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    The dream of the hosts of the whole world about the invention of the smart unit, which would take home cleaning on itself, was carried out about 20 years ago. In the early 2000s, the robots vacuum cleaners “rolled out”. Today the buyer can choose “his” vacuum cleaner from a wide range of models, for example, the gadgets of a young brand Gutrend.

    On the creation of the brand

    The successful start of the American company IROBOT inspired manufacturers of the whole world: after a few years, the market has become highly competitive. For example, vacuum cleaners from the Chinese brand Xiaomi little in which the famous ROOMBA is inferior, and in some parameters and are superior. In Chinese factories today, the lion’s share of world electronics is going, and the marking “Made in China” has long ceased to be the synonym for the most terrible quality. Under the brand Gutrend is hidden Russian-Chinese production. The company with the head office in St. Petersburg is the exclusive wholesale supplier of robot vacuum cleaners, she launched this brand in Russia.

    The famous design studio from the northern capital was overlooked to develop a neminiga, logo, general concept and appearance of products, up to packaging. Slogan “Giving Emotions” (Giving Emotions) became the starting point for a bright decor based on emoticons Emoji.

    Cheerful yellow color sets up a buyer for positive emotions that e-assistant will give.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The creators of Gutrend paid attention not only to the beautiful shell of products, although modern design, high-quality plastic and neat assembly are important and immediately attract. The manufacturer guarantees high reliability, excellent specifications and multifunction of vacuum cleaners. The brand models have repeatedly fell into leaders of reviews and independent ratings, which note the following advantages:

    • attractive design;
    • compactness;
    • Easy use and maintenance;
    • maneuverability;
    • several cleaning modes;
    • low noise;
    • High battery capacity;
    • a spacious dust collector with a multiple filtration system;
    • the presence of optical sensors and bumper;
    • Available cost.

    Very important advantage of Gutrend can be called a wide network of service centers: more than 70 cities of Russia. If such a need arose, the consumer may without any problems to pass the vacuum cleaner on warranty repair or quickly replace the faulty item. All topical models, consumables, spare parts and accessories can be bought in the official online store Gutrend. On the site there are detailed descriptions of each device, and when buying has free courier delivery.

    Gutrend vacuum cleaners possess such disadvantages as:

    • In the models there are no indicators of the filling of the dust collector and water consumption;
    • Despite the quieter sound, compared to a conventional vacuum cleaner, robots are still noisy;
    • They can be used on carpets only with low pile;
    • The device “Virtual Wall” is expensive due to powerful batteries.

    The lineup

    Appearing on the Russian market, Gutrend robots immediately won popularity. A few years later, the company launched a model range update. It is worth considering the current brand models.

    Joy 95

    At the heart of Gutrend Joy G95B is updated hit Joy 90 Pet. The novelty removes any floor coverings: laminate, tile, linoleum, parquet, short pile carpet. The weight of the robot is small – 1.8 kg, diameter – 30 cm, height – only 7.5 cm, which ensures good maneuverability and the possibility of cleaning furniture. Vacuum cleaner is made of durable plastic in concise style in black and white colors. On the top panel there is a power button. In the center there is a lid with a bright logo: with a slight press, it opens and you can get a dust collector. Its capacity – 0.6 liters, in it two filters, including a highly efficient HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate AIR), holding the smallest particles of dust.

    An important point was the increase in battery capacity. Now the vacuum cleaner can be continuous cleaning for 120 kV. m for 110 minutes. And software update was updated. Robot can be controlled remotely, if desired, exposing the start timer.

    Joy Series is not only the most affordable and easy-to-use, but also has a high functionality, which is manifested in the following:

    • With a discharged battery, the gadget itself will find the place of recharging and returns to it;
    • On the front bumper there are 10 pairs of sensors, they sensitively catch all the interference on the way and do not give a robot with them;
    • Three pairs of sensors on the sides and at the bottom feel the height differences and protect the device from falling;
    • When cords of electrical appliances are in front of the robot, its brushes begin to rotate in the opposite direction by moving the vacuum cleaner into a safe place;
    • In a hopeless situation, if the vacuum cleaner cannot get out independently, it stops moving and gives a beep.

    Package of Joy 95 provides dry cleaning, but the facility of the unit is easy to expand, adding it to the device for wet (fastening and two microfibrous nozzles).

    To make cleaning more directed, in the company catalog there is a “virtual wall” – this is a device capable of blocking the vacuum cleaner to certain zones.

    FUN 120

    This robot vacuum cleaner (former Fun 110 Pet) can be trusted with a dry or wet cleaning of different coatings with an area of ​​up to 140 kV. M. In the dry cleaning mode on smooth floors, the side brushes tighten all the garbage, hair and animal wool into the suction canal, so the device is perfect for maintaining dwelling with homemade pets. With a wet lining from the fabric, the vacuum cleaner protect floors to perfect purity and freshness. In total, 5 modes are provided. The model features contrasting performance in three combinations: black with yellow or white inserts and white with black.

    Managing the start and modes is carried out using the touch buttons on the lid. All information about the cleaning process is reflected in the LED display. Like most models, FUN 120 is equipped with shock absorbing bumper and optical sensors. The dust collector (0.6 l) has a pre-purification filter and a HEPA filter to hold the smallest dust and allergens. There is a remote in the set, which is easy to set the mode and cleaning time.

    You do not need to further buy the “Virtual Wall” limiter – it is included in the kit. Also included an additional filter, lateral brushes and needed accessories such as a vibrant cleaning brush, screwdriver, napkin. Update increased operational qualities: the battery capacity was increased. Autonomously work vacuum cleaner can for 130 minutes. For complete charging at the station, he needs to spend 300 minutes.

    Important! The disadvantage of FUN 120 is the absence of a water container: Microfiber has to be watched independently.

    Style 220

    The vacuum cleaner is an advanced model Style 200 Aqua, bestseller. It is made of a stylish plastic combination and tempered glass. