Icons and indicators on dishwashers

Many dishwasher buyers face the problems of launching an aggregate. To quickly learn how to control the device, install the correct programs, as well as the most of the basic functions and additional features of the machine, you must be able to decrypt signs and characters on the buttons and the display. An excellent assistant can be the instruction or information below.

Overview of the main signs

As practice shows, guess, relying on intuition, which designate badges on the dishwasher housing, is very difficult, so it is best to learn them in advance. Knowing designations on the panel, the user always chooses the sink mode correctly.

The variety of characters depends on the brand of the dishwasher module, as well as on the number of modes and options.

For ease of familiarization and memorization, the most common icons and characters on the panel are given below.

  • Brush. This is a symbol that informs the launch of the washing of dishes.
  • Sunny or Snezhinka. A sufficient number of rinsing in the compartment means the “Snowflake” indicator.
  • Tap. Crane symbol is a water supply indicator.
  • Two wave-like arrows indicate the presence of salt in the ion exchanger.

As for the symbols of programs, modes and options, then they have their own brand, but they meet the same:

  • Water drops of water – in many dishwashers, this pre-rinsing of dishes;
  • “Eco” is an economical mode of washing dishes;
  • a saucepan with several lines is an intensive wash program;
  • AUTO – a program of automatic washing;
  • glasses or cups – fast or delicate dishwashing mode;
  • Pan or plate – symbol of standard / normal mode;
  • 1/2 – half the level of loading and washing;
  • Vertical waves point to the drying process.
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In numbers can be expressed by temperature, as well as the duration of the selected program. In addition, there are conventional symbols located on the dishwasher panels that indicate the programs and functions of a specific manufacturer.

Why indicators are burning?

The flashing of the lights in the dishwasher panel is usually a warning, to decrypt and eliminate which it is enough to understand the meaning of what is happening. Most often users face a number of problems.

  • On the scoreboard, all the lights flashes chaotic, while the device does not respond to commands. This may be associated with the failure of the electronics or failure of the control module. Banal failure can be eliminated by the full reboot of technology. If the problem is not solved, the diagnosis and help of a specialist will be required.

  • The “Brush” indicator flashes. Upon normal operation, this indicator should shine, but its intensive flashing indicates devices in the device. The flashing “brushes” can be accompanied by the appearance of the error code on the display, which will determine the cause of the failure.

  • The indicator “Snowflake” is burning. This is a notification that the rinser ends in the compartment. When adding a tool, the burn icon will stop.

  • Burning “crane”. As a rule, a glowing or flashing “Crane” icon indicates problems with water supply. Possibly insufficient pressure or hose.

  • The scoreboard flashes or the icon in the form of a shooter (Salt Indicator). This is a reminder that salt ends. It is enough to fill the compartment to the tool, and the indicator will not shine.

Extremely rare users face the problem of self-enabled buttons on the control panel. This failure may arise due to the imposition of the buttons.

To troubleshoot the problem, it is enough to clear the buttons from the accumulated garbage or perform a reset settings.

Differences in models of different brands

Each manufacturer has its own symbols and designations that may coincide with signs on the panels of other devices, and they can differ radically. To see how the symbol system differs, you need to get acquainted with the marking of several popular brands.

  • ARISTON. HOTPOINT ARISTON dishwashers are quite simple in control, and the characters are easily decrypted and quickly remembered. The most common icons are: S is a signpost of salt, cross – signals a sufficient quantity of the rinse, “Eco” – economical mode, a saucepan with three lines – intense mode, a saucepan with several trays – standard washing, R, circled – express wash And drying, glasses – a delicate program, the letter R – the choice of mode.

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  • Siemens. Dishwashers are easily manageable, and their designation system coincides with Bosch aggregates. Among the frequently used icons, it is worth highlighting such symbols: a tray pan – intensive, a saucepan with two stands – automatic mode, glasses – gentle wash, “Eco” – economical washing, cups and glasses with two arrows – fast mode, shower of droplets – preliminary Rinsing program. In addition, there is a clock icon – this is a delay timer; Square with one basket – loading upper box.

  • Hansa. Hansa dishwashing units are equipped with a clear control panel, where you can see the following icons: a saucepan with a lid – pre-soaking and long-term washing, a glass and a cup – a delicate mode at 45 degrees, “Eco” – economical mode with short premature soaking, “3 in 1 “- Standard Program for utensils with different degree of contamination. Among the options: 1/2 – zonal wash, p – mode selection, clock – Starting.

  • Bosch. Among the basic designations that are on each control panel, you can select such characters: a saucepan with several stands – intensive mode, a cup with a stand – a standard program, clocks with arrows – cutout double, “Eco” – a delicate washing for glass items , Water Drops in the shape of a shower – Preliminary rinsing, “H +/-” – a choice of time, 1/2 – a half-loading program, a saucepan with a rocker – an intense zone, a children’s bottle “+” – hygiene and disinfection of objects, auto – automatic launch Mode, Start – Starting the device, Reset 3 SEC – Reboot when holding a button for 3 seconds.

  • Electrolux. The machines of this manufacturer have a number of basic programs with their designations: a saucepan with two stands – intensive with a high temperature regime, rinsing and drying; a cup with a saucer – standard mode for all types of dishes; Clock with Dial – Accelerated Wash, “Eco” – Casual Wash Program at 50 degrees, Drops in the form of a soul – Pre-rinse with a reaping basket.
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  • Beko. In the dishwashers of BEKO symbols somewhat different from other devices. The most common are: Quick & Clean – washing very dirty dishes, standing in the dishwasher for a long time; Drops in the form of a soul – pre-soaking; Clock 30 minutes with an arrow – delicate and fast mode; Pan with a plate – intense car wash at high temperature.

After reading the symbols and icons of programs, modes and other options for the dishwasher, the user will always make the most efficient use of the acquired household appliances.

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