Gas stove: species, selection and rating of models

The kitchen of any mistress today is equipped with the most various types of cooking devices, but the standard gas stove remains the most common option. When it comes to re-equipments of the kitchen, the choice of high-quality and reliable slab can enter into a stupor of any inexperienced buyer – this is not surprising, because it is not surrounding this case every day, so few people can boast of extensive experience in this matter.

We will try to consider the subtleties of selection of plates step by step – we hope that our tips will help you make a right decision.


Despite the huge number of all kinds of innovative innovations, traditional gas stoves will be popular with users. Even the most expensive and technically equipped plates in any case cheaper than the simplest electrical models, not to mention the induction mechanisms. At the same time, the main functionality is about the same.

Highlight 3 main types of these household kitchen appliances:

  1. Traditional models with a gas oven;
  2. Plates with an electric oven;
  3. Plates equipped with standard hardware, and electric.

As a rule, plates are installed or separately, or they are made embedded in kitchen headsets. From the position of the design, the second option is preferable, since the interior looks more complete when all equipment from the dishwasher to the plate is completely packed in furniture.

In this case, it does not matter the color of the side panels and the material from which household appliances were made, so it is possible to achieve significant savings when choosing all necessary cooking devices.

Separately standing models are a self-sufficient part of the kitchen design, while they do not change them when changing the furniture headset, and the wide color range of Russian and imported models allows you to choose models that will harmoniously look at any interior.

As for the dimensions, regardless of the manufacturer, the height in all models is standard and equals 85 cm, but the width and depth of the product may vary depending on the specific series of plates.

Classically execution is 60×60 cm, but 50×50 cm options are quite popular, which are in demand for small cuisines. Less likely, but you can find models with an indicator of width 30, 90 and even 100 cm.

Any gas stove has a number of structural elements, each of which is characterized by its functional.

  • Basic system – Includes hobs that are installed at a distance of at least 23 cm each other, as well as burners, gas pipelines and all the necessary cranes.
  • Electrical part – This refers to the electrical engineering system, the type of lighting, the presence of options, for example, the grill and the mechanism that ensures its rotation.
  • Main part – This is a housing that is usually made from stainless steel and covered with heat-resistant enamel.

Depending on the specific variety, gas plates may include additional elements, but the base kit remains constant.

Principle of operation

Modern plates work from natural gas, and it can be served either from a cylinder or from a main gas pipeline. Using the operating panel, you can highlight or reduce gas supply and burner flames. As soon as the gas begins to move through the nozzle, it connects with air and as a result, a combustible mixture is formed, which flashes upon contact with fire.

In order for burning to the most equal, special divisions are provided on all burners. The principle of operation of the gas burner on the cooking surface, as well as in the oven is absolutely similar – both and the other process is adjustable using the buttons and cranes of a special control panel placed on the housing.

Atmospheric burners are mounted on gas stoves, there is no conclusion of combustion products, because they begin to enter the kitchen space.

However, it is not necessary to be afraid of poisoning, because during the operation of the plate there is a complete combustion of gas. Therefore, no danger for a person does not exist.

Advantages and disadvantages

If the choice of the kitchen plate was made correctly, the process of cooking the dishes becomes much more pleasant and more comfortable.

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All modern models allow regulating the temperature in cooking. Most models released in recent years are equipped with an effective gas control system, thanks to which the gas supply will be promptly terminated in a situation when the fire fades. Such an option includes specialized sensors installed in the oven and each burner. The most advanced models allow you to control the leakage of gas, as well as the level of carbon dioxide.

Many aggregates are supplemented with a gas melting function on the burner.

The undoubted advantage of any plates is their democratic cost. Gas stoves are much larger than electrical, as well as induction analogs.

Any stove is pretty easy to operate, gas plates are present in our kitchens dozens of years, they have long been accustomed to them and perfectly understand all the subtleties of her work. By the way, electric stove users note that Adjusting the heating of gas aggregates is much more convenient than electric models.

The advantage of the slab is independence from the supply of electricity. Even if a failure occurs and the supply of alternating current will stop, you can always cook food even in the dark. By the way, most plates can additionally work from electricity, so in the case of gas supply interruptions, cooking does not stop – that is, the prospect remain hungry does not threaten.

However, nothing perfectly created and the plates are no exception.

