How to equip a sleeping place in the kitchen?

In small apartments, and even more so in one-room often the question arises: how to equip a sleeping place in the kitchen? And to solve this issue there are many options. It all depends on the size of the kitchen itself and the possibility of dividing it into zones. But even in the smallest kitchen, you can equip a sleeping place so that it will not take a lot of space, but will solve the problem when you need, for example, place guests.


You can organize a sleeping place from a wide variety of furniture items, The main thing is that it fit into the main interior.

  • The easiest and budget option – folding chair. In the daytime it will serve as a comfortable seat, and in the night will turn into a bed for a raised guest. Good on such a case to have a mattress for convenient sleep. Place the chair is better so that it stood at the wall or by the window and when unfolding it nobody prevented. Well, if it is fit into the interior and coincide with the color scheme with other decor elements.

  • When using a certain style in the dining room, a kitchen shop can be located. It can be made of both wood and soft seats. In any case, this subject of the interior can also be used as a temporary bed, provided that there will be a mattress or soft blanket.

  • A regular banquette can also perform different functions. During the day, this is a comfortable seat at a time when the family is going at the table. In addition, most often such models are a storage container. If necessary, the banquette is easily turning into a very compact bed, not too comfortable, but quite acceptable to spend one or two nights on it.

  • A more successful choice will be the ottoman or sofa, which can be a wide variety of models. The difference between them is that the tacht, as a rule, has no backrest or can replace beautiful pillows. Sofa has a back, and armrests, but one height. Both can finely complement kitchen design. And besides, they can comfortably post a guest and even two. Because many modern models are thought out so that they are moving away. And if the kitchen space allows, such furniture will decorate any room.

  • In a small room, it is best to use angle for furniture. So succeeds well save space. Any angular sofa combined with a table serves as a comfortable dining area. And set it out as a bed location is no difficulty.

  • A large kitchen is unlimited possibilities. Can be divided into zones. And in such a space can wonder any upholstered furniture. And even a big headset will be appropriate. In this case, you can easily accommodate several guests.

  • The optimal option for a small kitchen, where the space itself requires the installation of compact items, the settling arrangement, which, with the help of a special mechanism, is unfolded like the shelves in the train. And during the day it does not occupy space, turning into a conventional wall. True, for the equipment of such an original place you have to connect all your designer abilities so that all this looks harmoniously and fit into the overall interior. But such an idea in order to save space and arrange the place of recreation is to even invite a designer who competently pays space, and a specialist who will embody this idea into life.

Selection of furniture depending on style

In the equipment of the bed, you need to navigate not only on the space, but also on the overall style of the room. After all, each style assumes and its interior items, which in one look great, and in the other are simply able to kill the entire idea. So what should be focused on this too.

  • When choosing a style loft A folding shelf with a soft leather surface can be approached, which is one light movement returns and becomes part of the wall. A leather sofa is also suitable, which can be located in a separate area for recreation or simply in a special niche, if the kitchen is not very big.

  • Modern style May include and settling a bed with a folding chair, sofa, corner, small banquette. All this can be used boldly, complementing decor elements.

  • East style It will be successfully supplemented with soft sofa, coated carpets and pillows. Suitable and ottta, which can also be decorate with pillows. Supplement to such a recreation area will be soft chairs. Such a spacious and comfortable sleeping place can be created in a large kitchen. However, if the eastern style is chosen in a small kitchen, you can quite install a compact sofa, but soft and cozy.

  • In the style of Provence Sofa or ottta will fit well, upholstered with cloth in gentle colors, flowers are suitable as a pattern. Next to such a sofa will look good simple wooden or wicker furniture.

  • Chalet or Rustic Style can assume the placement of a wooden shop. But it should be quite wide and convenient, so that at case it was possible to put a mattress on it, to store the bed and turn into an improvised bed.

Examples of design

In any kitchen, even the smallest, you can always equip a sleeping place, and what the above examples say below. In addition, you can always choose materials, shades, furniture and decor elements so that everything will look harmonious and stylish.

  • Here is a small sofa fit in the corner in many kitchens and make a cozy pastime in the kitchen. Small table, colored pillows complement this corner. Especially winning it looks against the background of a large window.

  • A narrow and long kitchen also allows you to correctly master the space and arrange objects in it so that everything will be convenient. There is a place for both the working area, and for dining, and for a cozy sofa, who fits at the window. In such a kitchen, of course, a large number of guests will not fit. But for a small company, the idea is quite suitable.

  • Wonderful when there is an opportunity to have such a niche. The cozy place in the kitchen is hard to come up. A wide ottoman with pillows serves as an excellent decoration, and in addition, the necessary things can be placed downstairs. It is very successful on the wall of the TV.

  • In a small kitchen, sleeping space may look like. Everything is very modest, compact and neat. Things are combined with each other and in general look harmoniously, creating comfort on a very small kitchen.

  • So stylish and original can be equipped with a small space. Nothing excess here is not present, all the most needed. But there is a place where you can relax and even sleep, as well as dine and spend time around the tea cup.

  • This option is suitable for saving space. In the daytime, we are just a shelf with decor elements or books. And if necessary, part of the wall is transformed into a sleeping place, quite comfortable. The rest of the place without prejudice to the space is occupied by the necessary furniture, without which in the kitchen can not do.

  • More spacious premises allow you to split the kitchen on the zones and lay all the necessary cabinets, shelves, bedside tables – anything hostess. Separate space takes a dining table with chairs. And there is a place for a fairly large sofa, which can be pushing and place guests on it.

  • And if it allows the height of the ceilings, it is possible to turn around and equip a great bedroom right on the second floor. And at the same time you can receive guests at the table, feed breakfast or dinner. And someone can and boldly relax from the road at the cozy second tier. Such a modern and beautiful decision, most likely, perhaps in a private house, but in the apartment you can come up with such an option and place a shelf for sleep under the ceiling.

In general, it all depends on the fantasy of the owners themselves and, of course, from financial opportunities.

Solutions There is a great set, you just need to choose and understand what is suitable in each case.

Browse a sofa to the kitchen under the bedside place Look in the video.

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