Features of redevelopment of the kitchen in Khrushchev

Hundreds of thousands and even millions of people still live in Khrushchev homes. Moving to more modern new housing is not always possible, sometimes such a prospect, in general, is ghost. However, there is always the opportunity to improve the quality of habitat, its design and old address.


The need to redecessing the kitchen in Khrushchev is due to the fact that:

  • It takes a very small space (no more than 6 kV. m);
  • has a relatively low ceiling (2.48-2.6, sometimes 2.7 m);
  • Often there is a delivering inconvenience gas column.

    Reference “Khrushchev” housing is noticeably easier than block houses. There are much less carrier walls, which provides much more freedom to builders. It is not difficult to expand the space of the kitchen by joining adjacent rooms. And choose which premises to connect, you can freely.

    If you do everything correctly, even a small kitchen may look really modern and stylish.

    Combining rooms

    The idea to connect the kitchen and the living room is not too rational. The appearance of this room will make little. Some exception will be only living lonely people without special aesthetic complaints. The presence of other people in the kitchen instantly creates discomfort in the hall. It is much better to consider other combination options.

    Combining the kitchen and other rooms “Khrushchev” bribes people with their simplicity. After the demolition of the partitions will only leave the walls and the floor. The classic approach to the design of such an interior implies the creation of different colors or by the execution of floors. Then a clear and unambiguous line appears between different zones.

    However, in the 1960s building houses very little space and therefore it is better to choose the same execution.

    The same rule applies to the ceiling. Categorically unacceptable:

    • box;
    • multi-tiered structures;
    • Arki.
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      Cannot expand the kitchen:

      • selecting a place at the bathroom;
      • putting the sink and stove in the former residential area;
      • demolishing the walls if gas focus is installed.

      If it is decided to make a studio, you will have to do not rely on personal taste, but to work out a project using special computer programs.

      In the absence of experience easier and more logical to draw up a drawing on paper. In any case, it is worth considering which part (working or allotted for guests and hosts) will play a major role.

      Competently redeveloped kitchen can be not only a dining room, but also a working office, for example.

      Furnishing and zoning

      Linear furniture arrangement scheme implies the placement of the headset along some kind of one wall. At the same time, other part of the kitchen is assigned to meals or leisure. Similar The decision is ideal if no more than 2 people live in the house or comfort when cooking is not so important.

      But to maximize the use of space, it is necessary to resort to the M-shaped composition, where the washing place, the stove and the refrigerator form a visually solid block.

      The reorganization of the kitchen space is just as important as the placement of furniture. Just demolish partitions – not enough, the internal boundaries themselves change.

      For distinction, the false partition fit well, Made of plasterboard sheets. Geometry of such blocks is very diverse. It is selected under the solution of concrete aesthetic problems.

      Spreadable blocks provide an easy transition from closed to open space and back. You can open an overview, and retire at will. After reworking the kitchen, the soft furniture is most often exhibited in the middle of the room. But it is much better to put a bar rack instead of it: it is both original, and functional (can be used as a table).

      It is recommended to think about the distinction of the zones with the help of color selection, local illumination and visual difference in ceilings.

      Color palette

      Deciding with the redevelopment scheme, you can choose colors and types of finishes. Preparing to remake the kitchen in Khrushchev, it is necessary to take into account the standard approaches to the design of small premises. But this does not mean that you have to follow a strict pattern.

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      Often people scare away the common statement, as if only bright tones and any other experiments can be carried out. This is wrong.

      Most importantly, the walls have a light color. Visual volume depends on them. Special attention should be paid to the design of the kitchen apron. Excessive brightness on the background of pure white walls will create negative associations.It is impossible to ignore both the color of the floor, which should complement the visual effect created by the walls.

      Very bright colors, according to professional designers, are normal up to 10% of the entire area.

      As for the style of the interior, modern directions are preferably preferably in small space. Even single enclosures of classical stylistics will create a painful impression. It will not particularly fix the situation and the union of the rooms, because then the space is externally reduced, and therefore the efforts made will be discouraged.


      Imagine your drawing ideas in various ways. For example, with ordinary paper wallpapers. This coverage of the walls will look good (if you make the right choice), in addition, expenses will be quite small. But the washing plaster is unnecessarily expensive. Even its undoubted practical advantages do not always justify such a price. Plastic panels will allow premises pretty quickly.

      You can still apply:

      • water-emulsion paints;
      • GLC;
      • Tile on apron.

      Using these simple tips, you can quickly and without special costs beautiful and originally redeeming any kitchen.

      The following video will reveal 5 simple secrets of budget setting of small kitchen.

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