These aggregates have a number of fairly significant minuses:

  • In case of non-compliance with the rules of installation and operation, gas plates may be a source of fire hazard;
  • Moving the plate, as well as its repair can be carried out exclusively specialists of certified gas enterprises;
  • Plate can not be put in any place.

There are strict requirements for premises in which these installations are placed, while the location of the plate requires special agreement.

Comparison with a set of hob and a brass cabinet

The main competition of modern gas stoves make up wind cabinets and cooking surfaces.

Assortment line of modern kitchen appliances includes:

  • Separate plates or cooking centers;
  • Cooking surfaces and oven, located independently of each other, they can be installed separately.

    Let us dwell on the advantages and minuses of each option.

    Independent cooking panel and ovens

    Many hostesses prefer complete autonomy, which removes all the restrictions on the installation and operation of the device. The choice of equipment today is so great that if you wish, you can easily collect absolutely any set of built-in devices. If necessary, you can replace any of the elements at any time, which will minimize all the difficulties at an unexpected way out of order of one piece or another.

    It is noteworthy that With independent control, it is possible to have a cooking surface and a brave cabinet separately from each other – So, how are you comfortable, in terms of use and design. Most often, the panel is crashed into a worktop, and the oven is placed in the end of either a column at any height. At the same time, keep in mind that the oven can not be installed above the level of the countertops for security reasons, all the hot-beloved hostess options “at eye level” leave exclusively by electrical products.

    Such models have only one drawback – high price.

    Pretty plate separately

    Despite the fact that increasing number of hosts prefer independent techniques, all separate plates do not lose their positions, as they have one undoubted advantage, namely: save budget. Purchase of the plate in itself will cost much cheaper than the acquisition of the oven and the cooking surface separately. In addition, in this case you do not have to acquire and mount special furniture for embedding.

    However, the traditional stove is not so aesthetically fits into the interior of the kitchen space, it visually divides the headset into two parts. In addition, it cannot be installed close to the headset – this increases the likelihood of fire, and the remnants of products, dirt, as well as water, impairs in the resulting between elements of the elements, which worsens the sanitary condition of the room as a whole.

    Such slabs are most often used as angular kitchen elements.

    Types and technical specifications

    Gas stoves are performed in two versions.

    1. Outdoor – independent mechanisms that are mounted on the floor. In the housing of such products, both a brass cabinet and a cooking surface are combined.
    2. Desktop – This performance assumes only a cooking panel, which is mounted on a heat-resistant tabletop. Such plates do not have an oven, so in most cases they are used in the country or in seasonal living houses. They are distinguished by mobility, so easy and simply move from one place to another if necessary.
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    Like all equipment, plates depending on their cost and functionality, divided into the following main categories.

    • Economy class – these are the most simple and budget models. They do not have any options, but with their main task of cooking copes in full.
    • Comfort class – Similar equipment is distinguished by the highest operational parameters, the plates of this segment are characterized by a stylish design, but at the same time the price of products is much higher.
    • Premium class – these are the most expensive models, they are characterized by exquisite design, have a large number of additional work options. It is in such models that the most innovative technologies are being implemented and all modern achievements.

    What models are more reliable?

    Any plate is always a source of fire, as well as an explosive danger, so modern manufacturers try to make their products as reliable and equip the devices with a whole set of useful options.

    • Gas control system – thanks to such a function, the stove stops supplying the gas, if for some reason the fire goes out. Optimally so that the oven is equipped with a similar option, since most often forget about it.
    • Electrojagal system – allows you to significantly reduce the risks of fire.
    • Blocking work – Such an option will not allow to turn on the slab to small children and adults in a state of dementia.

    Rating the best models

    Let us dwell on the review of the most popular plates models that deserve the greatest recognition and the best reviews of the hosts in Russia and abroad.

    By quality

    Bosch HGA23W125

    This is an absolute leader in the ranking of the best plates, which holds this title for several seasons. The technique of this brand remains in priority among Russian and European buyers. Here, high quality is combined with stylish design, ergonomics and assembly scrupulous.

    The stove has a rather large cooking surface – 80×60 cm, the oven volume is 71 liters.

    The lid is provided, the timer with a sound signal, the burner of different power, one of which is used exclusively for heating. The model is supplemented with such options like the grill, the presence of several mode of heating, gas control, roomy kitchenware, three-layer glass on the oven door. There are nozzles for cylinders with propane.

