Glass tables for kitchen: species, design and examples in the interior

To date, the advanced position occupies light, “air” furniture. We gradually move into the past heavyweight wooden tables and chairs, occupying a lot of space and downloading interior, visually reducing space. If the kitchen is small or you want to get an exquisite and bright room, it is worth thinking about such a designer solution like glass tables.

Advantages and disadvantages

Glass tables for the kitchen – furniture, which is easy and weightlessness. She has a lot of both the advantages and disadvantages that best know in advance. From the positive qualities of kitchen glass tables, the following points can be distinguished:

  • The glass table is very beautiful and unusual, it fits into all modern styles, illuminates the space, makes it wider; This is the best solution for kitchens, small in size;
  • Since the manufacturing material is distinguished by strength, it is safe to say that the glass model will last for many years; In addition, high temperatures and water are not terrible like the tables;
  • The glass does not attract dirt to him, so spots and all kinds of pollution simply will not be able to enter the surface; Everything that fell on the table and broke its aesthetic appearance, in a few seconds you can remove with a conventional sponge or wiper;
  • Fireproof such tables, they do not burn and do not melt, unlike wooden furniture capable of flashing in the blink of an eye;
  • An interesting feature of the glass is that it reflects and refracts the sun’s rays, so in the daytime it will be especially nice in the kitchen; And those owners that equipped the backlight in the kitchen room and placed several lamps, will be able to enjoy beautiful glare and in the evening;
  • Glass – natural, environmentally friendly material, here you will not find bad impurities and connections that will threaten the health of family members.

Glass furniture has quite a few advantages, but she also has a lot of flaws.

  • Although pollution on glass surfaces and are removed during minutes, do it will be constantly. Unlike wood, glass instantly “will show” all crumbs and stains. In addition, water separations are very visible on such a surface, traces of fingers.
  • Putting spoons, forks and plates need carefully, since a similar surface responds to this characteristic ring sound. However, such a problem is solved easily – you only need to take a suitable table with beautiful napkins and stands, the sound will disappear.
  • Similar tables are always cold on the touch. It can create problems in winter when you want warmth and comfort. Food plates are also cooled far faster than on wooden surfaces.
  • Usually glass is not subject to deformations from shocks or temperatures. But it does not concern scratches that may appear with an inacker handle with a tabletop.


There are several types of kitchen glass tables, it is worth considering them in more detail, since they are suitable for different styles and different kitchen dimensions.


      Most often, such countertops are designed more for the decor, rather than to accommodate a large number of guests. They can have one tier or several. On the second tier, serving the shelf, you can put additional dishes or any other items of small size. Decorated monolithic tables usually beautiful backlit. Some of them are also equipped with wheels so that you can comfortably move them around the rooms.

      Monolithic tables are often on one leg. As a rule, it is made of wood, so the model becomes much exquisite. But there are tables on chrome leg. This is the so-called bar, which looks good in Studio apartments or in modern loft type or high-tech style styles.

      However, it is necessary to take into account that chairs for such tables need to be selected in a similar style, otherwise dissonance will arise.


      Sliding tables – a real find for those who often receive guests, but does not want the whole kitchen to “give up” a wooden massive model that cannot be moved somewhere. Transformer tables have mechanisms in stock, allowing to turn a small nonsense attribute to a large table. They are under the table top. In addition, in the decomposed state, such models can change the form – for example, it was originally round, and after the transformation became oval.


      Similar models can also be considered transformers, only the sliding system here is a bit different. It uses a looping mechanism that allows you to easily and quickly transform the table. Tabletop models are “books” and “Butterflies”. In addition, under the tabletop you can equip small cells, where you gently fold the beautiful designer dishes, place glasses, multicolored fruits. During meals, it is very nice to watch such a “panorama”.

      Materials manufacturing

      Despite the fact that the main material manufacturing material is glass, such tables always have several additional components. And yet, first let’s talk about the glass. It happens such species as:

      • matte;
      • transparent;
      • color;
      • with photo printing or sandblasting pattern.

      Tables made of Kalenic glass or triplex. The first option has a thickness, starting with 6 mm, the second – from 8 mm. In addition, those who are not solved to take a table of the present glass, designers recommend starting from plexiglas (plexiglass) – this is a budget option that quickly comes to disrepair and scratches, but it is perfect for families with young children. As a rule, most tables from glass made only the upper part, that is, a countertop. The remaining elements are drawers, legs, frames and supports – can be made of the following materials:

      • Wood and wooden bars;
      • plastic;
      • marble and natural stone;
      • MDF, chipboard;
      • eco
      • metal.

      As can be seen, the materials are really a lot, and this is not all that the interior designers can offer their customers. It is not always important to choose the option more expensive, here the main task is to combine the materials correctly. For example, in the classic style of the seat chairs and the table support, you can arrange in the leather version. The direction of Provence will be allocated favorably if you add the table elements of the rattan, but High-tech or minimalism will require chrome or metal legs under the table top of transparent glass.

      Forms and sizes

      Glass tables differ not only by manufacturing material and type of construction, but also in form.

      • Round. Such tables are an excellent choice for families with young children. Since there are no dangerous angles here, the child will not be able to hurt or hit, and the adult man will be more convenient. However, round models will not always be able to fit into very small kitchens – in view of them, they cannot be placed at the wall, you will have to leave indents.

