How to make a bag for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands?

Many vacuum cleaners owners sooner or later think about sewing a bag for collecting dust alone. After the dust collector from the vacuum cleaner comes into disrepair, you can not always find the appropriate option in the store. But it is quite possible to sew a bag for collecting dust with their own hands. How exactly let’s tell right now.

Necessary materials

If you seriously think about making your hands to make a bag for a household appliance, it is necessary to take care in advance so that in the house there were all the necessary materials and tools in the house. In the process of work, you will need to be needed comfortable and sharp scissors, with which you can easily cut cardboard. You will also need a marker or bright pencil, stapler or glue.

For the manufacture of the so-called frame, you will need a dense cardboard. It must be rectangular, approximately 30×15 centimeters. And most importantly, you will need the material itself from which you plan to produce a bag.

It is best to choose a material called “Spanbond”, it can be found in any construction store. This is a nonwoven copy, which has a number of significant advantages. This material is characterized by special strength, durability and environmental friendliness. It is pretty tight, thanks to which even small dust particles will linger in a homemade bag.

The dust collector made of this fabric is easy to wash, and over time it is not deformed, which is very important. In addition, after cleaning, washing and drying, it will not highlight any unpleasant odors during the vacuum cleaner.

Choosing sponbond for the manufacture of a disposable or reusable bag, pay attention to the density of the material. It must be at least 80 g / m. Fabrics will need approximately one and a half meters for one bag.

Manufacturing process

So, after all the tools and materials are prepared, you can proceed to independently making a bag for collecting dust. Make it can everyone, especially since the process is simple and not laborious.

Be sure to study the bag from your vacuum cleaner, which has already become unusable. It will help you to make the right calculations and easy to create a copy of the bag that is ideal for the vacuum cleaner of your brand and model.

We take the material, about one and a half meters, and fold it in half. The number of required material depends on the size of the dust collector in the end you will need. It is better to produce an accessory for a vacuum cleaner from a double layer so that it will be released as close as possible and the minor dust particles retained the most.

The edges of the folded fabric need to be consolidated, leaving only one “entrance”. You can fasten with a stapler or flash a strong thread. As a result, it turns out a bag-blank. Remove this workpiece on the wrong side so that the seams are inside the bag.

Next, we take a dense cardboard, a marker or pencil, and diameter diameter. It must accurately match the diameter of the inlet of your vacuum cleaner. It will be necessary to make two such blanks from cardboard.

In order for the cardboard billet to be the most similar, you can remove the plastic part from the old bag and use it as a template.

Each cardboard detail on the edges process a large amount of glue, only on one side. One piece of glue inside the bag, and the second – outside. It is important that the second item be passed exactly to the first. The first cardboard detail must be trained through the so-called neck. How do you remember, we left one edge of the blank open. The neck is done through the cardboard blank so that the adhesive part is above.

And when you apply the second part of the cardboard template, then in the end, the neck is between two cards. Use reliable adhesive for fixing so that cardboard parts glued together well, and that the neck of the bag is tightly fixed. Thus, one disposable dust collector will be perfectly cope with its work.

In the event that you want to sew a reusable bag, it can be easily made, following the above instructions. For a reusable bag, too, the material called Spunbond. So that the bag turns out as strong as possible, reliable and durable, we recommend using not two, but three layers of material.

For reliability, the bag is best to flash on the sewing machine using strong threads.

As for the details, it should be used here instead of cardboard plastic, then the accessory will last longer and it will be easy to wash it. By the way, it is quite possible to attach plastic parts to a new bag that remained from the old accessory of your vacuum cleaner. In order for the bag to be reusable, it is necessary to put a lightning or velcy on one side, so that then it can be easily released from garbage and dust.

Tips and recommendations

Finally, we have several useful recommendations, who will help you when you decide to independently make a bag for a vacuum cleaner.

  • If you plan to make a disposable bags for your vacuum cleaner, it is quite possible to use the material, but a tight paper.
  • If you want a reusable bag to serve you for a long time, but it does not want to wash it too often, you can go as follows. Take the old categorous stocking – if it is tights, you will need only a segment. On the one hand, do a tight node to get a bag of cut-off panty. Insert this headband in the main accessory for collecting dust. As soon as it is filled, it can be easily removed and thrown out. At the same time, the bag itself will remain clean.
  • Do not throw out the old bag from your vacuum cleaner, as it is always useful to you as a template for the manufacture of homemade disposable or reusable dust collectors.
  • As a material for the manufacture of a reusable dust collector, a fabric is quite suitable for pillows. For example, it may be tick. The fabric is pretty dense, durable, and at the same time perfectly holds dust particles. There may also be such a fabric like Flizelin. But use old knitted things, for example, T-shirts or pants, not recommended. Similar fabrics easily pass dust particles, because of which the household appliance during operation can be spoiled.
  • When you make a pattern for the future dust collector, do not forget to leave on the edges of a centimeter to the bend. If you do not take care of it, then the bag will be smaller than its original.
  • For a reusable dust collector, it is best to use a velcro that should be sewed on one side of the bag. It does not deteriorate even after multiple styrics, but lightning can very quickly fail.

Video about how to make a bag for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands, look next.

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