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Many are accustomed to the fact that the gas cooking panel must be certainly white. But in our modern time you can choose a model of absolutely any shade. It may be not only white, but also beige, black, gray, brown or even yellow cooking panel. It all depends on the overall interior of your kitchen and from the personal preferences of each consumer.


Going in search of a new gas cooking panel for your kitchen, many consumers pay attention to the classic colors and shades. And this is a good reasonable explanation, because Such models will harmoniously look at any interior. So, what color can modern gas cooking panels can be and how to choose the right model for your kitchen?

Products are very popular, the surface of which is made stainless steel. Such models are distinguished by practicality and durability. As a rule, they are of various shades Gray and perfectly fit into any modern design.

If the kitchen space is made in a classic style, then pay attention to the model With chrome details. Such options look restrained, but at the same time stylish. Any shade of gray harmoniously fit into the room, which is performed in gray-white or gray-blue colors.

A built-in gray shade cooking panel perfectly harmonizes with white or ivory table top.

Enameled Gas cooking panels were in demand at all times. To date, it is easy to find a modern model with strong and durable enamel. This type of cooking panels pleases a variety of shades. You can easily purchase White, brown, black or beige model.

White cooking panel is perfect for any style and will be harmonized with all the colors that are present in the kitchen interior.

This option looks great with a black table top.

Beige The cooking panel is ideal for the classic interior, especially if you choose a model with brass items. And here black The cooking panel can be chosen if the room is performed in the style of modern or has black and white tones in the design.

WITH Brown color is a bit more complicated, since such a cooking panel can be combined with all the colors of the interior. This option is suitable for the kitchen, which is made in the style of country, ethno or eclectics.

Remember that saturated brown shades are perfectly harmonized with beige and cream colors.

In addition, you can choose a model whose surface is made of Hardened glass or glass ceramics. In this case, the choice of colors is not so great. As a rule, the cooking panel in this case is white or black. Colored options for such products are very rare.

The glass surface of the models can be completely the same color, but there are other options. For example, you can choose White panel with black switches. Or to give preference to a black cooking surface, which is framed by a gray metal cut.


For those who are tired of standard solutions, manufacturers produce Colored Gas cooking panels. For example, it may be Red a model that is perfect for those who love brightness and is not afraid of experiments. Such a cooking panel is perfectly harmonized with a black table top, especially if it is a glossy surface.

Also, the bright red shade is combined with white and silver colors. Such cooking panels can be made of enamel or non-ferrous heat-resistant glass.

If you like solar shades, then pay attention to Yellowee Cooking surface that will be bright kitchen interior detail. Yellow perfectly harmonizes with black, white and blue colors.

To date, you can find and completely unusual colors. For example, models purple or lilac shade. As a rule, these are products, the surface of which is made of glass ceramics. Lilac color perfectly harmonizes with beige, white and gentle yellow shades. Purple is also combined with all classic flowers.

Also, this shade is perfectly harmonized with gentle pink.

Tips and recommendations

Finally offer some useful tips, thanks to which you can make the right choice and find exactly the model that is ideal for your kitchen.

  • Remember Tom, that black color for the cooking panel is the most impractical choice. On such a surface, spots and drops of fat are always visible, there may be divorces after cleaning and fingerprints.
  • Most practical colors For any kitchen is white and beige.
  • Choosing color Gas hob, focus on the colors of other kitchen equipment, which will be directly nearby: Extracts and a brass cabinet. Always perfectly like a technique made in one color scheme.
  • When choosing The colors of the cooking panel is important to take into account the shade of the table top, apron and facades of kitchen cabinets.

How to choose a cooking panel, look in the video below.

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