HOTPOINT-ARISTON 44 cm wide dishwashers

Modern hostesses greatly facilitate life with the help of a variety of household appliances, among which the units for washing dishes occupy a special place. With the help of such a device, you can forever forget about dirty dishes, lighted saucepans and flutters on expensive glasses. To the category of quality, convenient in operation and reliable include hotpoint-ariston dishwashers, which have taken a worthy place in the household appliances market. To facilitate the tedious selection process, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the model range of the manufacturer, as well as study the dignity and features of the structures.


Machines for washing dishes of this manufacturer are characterized by high quality assembly, multifunctionality, unpretentious care, compactness, reliability and affordable cost. In addition, hotpoint-ariston dishwashers have a number of characteristic features due to which they are in demand.

  • High manufacturability.
  • Economic Resource consumption.
  • Equipment The unique engine of the new generation Flexipower, which regulates and changes the speed of revolutions and water pressure during washing.
  • Innovative New Sensor System System, which independently chooses the appropriate wash program, adjusts the water supply and temperature, determines the duration of the cycle.
  • Minimum noise level During work provided by the progressive system Extra Silent.
  • Increased capacity baskets for dishes, which is adjustable in height. Depending on the model for one cycle, you can wash from 3 to 14 sets of dishes.
  • Useful feature self-diagnosis, Due to which when a malfunction is detected, the operation of the device immediately stops.

Another advantage of hotpoint-ariston can be called a wide range of compact designs with a width of 45 cm.

Assortment of built-in models

All manufacturer’s assemblies for washing dishes by type of installation are divided into two categories: embedded and separate designs. For those who do not wish to break the unity of the design of a small kitchen, the optimal option will be the built-in dishwasher. In the line of narrow structures the most popular are the following models.

  • LSTB 4B00. It is characterized by a capacity of up to 10 sets, electronic control type, condensation drying, low water consumption (10 l), three temperature modes, silent operation, the presence of 4 basic programs, as well as auxiliary option – pre-soaking and half-loading.

  • HSIE 2B0 C. Endowed with economical expenses of resources, silent, set of 5 programs, simple electronically controlled, condensation drying, as well as additional modes – express program and “intensive” for too contaminated dishes. Among the options half loading and protection against the course.

  • HSIC 3M19 C. It has good capacity (10 sets), mini-display, clear electronic control, economical consumption of electricity and water, condensation type of drying, the ability to use tools 3 in 1, 7 basic programs and auxiliary options: pre-soaking, delicate washing for fragile tableware items, “Ultra-intensive” for lighted utensils. Pleases the absolute silent device.

In addition to these models, the narrow built-in LSTF 7H019 structures, HSFO 3T235 WS X and LSTF 9M124 C.

Separately standing models

Separate appliances for washing dishes Hotpoint-Ariston look elegant and reliably. Among the model variety can be distinguished more sought-after and very liked buyers narrow separately standing cars.

  • HSFC 3M19 C. It is characterized by low power consumption, sufficient capacity (up to 10 kits), understandable electronically controlled, a convenient mini-display, a wide range of 7 basic programs, as well as auxiliary functions – “washing 25 minutes”, timer deferring launch 1-24 hours, protection against children , Half loading and innovative Overflow system, tank warning leaks.

  • HSFO 3T235 WC X. Equipped with a built-in display, a roomier tank for 10 sets, available electronically controlling, the possibility of using tablets 3 in 1, a base package of 9 programs, as well as 5 temperature modes, a timer deferred a start and additional options – protection against children and aquastop (from leakage).

  • LSFF 9H124 CX. Endowed with a wide functional and economy in terms of water and light consumption. The model has a good room for 10 sets, clear electronic control, the base package includes 9 programs, absolute silentness and the option of the delayed start 1-24 hours.

Individual models HSIE 2B19, HSFE 1B0 C and HSFO 3T223 W.

User manual

The connection of the device is possible to hot and cold water supply, but experts recommend carefully to thendam and filters and connect to the second congestion. Step-by-step installation and operating tips are available in the instructions. Among useful recommendations, you can allocate the following.

  • Dishwasher should be installed On the perfectly smooth surface (floor) with a space of water supply and drain located near the system. Accommodation should provide convenient access to the device and light opening / closing the door.
  • Regular care for dishwasher – cleaning filters, sprinklers and hoses under running water using special means.
  • Proper filling of containers objects of dishes. From how correctly the contaminated dishes are placed, the quality of washing depends.

In addition, it is necessary to properly choose programs and modes for washing a type of dishes.

Review reviews

      Following the results of various surveys among users, as well as given the numerous customer reviews, you can draw the following conclusions – HOTPOINT-ARISTON dishwasher modules have proven themselves as reliable, convenient to operate and unpretentious in maintenance Aggregates.

      In addition, a wide range allows you to choose a compact model with a variety of programs and functions for adequate value.

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