Gray-blue kitchen in the interior

The choice of color scheme for kitchen design is extremely important. The correct combination of colors helps harmonize the space, create a comfortable setting, as well as a mood for the preparation of delicious and sophisticated dishes. Consider how to enter a kitchen headset of a gray-blue tone in the interior design.

Features Color Gamma

Such color is quite often found in modern kitchens. A similar combination of shades contributes to calm and peace, visually expands the room. Color gamut reminds of rest, sea, blue sky. Associations are configured to positive thinking, which means that the stay in the kitchen will be pleasant and joyful.

However, this combination has a minus – excess gray can lead to emotional fatigue and even depression.

Specialists do not recommend using such a gamut in the kitchens, located not from the sun.

In addition to good lighting, make a gray-blue kitchen attractive will help and choose the appropriate accessories for suitable colors. Bright shades are transforming the room and will enter the charge of cheerfulness and positive to the atmosphere. Tender tones, in turn, grip and the rigor of the gray-blue gamma and make the kitchen more fresh and spacious.

Registration of walls

For walls you can choose phlizelin or glass. They are durable, well tolerate temperature differences. Serious blue facades can be combined with large blue drawings on white or beige wallpaper. Interesting reception – decorate with wallpaper with a print only one wall, and the rest painted in a monophonic white color.

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It looks good Walls with brickwork (or her imitation) painted with white matte emulsion. This option is used in modern style directions. Bright walls will allow visually expanding a small room. In a large kitchen, one of the walls can be painted in a dark blue tone.

Original decorative plaster. From it you can make an interesting embossed surface. For example, if the kitchen is decorated in the marine style, then waves can be made on the walls of plaster.

Light beige color – excellent neutral option for wall design. It may be monochromatic staining, and wallpapers with a nonsense drawing.


Best head of gray-blue color combined with snow-white ceiling. Materials can be different. Stretch ceiling suitable for modern styles. The stretch version of the fabric looks particularly interesting. Plaster – classic option, very durable. With the help of drywall, you can zonate the kitchen if it is big.

Choosing an outdoor coating

Specialists advise choosing for sex in the kitchen laminate or ceramic tiles. In this case, the tile with a rough coating is suitable, which does not slide. If you need a contrast, you can stay on a dark material for the floor, if you want peace of mind and lightness, then the right choice will be the right choice.

Gray-blue headset can look good with dark blue flooring. For example, it can be a porcelain stoneware or bulk sex. This design is suitable for spacious room.

Beige Paul will make the interior softer and cozy. For large cuisine, you can choose a brown tone.

The main thing is to remember that the shades of beige and brown should be repeated in the design of walls, apron or decor elements.

So you will have a harmonious, completed interior.

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White color is used to create the effect of lightness and airiness. However, experts do not recommend using it for flooring with such a headcard. First, the snow-white surfaces are very marked, they quickly pollute and look untidy. Secondly, in combination with blue and gray, the snow-white floor creates a feeling of instability.

It looks good in this case. Gray floor of different shades. Colors Graphite, Marrengo and others perfectly fit into the interior. This option is suitable for connoisseurs of strictly laconic design.


If a lot of light falls into the kitchen, then you can safely add juicy shades of blue, for example, curtains or chairs. The choice of fabric for curtains will depend on the style of the room. Minimalism and High-Tech styles suggest blinds. On small kitchens, decorative elements in Blue shades look harmoniously: paintings, vases, kitchen handles utensils.

Unusual considered a combination of blue kitchen with yellow accessories. These can be lamps, dishes and T. D. Pale yellow will create a pleasant sunny atmosphere in the kitchen.

Interesting solution – Bright details on a gray-blue background of facades. These are dishes and other elements of decor of red, orange, green, purple colors. Of course, a bright shade should be one.

Combination of colors and room parameters

For small cuisine, light tones in combination with gray and blue colors headset will be salvation. They will be able to visually expand the space. This can also help, mirrors, glass elements, photo wallpaper.

In large kitchens appropriate combination of dark shades with gray-blue gamut and bright accents. A wide kitchen can be made more compact and cozy due to the inclusion in the design of warm shades of beige and brown.

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In a narrow kitchen, you can use the decoration of walls with different colors or textures. For example, one of the walls can be pasted a photo wallpaper with light shades of blue, and the rest are made by one-photo light.

Interestingly in such a room will “play” a contrast yellow color on one of the walls.

Overview of gray-blue kitchen – in the next video.

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