Features of choosing a silent vacuum cleaner

    In modern life, the hostess is striving not only for cleanliness, but also to comfort. This aspect is important and when choosing household appliances. Such a device as a vacuum cleaner should be not only powerful, functional, but also as silent.

    Features of silent vacuum cleaners

    Silent vacuum cleaner – the perfect version of the modern assistant in everyday life. It can work without creating discomfort for hearing surrounding. Of course, the absolute silence of speech does not go, but the noise of the unit is published. Therefore, suitable for cleaning in large areas and prefer in families with young children. While the baby sleeps, mom can spend in the house without violating children’s sleep. Such a vacuum cleaner will become an excellent acquisition for the hosts engaged in the work or creativity at home. They will not interfere if someone decide to get into rooms. And also vacuum cleaners with a reduced level of noise are in demand in institutions, where it is customary to observe silence: in hospitals, hotels, library halls, boarding houses, kindergartens.

    It is impossible to fully be considered a silent vacuum cleaner with the device corresponding to its name. Noise at the work of the apparatus is present, but so insignificant that in the process of cleaning the interlocutors can well hear each other and calmly communicate, not straining bundles and hearing. The volume of the volume published by silent vacuum cleaners rarely overlays for 65 dB.

    Types of silent vacuum cleaners:

    • having bags-dust collectors / dust containers;
    • for wet / dry cleaning;
    • with the function of switching suction power during the transition to different types of flooring;

    What should be the level of noise?

    Determining with a suitable model, it is important to take into account the number of decibels specified in the characteristics. It is for them that the noise level produced by the device determine. According to sanitary standards, for hearing comfortable in the daytime is 55 dB and 40 dB in the night. This is a low noise comparable to human speech. The norm of most quietest vacuum cleaners demonstrates the noise level of 70 dB. Loud models exceed them in this indicator for 20 units and produced 90 dB.

    According to various tests conducted to determine the effect of noise, Dear acoustic effect 70-85 dB does not harm hear and CNS. Therefore, the indicator is permissible. Not a very noisy vacuum cleaner will not annoy your work even sensitive ears.

    Rating models

    Such household equipment acquires an increasing number of consumers. In the preparation of the rating, not only the characteristics were taken into account, but also the reviews of the owners. They allow you to determine a lot of significant moments when determining the list of leaders who are suitable for home and public-type facilities.

    Karcher VC3 Premium

    NSHolsos, created for high-quality cleaning of a classic dry type in medium-sized rooms. To the full, this model cannot be attributed to the most silent. But at minimum power, it works quite quietly. In the middle price segment, the vacuum cleaner is considered one of the inappropriate. This confirms the manufacturer by placing a special sticker with information in a prominent location on the dusty assembly housing.

    With noise 76 dB, its power consumption is declared in numbers 700 W. Container for collecting dust in the form of a cyclone filter with a capacity of 0.9 liters, eating nera-13. Network cord with a length of 7.5 m convenient for cleaning spacious square. At the same time, the models prefer and for the available cost. By the way, the price tag of other devices in the rating list approximately 2.5 times more than the Karcher brand apparatus.

    This is a suitable option for the one who is no time to sacrifice a large sum. This is confirmed by the fact that this model is a sales hit in most outlets.

    Samsung vc24fhnjgwq

    With this unit it becomes easy to fulfill fast dry garbage cleaning of various types. It may well serve as a replacement for specialized professional silent devices. It’s all the case in impressive suction power with a completely average noise level. When changing the working mode to the middle level, the vacuum cleaner turns into a low noise. Power reserve is quite enough to solve almost any task. The control button is located on the handle, which is convenient for power shift.

    There is an indicator of the filling indicator 4 l of a sacking of a bag. With noise, the level of 75 dB declared by the manufacturer the dust absorption capacity is 420 W at a power consumption of 2400 W. This is a conditionally quiet device that can be optimal for excellent cleaning with a minimum cost.

    Thomas Twin Panther

    Model for impeccable cleaning of two types: Dry traditional and wet, able to remove even spilled liquid from different surfaces. Twin Panther vacuum cleaner prefer thanks to versatility, accessible cost, wide functionality, ease of maintenance, reliability and quiet work. With noise 68 dB power consumption is 1600 W. The dust collector is made in the form of a bag of 4 l volume. The same capacity at the reservoir under detergent solution.

    Lithery containers for dirty water – 2.4 liters. Power cord with 6 m long, which is enough for comfortable cleaning. Despite the lack of information of the manufacturer on the power of the device’s suction, the owners assure that it is plentious to clean all types of cleaning.

    Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro 2

    His destination is a dry cleaning of pollution, to which dust and more overall trash belong. With noise 77 dB, the stated dust absorption capacity is 164 W, and the power consumption shows the indicator 700 W. These indicators talk about the efficiency of the device. Dust collector bag with a cyclone filter 0.8l. Cord sufficiently convenient length: 6.6 m. DYSON vacuum cleaner is equipped with additional nozzles for successful elimination of any type of pollution.

    The kit includes: a universal nozzle, a pair of turbo, nozzle for processing solid surfaces and a brush for cleaning furniture upholstery. Users characterize this model as a relatively quiet and powerful, able to defeat even serious pollution. The only negative probably lies only in the cheap cost of the device.

