Features of the kitchen planning in Khrushchevka

Everyone knows how in the Soviet times the authorities decided the problem with housing – built the so-called Khrushchev. And then people together with the living space acquired a significant problem, because in such small apartments there was not enough place for a family more than 3 people. For the hosts, the area of ​​the kitchen has become a big disappointment – it ranged from 5 to 7 meters, most often had the shape of the square and did not allow to accommodate a sufficient number of storage areas.

Fortunately, in the modern world, designers constantly find many new and interesting decisions on how you can save space in a very small room and create a chic project. Real professionals confidently have all the necessary household items on a small “Khrushchev” kitchen, creating a really original interior.

Kitchen planning in Khrushchevka

Small kitchens in Khrushchev times have a plan or rectangular, or square shape. It is impossible to say that some of them are most comfortable, because both of them are very small and you can easily place everything difficult for them, but it is quite possible.

For example, for the first option – Rectangular kitchen – you can choose a linear layout, That is, the headsets will be located along one of the walls. Such a way out of the situation will allow you to leave a place for other interior items. Suppose you can easily install a dining area along the opposite wall.

No less profitable option – Corner layout. In this case, you can easily create the right working triangle, which includes basic items in the kitchen: refrigerator, stove and washing.

Moreover, you will have sufficient space for free movement in the kitchen and, of course, it will be more convenient for you to cook, because everything will be necessary at hand in the literal sense of the word.

Choosing a headset

Of course, if you do not have a large area of ​​the kitchen, means that you have significant limitations in choosing a headset. But from this it is not at all to conclude that now you will become the owner of some old-fashioned and terribly ugly kitchen. Thanks to the current designers and technologies of the XXI century, you can create a truly unique interior even on a compressed space.

First of all, it is important to comply with some rules that will help you not only do not reduce, but also expand the room.

  • It is best to choose furniture facades of light tones, for example, all the variations of white or beige, muted and bright tones of your favorite color. This visually will expand the room, make it spacious. Designers advise to avoid bright and all the more dark shades, as it will “waste” space and make it even closer. If you really want to use, let’s say black or brown, then do it for the bottom cabinets, and for the upper, still stop on light colors.
  • Glossy furniture facades will only play your hand. All knows the “Mirror Effect” when, thanks to the glass surfaces, the territory is visually expanding, and free space becomes several times more.

  • So you become the owner of a huge number of storage areas, you need to do high, almost to the ceiling, cabinets. So you not only add a place to draw up a saucepan and cups, but also visually pull the kitchen. As for the depth of the cabinets, it is also worth being a maximalist. Make them spacious so that there is too much utensils on the worktop.
  • It is also important not to overdo the color palette. Professionals insist that it is undesirable to use more than 2 shades, and decor items are better to choose those tones that are closest to the main colors of the kitchen. From a wide variety Find 2 or a maximum of 3 colors that are combined with each other and really do you like.

  • Not the best option – the use of all sorts of patterns and drawings both on the facades of the headset and on the “Apron”. Any colorful details can significantly reduce space. But monophonic and, mostly, light wallpaper or tile, wood or plastic definitely expand the area of ​​the room.
  • No matter how paradoxically sounded, but the volumetric elements of the decor increase the space in contrast to small parts. Prefer that in prominent places there is as little small household items or decor, then you will definitely win in the fight for each centimeter.

Choosing finishing materials

  • Here, as in the case of a headuit, it is important to adhere to the rule “no more than 2 colors”. For the walls and the “Apron” it is better to choose one tone or at least similar variations of one shade so that the room does not seem to be “twisted” into several parts.
  • Kitchen in Khrushchev – not a place for experiments with ceiling. Here it is better to give preference to the classic – a white matte wheel carrier. If you decide to make a stretch, then glossy strictly forbidden, and the color solution is the only one – the white ceiling.

  • A huge number of horizontal parts visually very much reduces the existing space. Therefore, the cabinets are better to do narrower, but at the same time high to increase at least the height of the room.
  • Shelves do not perform the perfect option to create storage areas. Better prefer spacious cabinets. So you can save place and inside and outside.

Location of household appliances

Refrigerator – no replaceable thing in the kitchen. However, in the Khrushchev, it turns into a bulky cabinet, which is nowhere to find a suitable place. There are several options with which you can successfully arrange this miracle of technology in a small area.

If you purchased a single-chamber refrigerator, you can easily embed it in the worktop and thereby disguise under the closet. But this outcome of events is not suitable for a huge family. You can still “insert” the device in a niche, which coincides in size with the device. You can make the refrigerator outside the kitchen, placing it in the corridor or even on the balcony, if suddenly you use it as an extra room. Finally, the option for the most desperate: in one of the walls you can make a way with a refrigerator in size, and in another room opposite the hole to put a wardrobe without the rear wall, which will be an excellent storage for your “drawer with products”. Yes, you will lose the cabinet in the room, but save a lot of space in the kitchen.

As for the slab, it is like you understand, you need to choose the smallest in the store. If the family consists of two people, then there will be quite enough cooking surface from 2 burners and a small oven.

If your washing machine is also located in the kitchen, then the perfect option is to hide it in the closet. It not only looks aesthetic, but also saves space. The same can be done with a water heating system, and with all sorts of water purification devices, and even with a microwave.

Of course, it is better to choose the technique of small sizes and embed it directly into the cabinets.

Dining area

Designers again advise to give preference to compact furniture subjects. For example, you can build a design in which the dining table can be leaning against the wall. That is, after receiving food there is an opportunity to remove the feet of the table and raise the table top to the wall, where it will be fixed and thereby free space in the kitchen.

Also quite convenient option is the bar counter. Of course, it looks stylish, but here it is important not to overdo it with sizes, because it should not look cumbersome. Moreover, the bar counter can serve as not only with a dining table, but also storage area if you build various volume cabinets below.

Finally, the use of a window sill, which can be replaced by a full countertop. Pick up the dimensions that are suitable for you and your kitchen, you can have breakfast and watch the sun gets outside the window.

The most practical and “air” solution will be a glass table that will definitely retain a lot of space. If the table, for example, is made in bright colors, then transparent chairs will be perfectly combined with it, which will also be visually saved space.

Certainly, Khrushchevsky will not compare with wide cuisines for modern high-rise buildings, however, this fact does not mean that you will not be able to make a unique interior on your own taste preferences. It is important to manifest a little smelting and listen to the above rules.

About the features of the kitchen planning in Khrushchev, see the following video.

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