Hood Gorenje: Review of models and causes damage

Hood for kitchen – necessary and convenient acquisition, which allows people to get rid of smells in the room and enjoy fresh and clean air. Some manufacturers provide not only a reliable assistant, but also an interesting stylish accessory who is able to complement the overall design of the kitchen.

Features of the manufacturer

Gorenje is a decent manufacturer, whose devices are popular in a variety of countries due to its positive distinctive qualities. Aggregates are not noisy at low speeds, they are effective and high-quality. Improved European-quality engines allow devices to have a greater power. In the manufacture of products used persistent to external influences and having an attractive type of materials. This allows extracts to become an additional accessory and harmoniously fit into the design. There are many design options. There are white models, as well as ivory colors.

There are other advantages.

  • The manufacturer offers a large selection of hoods. You can purchase telescopic, built-in, suspended, dome, inclined, fireplace, island and many other units at an affordable price. Also, the brand provides customers with horizontal and vertical options.
  • Hoods have an air and recycling mode, which guarantees fast and efficient getting rid of foreign odors.
  • Any model has many additional features. There are several speed modes, timer, autotrunction, backlight, indicator that allows you to monitor the filter state and many other features.
  • Environmental materials allow not to worry about that products can harm health.
  • There is an air ionization system.
  • The models will serve for a long time, they also have a guarantee of high-quality service in the service.

The flaws of the hoods of this manufacturer are practically no. However, it is worth noting two points – noise at high speed (not all models) and great power consumption with frequent use.

The lineup

In order to choose a hood that will meet all the requirements, you need to get acquainted with the collections offered by the brand. Based on their functional and other qualities, you can purchase exactly what is most suitable for the buyer.

Collection of Karim Rashid

This line is quite unusual. It is exclusive, has an original, bright design, which is designed by a designer from America by Karim Rashid. An interesting appearance and high technologies allow you to create an incredible combination that can attract the attention of any person. Hoods of this line will complement the design of the room, they have sensory control and LED backlight, which is a bright and creative accent in design, and also illuminates the working area.

The Karim Rashid collection is the perfect option for those who like original, stylish, designer, and at the same time functional things.

Gorenje Classico

Manufacturers understand that the hoods are not only practical and convenient, but also beautiful. They tried to create the most attractive and stylish model, which will turn the room in the oasis of freshness. Minimalism, smooth lines and parts having the color of old gold decorate the kitchen and emphasize the individuality and originality of the design.

In addition, aggregates are made of high-quality, durable materials, work silently and most effectively. Have a power of 750 cubic meters, perfectly clean air from different smells, dust and fat particles even in spacious rooms.

Ora Ito

Pretty interesting model having a sensor that determines the level of impurities. It is also capable of adjusting the speed of rotation of the fan. If the fan is not necessary, it automatically turns off. On the timer, you can set the automatic shutdown of the unit after 10-20 minutes or half an hour. There is a convenient feature that includes the device every hour for a while so that the air in the room is always fresh. It has an original design, good backlight and three speeds.

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Construction design combines minimalism and nostalgic retro style accents. The glass of black or beige color is emphasized with copper shades. Hoods are quiet and incredibly powerful, effectively refreshing and clean the air indoors. The sensor that determines the intensity of pollution is embedded in them. It helps adjust the operation of the motor, as well as stop it if it does not need.


This model is a stylish thing having black and other neutral colors. She fits wonderfully in the interior of the kitchen, complements it, adds grace. Power – 660 cubic meters, can work in several modes (removal and recycling), but for this you need to purchase coal filters. The altitude of the unit can be adjusted by the box. Easy to install, everything you need is included in the device. Works without any problems, effectively eliminates odor. Guarantees no noise.

Causes of breakdowns

If the device has ceased to perform its work, you must first check the power of the socket in which it turns on. If it’s all right with her, you need to make sure that the cord is intact. Also, the cause can be a violation of connections of contacts that are inside the aggregate. It is important to check whether there is no damage to the power cord, melting, stretching or distributors of the wire on the fork. If there are no such damage, the cause of the switch may be due to which the voltage is carried out on the unit. You should use the tester and ring the cord, connecting guides and switch, occasionally changing position.

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If the switch is turned on, and the contact is absent, the reason for the breakage lies in the switch. In order to make sure that it is certainly necessary to connect the conductors directly, and then turn on the unit to the network. If it starts function, the switch must be replaced. If the extractor deflects from the usual mode of operation, it means that the cause is different.

It is important to pay attention to whether there are additional protective devices inside. If there are smelter fuses available, it is worth seeing if they did not overcome.

If the previous manipulations did not help to identify the problem, the engine could be defective. Termination of the engine entails the brave of its windings, so eliminating the problem yourself – bad and unsafe for health idea. In this case, you should replace the engine, acquiring the part suitable in size and other characteristics.

A few more problems with which the holders of the hoods may encounter.

  • The backlight does not turn on. The most frequent reason is the brave of lamps. In order to make sure that you need to pull the lamp and check it out. If the item really burned, it must be replaced. If it is good, it is worth considering the lighting switch and connecting conductors.
  • The unit does not eliminate the room from smells. The main reason for such a breakdown is poor compliance with the rules of operation. It is necessary to include the unit before the cooking process begins and disable it after a while (10-15 minutes) after completion.
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Many buyers are pleased that the manufacturer makes pretty compact and stylish kitchen devices that can easily “hide” in the design of the room. Models have a variety of shades and styles, even the most picky client will be able to choose anything interesting and original. Even if the room is spacious, the power of the aggregates is enough to make the air fresh and clean. Each model has several speed modes, so a person will be able to adjust the speed. The most silent devices work in the first mode.

Judging by the reviews, devices have convenient built-in retractable panels located above the case. This allows you to configure the necessary speed without any problems and easily advance the filter. Buttons are located behind the panel, in the closed form they are not available.

Hoods automatically turn on and off, which is extremely convenient, since the buyer does not need to calculate the time and think about when you need to turn off the unit.

Many report that if the air purification of the room is not carried out too effectively, one more filter should be purchased, since there is only one fat panel in the model. In general, the reviews are positive, most owners praise the quality of the work of the draws of this brand. Some are also noted by a good price, thanks to which anyone can acquire a reliable assistant without large financial costs.

People praise the brand for providing many interesting and original collections from which you can choose exactly what is ideal for the interior of the room. Also buyers like ease of use of hoods, quality materials and durability (devices can serve quite a long time without significant breakdowns and other problems).

Pretty hard to find bad reviews about such a manufacturer like Gorenje. Nevertheless, some users assure that noise level does not comply with the specified firm. At high speeds, the extractor can begin to make noise very much, which will interfere with rest or conversations. Also, due to its capacity, the company’s products absorb many electricity.

Gorenje hood overview See next video.

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