Features of the lighting kitchen living room

Modern apartments often combine two rooms in themselves: the kitchen and living room. This solution is especially relevant for small rooms, since the combination of two rooms helps to significantly save space. Formation of a favorable setting in the kitchen-living room contains a variety of thoughtful details in design.

In this case, the lighting is played a big role, which is able to divide the space into two key zones: working and place of rest, as well as make the room lighter and spacious.

Important nuances

When planning design combined rooms, it is necessary to immediately decide whether the room will be created in a single style or in different directions. When choosing the first version, light sources must be a bit similar to each other. In this case, it is better to give preference to point luminaires that will be built over the entire surface of the ceiling. In the second option, it is necessary to create lighting individually for each combined room.

In addition, when planning an ideal illumination option, it is important to take into account such nuances as the number of furniture, the color palette of the room, the presence of a working area and a place for relaxation. In any case, an important rule is functioning – the more spacious room, the better it should be its illumination.

To improve the functionality of the room, it is necessary to think about the installation of switches capable of include light in different parts of the room. A more comfortable setting will help create the effect of the muffling of light due to the lighting adjustment function. A similar aspect is perfectly suitable in a place to relax, where the light should be pleasant and soft, so as not to strain the eyes of vacationers. The kitchen-living room serves all types of light sources, as in the usual kitchen.

It can be:

  • LED ribbons;
  • shed;
  • Ceiling chandeliers;
  • Spotlights.

Sources of light in the kitchen area

When connecting the living room and kitchen, professionals advise not to forget about the main nuance: in the cooking site, the light should be bright, and in the silence zone – soft. The kitchen is a workspace where light sources must be abundant. This area of ​​the room can be illuminated using lamps built into the ceiling, or thanks to a light ceiling lamp that will be soft and unobtrusively dispel light throughout the working area of ​​the room. Countertop and stove are important working elements in the kitchen. To illuminate this area of ​​space, pendant chandeliers or lamps mounted in the shelves and high cabinets are perfectly suitable.

Family celebrations are held in the kitchen-living room at the dinner table. In this part of the room you should place auxiliary lighting sources. When choosing lighting devices necessarily take into account the location of the table. In the event that it is located in the center of the room, you can put a chandelier in bright colors above it, able to create high-quality lighting of this area and at the same time gently emphasize the sophistication of the design idea.

If the dining table is above the wall, then for lighting should be stopped on a small scaven. The kitchen area equipped with a bar counter will also require additional light sources, this can be done using LED lamps located in a long row.

Right light in the living room

The kitchen-living room is a multifunctional room, so it is very relevant a variety of light sources. The sofa area is a place for relaxation, which means the lighting in this part of the space should be calm and muted. Of course, in this part requires conventional ceiling light sources. The chandelier in the central part of the room will be an excellent option. In addition to this choice, a row of mounted lamps is perfect.

In addition to the upper light sources, it will be useful to use lamps in each part of the room. At the rest of the rest you can put the flooring or lay a miniature lamp on the wall. The entertainment of the room will be perfectly harmonized with decorative lighting sources with the ability to adjust light. It should be borne in mind that the overall project of combined rooms should form a single space that will be combined with the right choice of light sources.

What to pay attention to?

To create a comfortable environment when lighting a kitchen-studio, various types of lighting are used, At the same time, the main criterion is the overall style.

  • In the dinner part there will be a chandeliers who hang from the ceiling. It can be a classic crystal chandelier and a lamp with a lamp lamp.
  • Above the table for meals, it is advisable to place both single lighting devices and multiple connected to one row or forming any geometric shape.
  • In the case of placing the table in the intermediate region, you need to hang the ceiling chandelier in the center of the room.
  • Over the working area, where the main elements for cooking, such as sink and countertop, should be placed point lamps. Such a backlight has a bright light at which you can easily prepare food, at the same time it gives the effect of scattered light, so that the eyes are not tired of this type of lighting. Most often, point lights mounted under the shelves of mounted cabinets.
  • No less interesting option for lighting in the working area is a wall lamp with daylight.
  • The kitchen-living room with low ceiling use point backlight both in the living room and in the kitchen area. In the case of too high ceilings, cascading lamps should be attached.

In addition to functionality, lighting in the kitchen-living room can perform a decorative role. To decorate the room, you should follow the following nuances.

  • In the hinged cabinets you can install LED lamps.
  • Spotlights over the entire surface of the ceiling will also help to transform the dwelling and make it more beautiful and cozy.
  • Economical LED lamps In addition to the decorative role, the economy is also performed. Thanks to these durable lighting devices, spending on electricity will be noticeably less than when using conventional light sources. LED service life is very high, so the replacement of the bulbs will become a rare phenomenon, which is also their undoubted advantage.
  • When ordering furniture for individual order, you can agree on the installation of LED light bulbs directly in the shelves and the facades of the cabinets, which will noticeably embellite the design of the room and make it more refined and comfortable.
  • The color gamut of the room also plays a far from the last role in the design of the lighting in the kitchen. So that the room looked harmoniously, you need to stick to the general style. If the room is made in bright colors, respectively, it is better to install chandeliers with lamp and white shades in it. In addition, the room with a bright interior and a large number of windows needs a smaller number of light sources than the rooms performed in the dark color scheme.

When designing design of combined rooms, you must adhere to the sense of measure and not overdo the design ideas. The main criterion is the right lighting of zones. As a result, the room should be the most cozy and light.

In the next video you are waiting for eight councils on choosing the design of lighting devices.

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