Features of the arrangement of corner kitchen

Corner cuisines in recent years enjoy great popularity and demand. Among the main advantages of this location, practicality and convenience can be distinguished, because thanks to this, a certain working triangle is created. This allows you to simultaneously use multiple instruments or cooking different dishes. In order to make the kitchen maximum comfortable, you can envisage the installation of the TV, washing machine and other types of household appliances.

Features and rules for installing the TV

If the kitchen is separated in a modern style, then the TV can be called a mandatory element of the interior. Depending on the size of the kitchen room, it can be installed here both large and small plasma options. Thanks to this, the monotonous cooking process will become more interesting. First of all, you need to pay attention to the sizes of the TV. Diagonal directly depends on the originality of the screen to a person. It turns out that screens with a diagonal of 7-15 inches are ideal for such a premises.

If the kitchen is installed in the kitchen, the TV can also be placed from the angle. If the family has a habit of watching various trapese programs, you can get out for big TVs. The location of the TV also has important.

In no case can not be placed the screen near the dining table, as the view will not be comfortable. In addition, such a close distance can cause vision.

Among the options for the most competent installation of the TV in the kitchen, you can select the following.

  • Apron. First of all, here it is about convenience for the hostess, because it can cook and watch favorite TV shows. In addition, the TV will be located at the level of the people who take food, sitting at the dinner table.
  • If you are planning to install a large panel, you will have to “sacrifice” a mounted cabinet. However, due to this, you can rotate the TV in any convenient parties, which greatly simplifies viewing.
  • In niche kitchen furniture. It should be immediately noted that this option is definitely not suitable for small kitchens, since every millimeter of space is important and cannot be left like empty niches. For this location, you can use a closet or penalty. Some TV manufacturers are offered a special brackets for this location.

  • If the panel is characterized by a minimum mass, then it can be hung right on the surface of the kitchen facade. In addition, special models are presented on the market, intended to embed in kitchen furniture.
  • If the kitchen has a column, then the panel can be placed on it.

In mandatory, it is necessary to ensure that negative factors arising from the operation of the kitchen have no negative impact on the TV itself.

That is why it is best to give preference to models that can boast resistance to moisture. Although some experts argue that there is no need for this, since it is almost impossible to create a humidity level in the kitchen capable of harming the television performance. In the process of installing the TV, you can not forget about lighting. If the straight rays of the Sun will fall on the screen, then visibility will be bad. Ideal is the location of the panel on the shadow part of the kitchen.

Washing Machine

Modern bathrooms are distinguished by minimal dimensions, so often owners of apartments make a decision to transfer this household appliances into the kitchen. Washing machines are distinguished by a large size, so in the process of installing and selecting the optimal place you need to be extremely attentive.

The most correct is the installation of the machine relative to the refrigerator.

In this case, household appliances will be not only attractive and stylish, but also ensure the functionality of the room. First of all, you need to do the location of the refrigerator. It needs to be installed on the wall so that it closes it. But the washing machine should be near.

Here will need to use household appliances, characterized by attractive metallized surfaces. If kitchen furniture has a matte coating, then such a solution will look

Close attention in this process you need to pay the selection of color solutions. If the kitchen can not boast of large dimensions, then a great solution will be the design in the style of “Hi-Tech”. very stylish.

Gas column design

Modern new buildings are distinguished by the presence of gas speakers that provide constant access to hot water and heating without binding to the centralized system. First of all, you need to decide whether you will hide the column or leave it open. Each method has its advantages, however, the characteristics of the further interior design depend on the choice.

Modern gas columns and water heaters have such an attractive appearance that they look extremely stylish among kitchen furniture. However, it is also important to comply with the color decision. For example, if the water heater installed in the kitchen is characterized by white, then the headset itself should be in the tone.

White color will become optimal for small kitchens, as it visually increases the room.

The solution to hide the gas column usually take those who have already seen it for many years and want to refresh the room.

In the process of disguise, you need to be extremely attentive in order not to disrupt the safety rates of the equipment.

Be sure to calculate the distance from the column to other cabinets. On fire safety standards it should be no more than 3 cm.

The design of the kitchen in which the column is located, you need to carefully think through. Tax features of the equipment that is on the wall, it is best to separate with ceramic tiles. The feature of the tile is that it is very resistant to wear and does not burn, and it is important when using column. The remaining walls can be separated by wallpaper. It is best to choose cleaning options for the kitchen, since pairs and other substances can harm the attractiveness of the coating, as a result of which they will have to wash them.

If the kitchen with a gas column is in small dimensions, then it is necessary to take care of visual increase.

Among the most favorable ways can be noted the following.

  • Choose pastel tones or bright color solutions, as thanks to this kitchen will seem more.
  • To finish the ceilings, it is forbidden to use stucco. It is characterized by large sizes, so visually reduces the ceiling. But the stretch system, on the contrary, will allow you to make it larger.
  • Close attention should be paid to the lighting. With the help of the competent direction of light, you can emphasize certain parts of the kitchen room.

During the design of the kitchen with a gas column, an excellent solution will be the use of folding furniture. It is famous for its retractable elements, which is extremely important for a small room.

Microwave design

If with a washing and dishwasher, boiler and TV need to be tinked, then the microwave in the kitchen room will not be difficult. If the embedded options are selected, the optimal places for it are already provided in the kitchen furniture. If a traditional stove is used, it can be located far from furniture and other devices. It is important for circulating air, and the distance directly depends on the power of the device and its dimensions.

The best place to warm up food is a tabletop. However, the microwave must be at a distance of more than 0.5 meters from the stove.

Many are installed microwave on the windowsill. If its width allows you to resort to this placement.

It should be noted that manufacturers do not recommend doing it, since sharp temperature differences can lead to a damage of the device.

Thus, the correct filling of the corner kitchen will make it possible to make this room cozy and comfortable. In the process of arrangement, it is necessary to pay attention to the color solution of all items and the features of the lighting system.

Overview of the arrangement of the corner kitchen with a gas column and a refrigerator Uncle in the video below.

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