to make global changes to the same layout, because only the appearance of the kitchen is changing, but not its essence.

Secondly, it is sometimes more important to repaired communications, which, with strong wear, can cause a serious accident, and in the concept of cheap repair, such operations usually do not fit.

Opportunities for economy

It is no secret that any type of work can cost both relative pennies and huge amounts – it all depends not only on the scope, but also on the method of organization of work. If you don’t want to spend much, you can noticeably save on several items without losing the quality of the result.

Each of the items, as a rule, gives only relatively small savings, but no one bothers to combine several ways to save, the percentage of benefits has grown high.

  • Repair is impossible without tools, however, even if they are not, it does not always make sense to buy them. Usually, You can choose a sufficient toolkit for simple cosmetic repairs, And if something is lacking, then buy the missing easier than the whole set.
  • Hired workers can make turnkey repair at all without your participation, but it is very desirable for saving. At least you can To dismantle the old finish and garbage disposal yourself Or with the help of loved ones, and the same painting or bleaching wallpaper – a task that does not require special skills. In practice, easy repair is possible at all without professional intervention.
  • Brand is always quality, but the difference in price is usually much more significant than the difference in quality. Do not choose the cheapest materials certainly, but also to overpay for them inappropriate – It is enough to abandon imports in favor of domestic manufacturers.
  • Some settings can not be changed, but to repair – so it will be cheaper. For example, the same kitchen set can be painted to restore appearance.
  • You can save on finishing materials by connecting the elementary logic. Tile and wallpaper with patterns involve a pattern matching, because of which waste is obtained larger, and therefore, and the costs of materials are increasing. Monophonic finish, even if at a price it seems to be the same, always costs somewhat cheaper.
  • Materials are always recommended to take with a reserve, but almost always this stock remains “for memory”. Refusing such a stock at all or strongly reduce it, you will noticeably risk the lowest repair, however With accurate measurement of all parameters and accurate performance, this approach can save up to 15% of the budget.

In the case of cosmetic repairs, it is possible to save on almost all – those things in which the savings are invalid are usually applied to the field of capital recovery. The only thing that should be remembered is that all the separated surfaces should be perfectly even, otherwise the cheap finish will be blown bad and will not last long.

Principles of budget finishes

The concept of cosmetic repair usually does not assume even minimal redevelopment – the hosts are limited to budget decisions to update the appearance. The desire to save even on this leads to the growing popularity of minimalist styles, for example, the loft or Scandinavian. The minimum of extra details is emphasized and choosing a finish, focusing on the most simple and inexpensive option suitable for operation in the cuisine.

For the floor, the best budget decision is visited by linoleum. This is not the most ideal option as a whole, but it is also extremely cheap, and is durable, and stable, and does not require special care, and even it can be sought independently.

At the same time, it is necessary to treat such a coating quite carefully, it is undesirable to lay it on an uneven basis. Although the material options will be available for every taste and wallet, the cheapest take the cheapest yet – they are simply not intended for the kitchen.

With the ceiling of budget options much more. It used to be taken by chalk or hawed lime, and it is still the cheapest option worth the essence of a trifle. It looks not always like a top of aesthetic, this repair is short-lived and it is impossible to maintain cleanliness on it, but you can update it at any time.

A somewhat improved solution is a water-level paint, which is already a little more resistant to the hardware of the kitchen and allows washing. You can also meet the option using wallpaper, but it is quite difficult to blow them on the ceiling, and any flood will destroy such a finish.

For walls, the abundance of options is also wide. One of the top options – wallpaper, but objectively for the kitchen can not choose the cheapest paper solutions, and suitable vinyl can cost quite expensive.

It is much cheaper and easier to use for finishing the walls of acrylic paint, which is distinguished by stability and ease of care, but to select this option you need to have perfectly smooth walls, otherwise the cost together with leveling will grow multiple.

With apron, the situation is a bit more complicated – even though the same walls, but the impact of harmful factors here is much more intense. The cheapest solution is PVC film. Although it is considered, rather, a temporary solution to the problem, no one bothers you to simply regularly change the design of the apron. PVC panels are an order of magnitude better and durable decision, but it should be considered that it is possible to damage the finish even randomly.

In terms of strength, the MDF panels are already much better, which still remain inexpensive, but they are criticized for combustibility – such a material can not be used too close to the gas stove.


The first photo is a bright and comprehensive example of the fact that the repair of the kitchen for extremely modest money is quite possible. It clearly shows the embodiment of several tips from among those that were given above. So, a monophonic tile is chosen for finishing the apron (perhaps they did not even change it), which does not require adjusting the pattern and does not imply a large amount of waste.

All the walls are painted, and, although under them, most likely, drywall, the finish itself cost inexpensively and could be performed independently. The kitchen headpets looks untreated, but at the same time well preserved, which suggests that it is simply very careful.

The lack of brightness caused predominantly white finish, the hosts decided to compensate for the bright colorful linoleum, as well as several accessories that are inexpensive, but add paints to the palette.

The second example proves that wallpaper on the ceiling is not such a dubious idea, especially if you approach it with due liability and a certain fantasy. In general, the kitchen presented in the photo does not look like a sample of savings, even with the space everything is in order, because we only see the dinner zone, however the fact is that on the finish, it was the ceiling of the hosts saved, prefering to the rest of the wallpaper, and it turned out pretty bright and Non-trivial.

If the designer has a taste, and he also did not save everything, you can try to create a rather attractive design. On the third example, we see an inexpensive apron, assembled from MDF plates. Plate next to him, apparently, electric, because the probability of fire is much reduced. The material is well harmonized with the kitchen head, because the kitchen image looks even somewhat more expensive than there is actually.

In the next video you are waiting for five rules for small budget cuisines.

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