      • Oval. These models are also more suitable for bulk kitchens, place them preferably in the center. In many ways, they are similar in characteristics with round variants, completely safe.

      • Square. Tables in the shape of a square are both large and small. If the model is large, choose a table on four legs, small instances carrying more decorative function, and one will fit. Folding and sliding square tables in disassembled form take the form of a rectangle.

      • Triangular. But such models can be found quite rare. Triangular tables are unusual, beautiful and unique, put them in the center of the kitchen.

      As for the size, here you need to repel from the goal with which the table was purchased. Starting size for the table in the kitchen – 50×30 cm. Between the bottom of the tabletop and the chair, the distance should be at least 20 cm. However, it should be taken into account that Tables can be laid out and understand, so all distances can be increased in one and a half, or even twice. If we talk about the width or length of the glass surface, it can be very different, it all depends on the specific model. For example, square forms often have 0.8 m in length and the same in width, rectangular can reach one and a half meters in length. Round tables possess a diameter of a little more than 1 meter.

      Colors and design

      Modern glass tables are capable of incarnating the most bold design solutions.

      Today you can choose not just a monophonic model, but also to afford such unusual ideas as a stained painting, various types of spraying, abstraction. As well as an interesting solution will be decorated with a sandblasting table.

      White tables are equally well fit into all interior styles, ranging from the classics and ending with high-tek or fusion. Complement their ecocuse, rattan, dark wood. Black tables are perfectly suitable for modern areas, including glamor. They can be done both in one-photon and patterned. Fine drawings, bursts, drops, abstraction look beautiful.

      For Provence, the best solution will choose the matte surfaces of warm milk, cream, beige, lilac or purple shades. The table will look more interesting if there is a carving on the legs or the legs themselves forged. Mandatory moment is to search such a table chairs. Loft type styles, High-tech, fusion “demand” shine and gloss, as well as color saturation. In the first two directions, you can pick up a transparent glass with silver, gold patterns, and purple colors will be appropriate. Fusion “approves” paint riot, so the table can be red, green, yellow and any other.

      Important! Good idea will be a table with photo printing. For such a surface, it is very convenient to care for, it is the least brand. The drawing should be selected depending on the selected style.

      Choice rules

      Many people who bought glass tables subsequently leave feedback on their acquisition.

      If you summarize these responses, you can select several important selection rules that buyers and interior designers are recommended.

      • Do not buy tables from untested manufacturers. The desire to save in this case will lead to the fact that soon the next table will have to buy. In addition, each product must contain instruction manual, passport and certificate.
      • The table should not “walk the walker” on the floor, the design is obliged to be stable. If you see that the model moves there and here, it is not worth it. Very important and presence of special seals.
      • Carefully view the table on each side. No chips, scuffs or irregularities can not be. If inside you notice the frozen air bubbles – this is also a bad sign.
      • When buying, be sure to consider the number of family members and their own interior design. This also applies to the choice of chairs – according to the total color and stylistic range they must coincide with the table.

      Tips for care

      As mentioned above, the glass surface requires close and daily care. Consider several tips to help preserve the product in its original form for many years.

      • Wipe dust on the surface recommended by conventional dry cleaning rags. Then the glass can be polished with special napkins for such surfaces or take advantage of wiper. In no case should not apply scrapers, try to remove the stuck pieces of food with a knife or fork – any contamination with proper perseverance are removed by soft cleaning solutions.
      • If you put the table with finished food and are afraid that the surface can be deformed from too high temperatures, it is necessary to cover it with beautiful openwork napkins or decorative supports under the hot. Thus, you will be able not only to keep the surface, but also to drastically transform the appearance of the tabletop for the better, giving it more aesthetic, home appearance.
      • On the glass countertop it is forbidden to cut bread, sausage, vegetables and any other food. It is impossible to sit on it or climb, even on corners.
      • No matter how sad, but even careful care will not save from small scratches and roughness. In this case, the surface of the table can be polished, acquiring a special paste in the store. If you need to do this urgently, it is not forbidden to use and home cleaning methods. For example, a chalk or a mixture of a small amount of soda and water, toothpaste. Such techniques will help a little to improve the appearance, but they are incapable of losing scratches.

      Examples in the interior

      For modern cuisine, a glass table with ecocuses will be an excellent solution. In the same material must be decorated and chairs. Large windows, live plants and a warm cozy carpet on the floor will bring in the interior harmony and completeness.

      On the full shine and light of glossy kitchen in lilac-plum shades, the white table and chairs with metal shiny legs will be appropriate.

      Oval and round tables are well suited for large kitchens. For example, a round table with three crossed legs of an unusual shape, as well as chairs of contrasting colors will be perfectly complemented by a restrained gray-white interior design.

      But an oval table with a light, unobtrusive pattern of green as it is impossible to fraperate the composition of leather chairs in the same coloring.

      In minimalistic design, a good idea will place a table with glass, bordered black frame. You can pick up the chairs of black and white tones.

      Huge French windows in this kitchen will add light to the room made in a white brown gamma. The sliding table here has a light bluish tone, cozy chairs chairs will enjoy tea drinking or eating even the most premature connoisseur of beautiful designs.

      The rectangular turquoise table on two legs and stand will allow you to accommodate a large family. Supplement this design fruits, flowers in vases, carpet on the floor, bulk windows.

      Sliding glass table overview Look in the following video.

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