Greta kitchen plates: What are and how to use them correctly?

Among the diversity of household appliances kitchen stove occupies one of the most important places. It is the basis of kitchen life. When considering this household appliances, it can be revealed that this is a device that combines the cooking surface and the oven. An integral part of the kitchen plate is a big box that allows you to store various types of dishes. To date, there is a huge number of trademarks producing large household appliances. Each manufacturer tries to offer the consumer advanced modifications of kitchen stoves. One of these brands is the brand GRETA.


Country Manufacturer of Kitchen Plate Greta – Ukraine. The entire line of goods of this brand is responsible to European quality standards. Each individual plate variety is distinguished by multifunctional and safety. This is confirmed by more than 20 international awards, among which there is an “international golden star”. It was this award that emphasized the prestige of the brand and brought him to the global level.

Each type of greta kitchen plates is distinguished by an increased level of reliability. All parts used in the creation of kitchen helpers are made of high strength materials. Special attention should be paid to the design of the oven, in the creation of which is used exclusively for environmentally friendly fiber, allowing uniformly distribute the stream of hot air. The windows of wind wardrobes are made of durable glass, easily washed and cleaned from any type of contaminants. Opening Like all Variations Oven Cold.

Modification of the classical GRETA gas stove Made from superproof steel. It is superimposed by a layer of enamel, which prevents corrosion. Caring for similar cooking surfaces Standard. And yet the Ukrainian manufacturer did not stop on this. The classic model began to be made from stainless steel, due to which the models were more durable. Their surface is easily washed away from any types of pollution. That’s just the cost of the device turned out to be much higher than the usual aggregates.


To date, the GRETA trademark produces several types of kitchen stoves, among which combined and electrical options are enjoying great popularity. And yet one should consider each type of products separately, so that the interested buyer can choose for itself the most appropriate.

Standard Gas Plate – This is the most common classic option of large household appliances for modern kitchen. Greta offers a wide range of this product. Ukrainian manufacturer creates not only simple models of gas plates, but also variations with a huge number of functions created for the convenience of the hostess. Among them are there such options like the backlight of the oven, the ability to prepare the grill, timer, electric tract. Even the most pleasant buyer will be able to pick up the most interesting model. As for the size of gas plates, they are standard and fluctuate from 50 to 60 centimeters.

Their design allows you to place the device in any kitchen. And the color gamut of products is not limited to a white tint.

Combined kitchen stoves – this is a combination of two types of food. For example, it can be a combination of a cooking surface – two burners of four gas, and two electric, or three gas and one electric. It can also be a combination of a gas cooking surface and an electric connection. Combined models are mainly used for installation in homes, where in the evening and on weekends the gas pressure decreases significantly. In such cases, electric burner saves. In addition to the combination of gas and electricity, the combined GRETA plates have a fairly large number of functions. For example, an electrofery, grill or spit.

Electric or induction options for kitchen stoves are mainly installed in apartment buildings, where there is no gas equipment. An important advantage of this type of household appliances is the ability to maintain a given temperature, and all due to the built-in thermostat. In addition, electric stoves are very economical and safe. The manufacturer of GRETA produces a model of electric stoves with ceramic burners, electric grill, glass cover and deep economic compartment. As for the color scheme, options are offered either white, or brown.

Another kind of kitchen stoves, which produces the Ukrainian manufacturer GRETA, is Separate cooking panels and table plates. The difference between them is in principle small. The cooking panel is represented with four burners, and table plates consist of two burners. Such devices are quite convenient to use during travel to the country or during the departure of nature. They differ in compact size and simplicity design.

During its existence, GRETA produced quite a few variations of gas plates and cooking surfaces. This suggests that the technique of this manufacturer is located in the kitchen space of many apartments and houses throughout the post-Soviet space and other countries. Many hostesses have already managed to enjoy all the features of kitchen stoves and cook their corona dishes on them. Based on the positive reviews of the owners, the rating of the three best models was compiled.

GG 5072 CG 38 (X)

The presented device fully proves that the kitchen stove is not just a large household appliance, but the most real assistant in creating culinary masterpieces. This model has compact sizes, due to which Ideally fits into kitchen rooms with minimal quadrature. The upper part of the device is represented as a hob of four burners. Each separate burner differs in diameter and power in working condition. The inclusion of burners occurs with the help of electrical foggy, the button of which is located near the rotary switches. Surface itself is covered with enamel, which is easily cleaned from different types of pollution.

For the resistance of the dishes correspond to cast-iron lattices located on top of the burners. The size of the oven is 54 liters. The system has a thermometer and backlight, allowing to observe the cooking process without opening the door. In addition, the stove is equipped with a “gas control” function, which instantly reacts to the random damping of the fire and block the flow of blue fuel. The inner walls of the brass cabinet are made in embossed shape and covered with enamel. At the bottom of the gas stove there is a deep retractable compartment, which allows to store dishes and other kitchen utensils. The design of this model is endowed with adjustable legs that allow you to lift the plate to comply with the growth of the hostess.