    POLARIS PVB 1604

    This is one of the inexpensive units for perfect dry cleaning from the quiet category. With noise 68 dB, the claimed suction power is 320 W, and the consumed is indicated as 1600 W. Bag dust collectivity with a capacity of 2 l, which is acceptable for frequent cleaning in any apartment. The cord is a little shorter than the previous models: 5 m. The advantage of the POLARIS PVB 1604 is that it is as low noise, as well as expensive vacuum cleaners of top manufacturers. Will satisfy everyone who does not scare the Chinese origin of the model.

    Tefal TW8370RA

    Perfectly copes with dry cleaning of dust with and large-caliber garbage. Modern and very practical model with efficient engine and power regulator. With noise 68 dB, the power consumption indicator is 750 W. 2 l Cyclone Filter and 8.4 m cable, hubs with turbo – what is needed for high-quality cleaning.


    According to the reviews of the owners, even during cleaning in the “Maximum” mode, the sound of the engine is almost not heard. Noise, in particular, comes from air, absorbed with high power. With noise 70 dB, the declared suction power is defined as 450 W. Power consumption – 750 W. With high energy efficiency and dust collector with a capacity of 3 liters, the presence of nera-13 and 8 m cord, a quiet device can be found to almost perfect.

    The only visible drawback is a little-known manufacturer name. But the vacuum cleaner is able to ensure comfort of a sufficient level when cleaning for quite moderate money.

    Electrolux USDELUXE

    Representative of the Ultrasilencer series. Model for dry harvesting with reduced noise level. The developers were bored over the design, equipping the vacuum cleaner with the necessary nozzles, high-quality hose and body. As a result – the productive apparatus with the most quiet parameters. The owners note that, making cleaning, the conversation with the surrounding either by phone does not occur on elevated colors. Will not wake up the working unit and sleeping in the next kid room. With noise 65 dB, the suction force of 340 W is indicated, and the power of consumption is 1800 W. Capacity of the dust collector – 3 l.

    There is nera-13, cord for work from a network of 9 m long. Reliable device for dry cleaning, proving its practicality for more than 5 years. NEMASSOVAGE MODEL IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL COST. Like other Ultrasilence vacuum cleaners is a choice of all who do not accept the consent between productivity and silence.

    Bosch BGL8SIL59D

    With noness of only 59 dB consumes 650 W. The bulk 5 liter of the dust collector in the form of a cyclone filter, the presence of nera 13 and 15 m cord make the model very popular in its segment.


    Guaranteed not to distort users and the surrounding sound of the operating engine. Such an apparatus is an optimal assistant to guide order in spacious premises and fans of silence, which have about 20,000 rubles for its purchase.

    Zusaller58 from electrolux

    With record low noise of the device 58 dB power consumption is optimal: 700 W. 3,5 l dust collector bag, which is sufficient for multiple dry cleaning in any room. The length of the cord also allows you to move on a spacious square with comfort. Unfortunately, the model is no longer produced, although it is as long as available for acquisition in various trade organizations. It is necessary to look at it closer, as it combines efficiency, maneuverability and attracts with its design. A significant drawback is one: a high price.

    There are still a number of models on the market. But these are works of specific brands: Rowenta, Electrolux, AEG.

    How to choose?

    The smallers today are considered such products whose noness fluctuates in the range of 58-70 dB. But it should be understood that this vacuum cleaners may not come. The fans of silence can turn away from buying several reasons:

    • far from the budget value of the device;
    • Indication of mediocre productive characteristics;
    • Unstable noness level;
    • Moral obsolence.

    Having similar technical capabilities, a bad powerful option is perceptibly more expensive than a conventional vacuum cleaner. For example, for the sake of the lowest models will have to part with the amount from 20 to 30 thousand. rubles. Unfortunately, the high price is practically not related to the working qualities of the vacuum cleaner and thorough cleaning: you pay for comfort and convenience. Alternatively, you can consider models for the production of little-known brands for domestic buyers. Takov belongs to the Turkish TM Arnica, which produces quiet models at halfway half cheaper than top Bosch and Electrolux. The devices carry out suction of any kind of garbage and are easy to maintain.

    In the production of quiet, but powerful models apply standard technologies. To achieve a reduction in noise level, manufacturers use special materials, which affects the devices: their mass is much harder, and the dimensions are more. Therefore, choosing a vacuum cleaner, appreciate its size and dimensions of your apartment: Will it be convenient for you to store a large machine and use it.

    Since low noise vacuum cleaners, pay attention to the location of the wheels: better if they are on the bottom, and not on the sides.

    An important point remains operating parameters of devices. The inappropriate devices for cleaning are equipped with ordinary engines, insulating them using different suspensions, special foam, and sometimes simple foam rubber. User reviews about wear of insulating gaskets during the operation of a vacuum cleaner. After such breakdowns, the vacuum cleaners began to make noise as ordinary analogs. Therefore, if the noise level of 75 dB is calmly perceived on the rumor, it is quite possible to avoid to save and buy a powerful aggregate of a modern type for the amount of about 7 thousand rubles. It is advisable to purchase a device equipped with power adjustment. Manipulating the suction force and the volume of sound, you can seek quiet work of the vacuum cleaner when you need it.

      When selecting a technical device in this segment, it is recommended to trust your personal sensations. Manufacturers and characteristics must be secondary to make a purchase decision. Often people acquire not specially equipped products, but those that do not cause discomfort. Choosing a low noise vacuum cleaner, it is important to trust by your feeling, taking into account the reaction of your body to the device produced by the device. It will give the opportunity to take a right decision. To determine your level of volume with the comfort of hearing, you just need to come to the store and ask the consultant to turn on the viscosity. Such an elementary auditory test usually acts as a decisive aspect when buying.

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