How to make shelves in the kitchen with your own hands?

The functionality of the room is determined by the presence of those components that enable access to all necessary things. If we talk about the kitchen, then we will talk about a variety of shelves, without which you can not do in this room. The easiest solution will be the order of the finished headset, but not every option will be perfect under the specific kitchen. To make the room as comfortable as possible for use, it is worth doing the manufacture of shelves on your own.

Materials for manufacture

Depending on the destination, the kitchen shelves can have a different material from which they are manufactured. This fact is especially important to consider in the case of independent creation of the product. The most popular materials become:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • a rock;
  • glass;
  • plastic.


Wood shelves are the most popular, as fit into any interior and give it warmth, comfort and beauty. It is best to use natural wood, but if there is no such possibility, then the chipboard and MDF. Most often wooden products are placed on the wall and serve as a place to arrange dishes or for spices.

Depending on the appointment, you need to correctly choose the type of wood for the product, the most darkened Oak, beech, alder and pine are considered the most.

So that the wooden shelves served as long as possible, they are better to place away from the source of moisture and heat. To protect the outer layer, it is worth covering it with a waterproof solution. Homemade wooden products will cost cheaper purchased and custom-made products, but in itself natural material will have a fairly high cost.


Metal shelves are becoming increasingly popular in modern interiors, where simplicity and minimalism is valued. The convenience of products from this material is that they can be installed near washing and plates, not surviving for the safety of the product. Most often, lattice structures are used, which are easy to operate and give the place of ease due to their appearance. For the maximum long service, the product is processed by an anti-corrosion coating, and if necessary, they can be painted in any shade that is needed for the kitchen.


Stone options are rarely used, but there are those who appreciate the beauty of natural stone. Since the weight of the products is quite large, it is important to know how to hang the shelf to sustain and your weight, and all that will be on it. Strong supports are the basis of such a design, so it is important to take care of the reliability of all fixings. Such kitchen shelves will stand quite large money, therefore it is worth thinking in advance whether it is worth choosing a natural stone, because it can be replaced by artificial, without losing the external beauty, but making them easier and less expensive.


Glass shelves are considered suitable for those rooms in which it is extremely necessary to create a feeling of lightness and spaciousness. So that the products are durable, it is important to choose a thickness of at least 6 mm thick. The most suitable styles for using glass shelves are high-tech and minimalism. With all its advantages, the glass has an obvious minus – it is low impact resistance, with improper operation on the surface will quickly appear scratches, which can later become cracks.


One of the modern shelves in the kitchen is plastic. It is inexpensive, easy to operate, and with it you can create interesting designs. For the manufacture of shelves, the least toxic material is applied. Due to the peculiarities of plastic, it can be imitated by a tree or stone and create interesting designs of products. The disadvantage of plastic is only its strength, since it is possible to place on the shelves only non-knowledge items, others can not stand.

Types of designs

To make kitchen shelves independently, you need to know what the designs of such products are. Allocate:

  • classic;
  • corner;
  • lattice;
  • roll-out;
  • retractable;
  • with an additional drawer;
  • Augmented backlight.

Classic shelves include open and closed shelves, which are located in a convenient location in the kitchen. They do not have the door that visually increases the space and makes them use more convenient, as the search for the right thing is becoming easier. Corner structures were initially envisaged for small rooms, allowing you to expand everything necessary in a small space.

Now they can be placed in the rooms of any size, the main thing is that the regiment be relevant and functional.

The lattice shelves may have a different form, size and coloring than their popularity. Thanks to the air construction, such shelves become inconspicuous and do not overload the space, at the same time, fully performing the functions assigned to them. Retractable design can be placed both in the upper and lower part of the headset, most often it is performed from wood or metal. For ease of use, it is placed on sleds or small wheels.

The retractable shelf has a part of the structure, which, if necessary, is extended, which makes it possible to save part of the kitchen space. If there is a need to equip the shelf with an additional box, you can use some of the old furniture, where there is already such an element. Properly attaching it to the finished product, you can increase its functionality and add a new place to store the necessary things.

Modern kitchens are often decorated with a varied backlit that can be placed on the shelves.

Such a decor will be beautiful and functional, as it will allow faster to find the desired thing, and can also be used as a source of additional light in the room.

What do you need?

To make the shelves in the kitchen with their own hands, you need to take care of the materials and tools that will be needed in the work. Among the main tools can be allocated:

  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • a hammer;
  • sandpaper;
  • file;
  • glass cutter;
  • a pencil ruler;
  • nails, screws, screws;
  • glue;
  • Material processing solution.

Selecting the material for the manufacture of the shelf, you can choose:

  • Metal sheet or grille;
  • Natural tree or chipboard;
  • plastic panel;
  • glass is more than 6 mm thick and the desired color;
  • Natural or artificial stone.

The type of work for the manufacture of the shelf from each of the above material will be different, therefore it is worth it to prepare for the first time to do everything right.

Process of creation

To work on creating a shelf for the kitchen passed quickly and right, You need to follow a certain sequence of actions:

  • creating a drawing of the future product, accounting for all trifles;
  • Measuring the size of the shelf and place where it is planned for accommodation;
  • assembly inventory that is useful in work;
  • Selection of mounts that will fit the selected material for the shelf.

If a wooden shelf is planned into the kitchen, the instruction for its manufacture will look like this:

  • According to the sketch, all components of the wood sheet or chipboard are cut out;
  • Wooden products are grouped by sandpaper, a veneer is used for chipboard;
  • Protective varnish is applied;
  • Brackets are attached to their places;
  • The preparation of the wall for the placement of the shelf, drilling holes under the dowel;
  • All parts are connected together;
  • The shelf is attached to the wall.

If there is a desire to make a metal shelf for the kitchen, the process will differ not too much:

  • creating a project of the future shelf;
  • selection of materials to implement the idea;
  • Billet details based on the drawing;
  • selection of fastening;
  • Building a construction that can assume a spike of parts or a combination of wood and metal in one shelf;
  • Preparation of the wall;
  • Installing the design in your place.

One-piece metal sheets can be used if it is planned to place something massive and heavy or lattice on the shelter, for lighter kitchenware.

So that the metal shelves do not spoil from moisture and heat, they are covered with an anti-corrosion coating, which will need to be updated from time to time.To create a glass shelf to the kitchen, you need to decide on the color and thickness of the material so that it is durable and fitted to the room.

Before starting work, it is worth highlighting the time to exhaust skills, if experience with glass is very small.

The course of work on the creation of a glass product will be as follows:

  • creating a sketch of the future product;
  • The transfer of the sketch to the glass surface and cutting it with the help of glass cutter;
  • Installing glass on a flat surface to the edge where lines were carried out, for the necessary element;
  • Grinding the edges with a belt grinder, it is important to use a respirator for protection;
  • marking places of fastening on the wall, check them with the help of the level, and the hardening;
  • accommodation in the wall of brackets that are deepened not completely;
  • Creating holes in the shelf to which the product will hang;
  • Holding the shelf to the brackets, screwing it to them.

If we talk about plastic shelves, the principle of their creation is reminded of all of the above options, as you need to make a layout of the future design, clearly and correctly cut all the details, combine into a single whole and install on the wall. It is much more difficult to make stone shelves, because for their creation, specialized machines for cutting stone are needed, and few of whom they are in the home arsenal.

How to make a wooden shelf on the kitchen with your own hands, look in the video.

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