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Electroryli every year gaining more and more popularity among buyers. Most modern manufacturers offer high-quality and interesting models of grills. Among them and the domestic manufacturer GFGril. He pleases its customers with a wide range of models for every taste that will become an elegant addition to the interior of the house, as well as an indispensable assistant in the preparation of delicious and useful food.


The Russian company GFGRIL was founded in 2012 and specializes in the manufacture of grills. Its assortment provides options that will be convenient in certain conditions.

GFGRIL grills possess several features.

  • High quality. In the manufacture of electrical appliances, the manufacturer uses only high-quality materials that differ in a large service life and resistance to mechanical and other damage.
  • Orientation for healthy eating. GFGRIL grills are designed to preserve the beneficial properties of products as much as possible, and therefore such models become a real find for those who follow the figure and their health. Food prepared on electroryl is balanced, contains the necessary nutrient elements with minimal cholesterol content.
  • Power. High degree of roasted electrical models is not inferior to the degree of frying on coals. Meat is obtained as juicy and tasty, and special surfaces allow you to get an appetizing ribbed pattern on meat, fish and vegetables.

  • Design. Interesting design allows you to buy a grill that will most smoothly enter the interior of the house. In addition, when developing models, experts pay special attention to their device for its most comfortable further operation.
  • Compactity. Technique is small and distinguished by mobility. Thanks to these qualities, it will not be much difficult to find a place for it in the kitchen, and if necessary, translate and cook delicious dishes wherever there is access to electricity.
  • Wide range of. Production includes the manufacture of not only electrical exploits, but also aerogrile, coal models, mini furnaces with a meat frying compartment and much more. Among it is easy to find a multifunctional model for apartment and cottages.

Electric grills of the domestic producer are extremely demanded among buyers and meet the necessary quality standards. A variety of assortment includes options for every taste and various price categories, which will allow you to choose the optimal model for each house.

  • Electric grill GF-170 (PROFI). Features of this electroryl make it possible to prepare food at once on two surfaces at a temperature of +180 degrees. The heating mechanism is on the plates, thanks to which the food warms it uniformly. Cooking without the use of oil due to the presence of a reinforced non-stick coating. The replete fat moves into special pallets using the mechanism for smooth tilt plates and makes food even more useful and delicious. The grill has a timer and temperature adjustment. In addition, the working coating has no properties to absorb fat and is easy to clean even by conventional napkins.

  • Electric grill with removable GF-040 panels (waffle-grill-toast). Comfortable model, which is great for cooking chicken, toast, waffles and steak due to the presence of three removable panels. The electrolyrrile device includes a thermal insulation handle with a lock for convenient operation, as well as 11 temperature modes, with which it is easy to adjust the degree of roasted foods. Removable panels are easy to wash, and the heat-resistant body of equipment will allow cooking food safely and comfortably. Small dimensions allow you to use the device even in very small kitchens.

  • Electric grill GF-100. Suitable for the preparation of dietary dishes. The peculiarity of the grill is to roam the dishes from two sides, which significantly saves cooking time, without reducing the quality of the dish. Preparation is carried out without oil due to non-stick coating, and the resulting fat is removed automatically into a special pallet. Temperature mode reaches +260 degrees to form a crispy crust. It is convenient to use both in the country and in the apartment. Does not take a lot of space and easily wash.

  • Aerium GFA-3500 (Air Fryer). Aerium will become an indispensable tool in the rapid and high-quality preparation of healthy dishes. This model is equipped with a unique hot air circulation technology, thanks to which the dish will save its nutritional properties. In addition, the convenient display and the presence of the timer will make cooking even more comfortable. In stock 8 programs for the preparation of potato frills, chicken, baking, seafood, vegetables and other products in the range from +80 to +200 degrees, which will not require constant attention of the owner. Also, the technology of the grill effect will allow bake food from all sides, making it crispy outside and gently inside. The presence of a non-stick surface will make the cleaning process rapid and pleasant.


Positive feedback confirm the reputation of GFGril. Satisfied customers indicate such advantages as high quality and ease of use. Due to quality materials, the device is easily cleaning, and the device allows you to prepare meat as quickly as on the coal grill. In addition, beautiful design smoothly enters the interior of the room, and compact dimensions allow you to use it in any conditions.

The main disadvantage of GFGRIL products is the price above average. The model range includes options from a different price category, but the latest models equipped with a large number of functions are quite expensive.

In the next video, you can see the characteristics of the electrolywood of GFGril.

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