    Hansa FCMW58221

    Another high-quality plate, which distinguishes a rather interesting design – the case is made in white, and the door – in the dark. Such a combination is harmonious and stylish looks in any design. Electric oven, complemented by the Cool Front option, which warns the cabinet overheating during operation. There is a convection mode, thanks to which the dishes are prepared and warmed uniformly.

    The oven door contains an information panel, which includes information about the temperature and time of cooking the most popular dishes.

    Gorenje K 53 ini

    This is a fairly expensive model of the gas stove, but the price is fully justified, since the unit has truly outstanding technical indicators.

    A roomy ovens designed for 70 liters, covered with heavy-duty pyrolytic enamel, and its back side is a panel with self-cleaning function. In the stove there are 11 modes of operation, as well as a complete set of necessary accessories required for the preparation of various dishes. The top panel is a pair of strong cast iron lattices, enamelled surface and 4 burners. The system is complemented by gas control function, automatic ignition and touch programmer.

    Operation of the plate provides for the possibility of working at a time on two or three temperature modes, the slab is distinguished by thoughtful cooling, the mechanism of smooth closing the door, as well as a high-quality protection system.

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    The following models use their cheapest models with maximum demand.

    DE LUXE 506040.03g

    These are domestic products. A few years ago, the products of this firm literally at every corner “flooded” for the primitivism of the design and low quality assembly. But in the past few years, the situation has changed dramatically. Nowadays, de Luxe is distinguished by fairly decent quality, but at the same time still remains quite budget.

    A striking example is model 506040.03g width 50 cm.

    The cooking surface of the plate is covered with white enamel, includes 4 gas burners, equipped with an electrical facility function.

    The capacity of the oven is 65 liters, bottom heating, there is an internal illumination, thermostat and gas control.

    The stove is complemented by a mechanical timer and a hozblock for storing dishes.

    Of the minuses, you can note the lack of gas control system.

    GeFest 3200-08

    It is easy to use, but at the same time high-quality model. Enameled cooking surface, steel grille. It is possible to install the required temperature in the oven. Equipped with a spacious drawer for dishes. At the same time, the model does not have the backlight of the brass cabinet, there is also no auto insurance system.

    Darina S GM441 002 W

    Classic White Plate. It has no additional functional – this is an option optimal for those whose budget for the acquisition of the plate is limited.

    Sizes – 50x50x85 cm, the top cover is missing, behind the working surface is a protective flap. The cooking container includes 4 burners by 1.9 and 2.3 kW.

    The size of the oven – 50 liters, gas control is provided in the lower part.


    Among the models, whose price tag exceeds the mark of 30 thousand rubles, the domestic hosts are most popular produced by Gorenje Gi 6321 XF. Dimensions are 60x60x85 cm, the container of the oven – 67 liters.

    The surface is covered with high-strength enamel with pyrolytic compositions, making material withstanding the highest temperature modes of operation.

    The oven is equipped with telescopic guides for the fight.

    How to choose correctly?

    When choosing an oven, you need to be guided by the following principles.

    • If the family turns on 4 or more people, then you should give preference to models with 4 burners. If a lonely person or family lives in the apartment, then it is quite possible to choose models with 2 burners.
    • Cooking surfaces can be enamelled, and can be performed from stainless steel. The first option is distinguished by low price and high strength, but such a surface refers to the most marked. Stainless steel coatings look quite attractive and retain their original appearance, But their cost is significantly higher. In recent years, some manufacturers have introduced the surface of the heat-resistant glass in a source – these are very stylish and modern models, with high strength and self-cleaning ability.
    • When choosing an oven, preference is better to give the combined options, which are a combination of a gas oven and electricity.

    Such a system allows you to provide the optimal temperature and sweeping upwards.

    Subtleties of use

    When operating household and professional gas stoves, it is important:

    • contain the unit clean;
    • Special attention should be paid to the inspection of gas traction;
    • At the end of work, close all cranes on the control panel;
    • With any malfunction, it is necessary to immediately contact the gas company, and when an unpleasant smell appears, it is necessary to overlap the supply of gas and contact the emergency service;
    • Regularly check the condition of the hose – it should not be twisted and dragged.

    Absolutely forbidden:

    • use working plates for heating residential premises;
    • independently carry out the installation of the stove, its movement and replacement of any gas appliances;
    • Turn on the stove when a malfunction of gas devices, all types of automation, as well as during gas leakage;
    • leave the stove in a working condition unattended;
    • to allow young children, as well as persons who are not responsible for their actions.

            How to choose a gas stove, find out in the following video.

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