How to put a table in the kitchen?

Acquisition of a new dining table – a pleasant purchase for the whole family. But immediately after the delivery of this object of furniture, a new question arises: “Where to put it better?”. Not only the comfort of all sitting on the table depends on the table location, but also the possibility with convenience to navigate through the kitchen space and easily use household appliances.

Where to put?

  • If the kitchen is small, then an excellent option – Setting the table by the window. This is the optimal location on the kitchen room with an area of ​​7 kV. M. If the wall with a window is quite narrow (less than 3 meters), you can set the table to the window to the window. Of the advantages of this location, it is worth noting a good illumination, and from minuses – the need to constantly maintain order on the windowsill.

It is important to take into account the view outside the window: if the garbage containers are presented, it is better to abandon this idea.

  • For kitchens from 12 kV. M. It is proposed to put the table in the middle. Especially beautiful will turn out if it is on the ceiling to place aesthetic lamps that emphasize the dining area. For this location, round and oval tables will be suitable. It is possible to place a lot of guests, and you can approach the table from different sides.

  • On small kitchens it is recommended to place a table in the corner, it will be good with it to look at the corner sofa. This is an option for a small family, it is not suitable for meeting guests, as it allows you to position only 2-3 people. Good saves space.

  • For any kitchen is suitable for the location of the Wall. More expedient to put square or rectangular options. In this case, above the table will look good picture. The placement of the wall saves the area of ​​the room, but does not allow the use of the side attached to the wall. Although if the space allows, when visiting guests, the table can be put forward in the middle of the kitchen.

Little kitchen options

If the kitchen has too little dimensions, then you can not buy the table at all, but use other options.

  • Table top. It can be constructed independently and place, for example, by the window where it almost will not occupy space. This place is usually not blocked by household appliances, and the countertop will not hurt anything.

  • Bar stand. This option does not just save the area of ​​the kitchen, but also gives the design of the room. Modern style. It is not about a full-fledged rack – this is suitable only for a large kitchen. And the miniature rack can escape the owners of a small kitchen. If the room is narrow, it is recommended to place the design along the wall. Any location is suitable for square.

The option is convenient because it allows you to place people on both sides, but consider that the bar chairs will also need to be needed.

  • Windowsill. If the window unit has a depth of more than 35 cm, the windowsill may well be used as a table. Other interior items should be located around the window opening. The windowsill should be increasing a bit so that 3-4 people can accommodate comfortably. Plus such a countertop is a substantial savings of the area, minus – nonhygiennicity: if the windows are often opening in the summer, dust can fly on the table and other garbage from the street.


Choosing a place for the table, consider two important parameters.

  1. Width. Comfortable for meals Square at the table – 60×40 cm per person. The placement of dishes will require at least 20 cm. The width of the floor per person (from the legs of the chair to the feet) should be 87.5 cm.
  2. Distance to other items. To other interior items should be a distance of at least 75 cm. The passage behind the back of the seated person must correspond to 80-110 cm. It is important to take into account the location of mounted cabinets. This parameter is determined by the growth of man. Lowly installed cabinets will interfere with vacationers, and highly suspended will create inconvenience when operating. The minimum distance between the worktop and suspended cabinets should be 65 cm.

How to make a kitchen table from the tabletop with your own hands you can find out, looking at the video a little below.

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