How to choose a rubberized apron?

Security tools are currently especially popular in connection with fierce safety. In this article, we will talk about the rubberized versions of the aprons, how to choose them correctly.


Apron is a protective accessory that is applied not only in the home environment, but also in the working. It is often used in the form of special clothing. His appointment – protection against dirty components and dust. Typically, such workshops are tied in the area of ​​the belt, but there are options that have an apron fastening bracket on the neck. There are pockets on the chest.

Quite often, such products can be found on workers who work with open fire.

Additionally, it is worth noting that these products are often manufactured from tarpaulin material, Since it has excellent protective properties, while it is not a fuel and is easy to use.

Norms and standards

The manufacture of such products is regulated by the Interstate Standard GOST 12.4.029-76. This document is distributed to the apron used as overalls to protect the health of workers from hazardous factors of production. Made apron can only be four types:

  • Type A – protects the front portion of the employee;
  • type B – protects both the front part and the employee’s sides;
  • Type B – protects the front portion of the body, sides and shoulder parts of the employee;
  • Type r – protects the lower body of the employee.

According to this GOST, such products are manufactured in three dimensions: 1, 2, 3. Each size has three different lengths: I, II, III. You can familiarize yourself with them from tables 1 and 2 of the same GOST. And also worth paying attention to other regulatory documents. These include the following:

  • GOST 12.4.279-2014;
  • GOST 31114.3-2012.


More information about the varieties of aprons can be found from GOST 12.4.279-2014. Below are options for products that are in great demand from consumers.

  • The most common is the tarpaulin variation of the apron. Tarpaulter has excellent protective characteristics, not a fuel and quite convenient to operate. Its common version is a rectangular shape with a bib and pockets that employees of enterprises use for a variety of tools. Ribbons that are equipped with these products are made of pleasant, but durable material. Aprons are used in manipulating with hot metal and open fire.

  • Rubberized products – Another modification of the protective product. Such a rubber modification of the apron is used in medicine, in the oil and gas industry and in the food direction. The dense material of the product does not floss, has a high resistance to paints, oils and fats. Usually these products have overhead pockets and bibs.

  • Acid-grained long aprons (KSHS) also used quite often. This is a modification of a rubberized product. Their distinctive feature – application in working with solutions of acids and alkalis.


Consider more known manufacturers of rubberized aprons.

LLC “Runateks”

The company’s production is in G. Ivanovo, hence the delivery of goods occur throughout the country. It is worth noting that, In addition to protective aprons, the company also sells sanitary clothing for the food industry, medical overalls, signal clothing for workers on roads, flame retardant and moisture-proof clothing. From the driving goods of this manufacturer it is worth noting the rubberized products. These moisture protection modifications are made of rubberized diagonal. Usually, such accessories are used by the staff of the food and fishing industry – where people have to deal with high humidity and contact with water and non-toxic solutions. They refer to type b.

This product has a bib and strap for neck. One end of it is attached to the edge of the breastplate, and the other – is dyed through the bump and ties.

Products have pockets divided into two equal halves. Side corners from above have braids for string. The color of such aprons – black. Production is often made orders for the manufacture of KSHC – acid-tempered options.

GK “Avangard Sailheti”

The company specializes in the production of SIZ (personal protective equipment). Among the set of defensive products it is worth highlighting helmets, masks, shields, gas masks, slings, dielectric gloves and much more. All products are characterized by excellent quality and acceptable price indicators.

GK “Special Committee”

The company occupies a leading position in the market for the production of accessories for labor safety. Among the many personal protective equipment is to highlight the apron “Diagonal”. It is produced in blue color, material – cotton. The product has a pocket, on the waist, the manufacturer has provided a braid, with which the apron can be tied. Products are used for manipulations with gross materials.

Tips for choosing

The choice of apron should be based on events that need to be held working. Below are the versions of the aprons and work that can be carried out with this product, namely:

  • Brozent apron – sparks, open fire, hot metal;
  • Apron KSHS – acids, alkali, oil and gas industry, hot workshops;
  • Apron PVC – hot liquids, fragments;
  • Spiel apron – welding, melting of metal, cutting of metal products;
  • Apron x / b – Service services, applied to protect against contamination.

    It is worth paying attention to the quality composition of the product, for damage. Any products that have deformations to work should not be allowed.

    About apron to protect the welder.

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