GE 5002 CG 38 (W)

This option of the combined slab will undoubtedly take an important place in modern kitchens. Enameled cooking surface is equipped with four burners with a different power supply power of blue fuel. Control device mechanical, switches switches, they are quite simple to adjust the supply of gas. Lover bake delicious pies and cook the cakes will have to do deep and spacious electric oven with a working volume of 50 liters. Bright backlight allows you to monitor the process of cooking, without opening the door of the oven. At the bottom of the plate there is a spacious storage box for kitchenware. Included in this model there are grilles for a cooking surface, a baking sheet for the oven, as well as a removable grille.

SZ 5001 NN 23 (W)

The represented electric stove has strict, but stylish design, due to which freely fits into the interior of any kitchen. The cooking surface is made of glass-ceramic, equipped with four electric burners, which differ in size and heating power. Comfortable swivel switches allow you to adjust the temperature. Plate with electric powder – this is a real find for lovers of baked dishes. Its useful volume is 50 liters. The door is made of durable two-layer glass. Built-in backlight allows you to follow the cooking process. In addition, this stove is equipped with an electric grill, there is a spit. And all the necessary accessories can be hidden in a deep box located below construction.

Recommendations for choosing

Before you buy your favorite kitchen plate, You should pay attention to some criteria.

  • Gabarits. When considering and choosing the option, the sizes of the kitchen space should be considered. The minimum size of the device that offers a GRETA brand, has a width of 50 centimeters and a length of 54 centimeters. Such dimensions perfectly fit even in the smallest square of the kitchen room.
  • Konford. Four-burner kitchen plates widespread. It is important to note that each individual burner is equipped with different power, due to which it is possible to reduce the amount of gas used or electricity.
  • The depth of the oven. The dimensions of the oven range from 40 to 54 liters. If the hostess often uses the oven, you should pay attention to the model with the highest capacity.
  • Backlight. Almost all modern plates are equipped with a light bulb in the brass compartment. And it is very convenient, because you do not have to constantly open the door of the oven and produce hot air.
  • Multifunctionality. In this case, additional plates are considered. This is equipped with gas control system, the presence of a spit, electrical tract, the presence of the grill, as well as the thermometer to determine the temperature inside the oven.

Among other things, special attention should be paid to the construction of the slab itself. Glass Oven door must be made of double-sided glass. The cooking surface must be covered with enamel or made of stainless steel. Special attention should be paid to the electrical system, especially when choosing a combined slab.

The last point before purchasing the model you like is familiarization with the main complete set, where the grilles of the cooking surface must be present, the baggage, a lattice for the oven, as well as accompanying documents in the form of a passport, quality certificate and warranty card.

User manual

Each separate model of the kitchen plate has an individual instruction manual with which you need to get acquainted before installing. After that, the device is installed. Of course, the installation can be made with your own hands, but best to contact a professional.

After successful installation, you can start exploring the user manual regarding the operation of the device. The first thing to pay attention to is a napkin of a cooking surface. Cover of models without the “Gas-Control” function light up when turning the switch and regime. The owners of such a system were lucky much more, firstly, very convenient, secondly, very safely, especially if small children live in the house. Turning on the burner with “gas control” occurs when you press and rotate the switch.

After you managed to deal with the cooking surface, it should be started to study the work of the oven. In some models, the oven can be right away, and in the plates with “gas control” on the system indicated above. It is worth noting another feature of the “gas control” function, which is very convenient when cooking in wind wardrobes. If for any reason the fire went out, then the supply of blue fuel automatically stops.

Recommending the main questions regarding the work of the kitchen plate, you should carefully read the possible malfunctions, for example, if the burners do not turn on. The main reason why the stove after installation may not work – it is an incorrect connection. First you need to check the connecting hose. If the connection problem is excluded, you need to call the masters and check the pressure of blue fuel.

The hosts that are very often used, the thermometer can stop working. Usually such a problem is detected in the cooking process. Repair the temperature sensor will not independently be labor, you can not even contact the master. The main cause of this problem is its pollution. To clean it, you need to remove the door of the oven, disassemble it, clean, and after set back. To check, you need to turn on the oven and check the rise of the temperature sensor arrow.

Customer Reviews

Among the numerous reviews of the contents of Greta kitchen stoves You can withdraw a certain list of their advantages.

  • Design. Many note that the special development approach allows the device to fit perfectly in the interior even the smallest kitchen.
  • Each separate model has a certain period of warranty. But according to the owners serve plates much longer than the period specified on the paper.
  • Separate attention is paid to the convenience of using the plates and their multifunctionality. Deep oven allows you to prepare several dishes at once, which at times reduces the time spent in the kitchen.
  • Due to the different power of the available four burners You can evenly distribute the cooking process according to the time interval.

In general, the reviews of the owners on the stove data are only positive, although sometimes the information about some of the shortcomings. But if you delve into these minuses, it becomes clear that when buying a kitchen plate was not taken into account the main selection criteria.

How to properly use the kitchen stove Greta, see the following video.

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