How to wash a frying pan in the dishwasher?

There is no doubt about the attractiveness of regular use of dishwashers at home. They provide us with maximum convenience, significantly save time and efforts that we spend on washing dirty plates and glasses.

Thanks to this technique, the kitchen becomes free of disorder for a few minutes. However, like any other household appliance, dishwashers have certain recommendations and restrictions. Use them for washing all types of dishes is not recommended. High temperature inside can damage some kinds of pans. This will be discussed in the article.

What skils can be washed?

In the dishwasher, you can wash pans that have a removable handle. At the same time, they must be made of stainless steel. Make sure the dishes are located far away from other metal objects, which will help to avoid scratches and ensure the correct car wash and drying.

With most other metals, excessive humidity can lead to metal corrosion, while manually washing allows you to better control the water temperature. If you want to take care of the dishes, then it’s worthwhile frying pan always manually.

Aluminum containers can be washed only when it allows the manufacturer.

What frying pan do not put in the dishwasher?

Most pupils are spoiled if you lay them for cleaning in the described technique. This is not only TEFAL frying pan, but also other ceramic, cast-iron, copper products that are easy to spoil.

Regardless of whether you use dishes for cooking sauces, paste or frying chicken nuggets, any food on it leaves a lot of persistent stains.

Not surprisingly, why users often think to wash the frying pan in the dishwasher. No need to pack hands, spend time to score food. However, there are many reasons why the use of such equipment can damage the pan. One of the main things is that the detergents of the specialized compositions used in any model are usually more aggressive than the standard dishwashing agent.

They contain abrasive compounds, such as sulfates and phthalates, to remove persistent stains from food, and it can harm the dishes.

Another reason is that dishwashers damage pans, as they use very hot water for thorough cleaning. In some models, the indicator can reach 160 degrees Celsius.

Not every coating is calculated to withstand such a high temperature. As a result, the surface can hang out, and the anti-stick coating will simply collapse.

And the last reason for which the dishwasher can be harmful to the frying pan is the mechanical strike on it another dishes. When sharp objects, such as knives and forks, are placed next to the frying pan inside the equipment, they scratch its surface.


Using the described equipment for pans from copper is not recommended. Washing them in the dishwasher leads to the fact that the dishes fades and loses its beautiful shine and color.

Instead, it is better to wash the pan manually.

Cast iron

Cast iron pans strictly forbidden to put in a dishwasher. When it works, conditions inside are not suitable for cast iron. They will call with the rust of cast iron puffs and melt protective non-stick coating. Therefore, if you do not want your cast-iron frying pan quickly rusted, do not put it in the dishwasher.

The destruction of a special layer will entail the need to re-create it. It will be necessary to lose time and strength, since this process is not fully.

That is why experts advise to wash pig-iron dishes, not only the pan, manually.

All you need to do is just rinse with warm water and a soft sponge.


Installing aluminum saucepan and pan in a dishwasher – not always a good choice. First you should check the instructions from the manufacturer to make sure that this pan can be cleaned like this.

This metal is inclined to scratches, that’s why no other dishes should touch it.

Aluminum can also become dim in time, so even if the pan can be placed in the technique and clean it, it is not necessary to do this often.

It is advisable to alternate a manual sink and automatic.


Using the described technique with frying pan with a non-stick coating is recommended only if the manufacturer indicates this on the package.

If there are no such instructions to the dishes, the use of technology will certainly lead to loss of product quality.

Tips for washing

If food pieces are hard to depart with cast-iron frying pan, never try to wash the fatty dishes with an aggressive brush and an equally aggressive tool. Instead, put the frying pan on the stove and pour some water into it. When the liquid boils, the pieces of food themselves will deteriorate without harm to cover.

The generally accepted method of cleaning the burnt dyshk copper pans is abundant sprinkling of their salt. She launders the burnt food perfectly if you add some vinegar to it and allow this composition to dissolve the residues of food.

After waiting for about 20 seconds, you can easily slip the tag at the bottom of the copper dishes. What will be your surprise when you understand how easy frying pan is cleaned after soaking it in salt and vinegar.

If it was decided to use a dishwasher for cleaning aluminum frying pan, you need to be careful. The main thing is to correctly balance the container inside, putting it away from metal objects. Only so it will be possible to avoid unnecessary scratches.

If the user attracted an aluminum product with its beauty, then experts are not recommended, in general, use the technique. To preserve the original shine, it is better to clean the dishes on the old manner: a sponge and liquid gel.

Warm water and high-quality cleaning agent will make their job.

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