Features of Vacuum Cleaners “Union”

For cleaning construction sites and other similar locations, a special technique is used. Industrial vacuum cleaners are able to quickly and effectively cover the place, littered with a large amount of dust and large garbage. With the task, there will be no ordinary household appliances, intended for cleaning houses and apartments. High-quality cleaning of the working area is important both in terms of safety and health masters. In the article, let us know about the industrial vacuum cleaners and consider the features of the construction vacuum cleaners “Union”.

For what is used?

Inexperienced buyer does not distinguish the construction vacuum cleaner from ordinary household appliances on external signs. Many modern models offered by the market are characterized by compactness and mobility. What makes the impression that such a device is not able to cope with a large number of garbage and dust. Despite the fact that the principle of operation of all modern vacuum cleaners is the same, certain differences are available. Due to the difference in operation mode, various models are able to cope with different functions.

The first and most important difference is the type of object intended for processing and collecting. For example, with conventional shallow dust, which is going in residential and office space, a regular vacuum cleaner will cope without any problems. And to work with small garbage particles you need to choose a special model. Especially if we are talking about rigid materials, such as stones, sawdust and even metal chips. If you try to remove the construction site by a conventional vacuum cleaner, the device will be worried, most likely, without the possibility of recovery. Large dust can penetrate the engine and bring it out of order.

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Important! Building vacuum cleaners are designed and collected in order to quickly, effortlessly and effectively collect rubbish, with which standard household appliances can cope.


Experts allocated the following features of industrial models:

  • The size of the hose for suction of garbage – its diameter is much larger, if compared with conventional household vacuum cleaners;
  • The device of the device is more durable and wear-resistant;
  • An increased dimensions of the dust collector should be noted, allowing cleaning for a long time;
  • To cope with the tasks of the industrial models, an improved filtering system;
  • Increased power of electric drive.


The company “Soyuz” occupies a leading position in the domestic market of industrial vacuum cleaners. Products offered in the market of technology meets the requirements of modern buyers. The manufacturer compatible in models efficiency, practicality, reliability, quality, ease of operation and reasonable value. Consider two popular models from the above company more details, as well as appreciate and compare operational characteristics.


This model of the vacuum cleaner can be safely used together with the electric tool, the maximum power of which has up to 2000 W. For the manufacture of a tank, specialists use the highest quality stainless steel. Material boasts excellent strength and reliability. Tank volume – 20 liters. This figure indicates the capacity.

The PSS-7320 model has the following basic technical characteristics:

  • Availability of power outlets for power tools;
  • The power of the device is 1600 W;
  • the dimensions of the suction hose – 35 millimeters in diameter;
  • It is provided dry and wet cleaning; Using this model, you can also collect liquids;
  • filter cleaning – manual;
  • Weight – 5.2 kg;
  • Village – 180 mbar;
  • Country Manufacturer – China;
  • The volume of consumable air is 40 l / s.
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Additional information should include the following:

  • The network cable has a length of 3.5 meters;
  • The noise level during operation varies within 78-80 dB;
  • extensive use of use;
  • The presence of wheels.


The following model is an enhanced version of the previous version. The manufacturer equipped the vacuum cleaner with an additional function of blowing, thanks to which it is easy and easy to get rid of pollution in hard-to-reach places. And also on the case placed a plug socket. You can connect to the tool with a power of 2000 W. Pay attention to the modified model characteristics.

The PSS-7330 vacuum cleaner has such basic technical indicators as:

  • The power of the device is 1800 W;
  • The dimensions of the suction hose – 32 millimeters in diameter;
  • Supported dry cleaning, as well as the collection of wet garbage; Using this model, you can collect liquids;
  • Cleaning device – manual;
  • Weight – 6.5 kg;
  • Village – 180 mbar;
  • Country Manufacturer – China;
  • The volume of the dust tank is 30 liters;
  • Amount of consumed air – 40 l / s.

The model has the following additional information:

  • presence of convenient adjustment of suction power;
  • can be used due to blower;
  • Due to the presence of wheels to move the device in the process of work very convenient;
  • For the manufacture of container used steel;
  • A double filter is mounted in the vacuum cleaner for greater efficiency.

How to choose correctly?

Each industrial vacuum cleaner has certain technical and operational characteristics. They should be taken into account when choosing a model. Pay attention to each of the parameters starting from the size of the device to the power and availability of additional features. The first thing that should be taken into account when choosing – the front of the work for which you will use the vacuum cleaner.

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If you need to put in order a large platform, select a model with a powerful electric motor and a spacious garbage collection container. Such a model is also worth choosing with frequent operation. The price of such devices will be rather big, but the result and efficiency will pleasantly surprise you.

Important! With rare use you can save and purchase inexpensive equipment. Do not hurry to buy the very first model that will fall to your eyes. Rate the market and compare the prices of identical models.

Classification for use

All construction vacuum cleaners you will find in specialized stores, divided into several classes depending on the destination.

  • Dry cleaning. This category includes devices that are intended exclusively for collecting dry garbage. You can find vacuum cleaners that are designed specifically for dust from plaster, cement and lime. These models are the most simple to use.
  • Wet and dry cleaning. By title you can easily guess that the models from this class are able to collect trash of two types.
  • Wet cleaning. Harvesting wet garbage is the main purpose. But with the collection of dry dust and small garbage they also cope.
  • Hem-resistant vacuum cleaners. Due to the special structure of vacuum cleaners of this type, the trash of high temperature is capable of collecting, for example, a metal chip.
  • Explosive Sora Recycling Models. If you need to collect coal dust, zinc or metal powder – you need a device from this category.

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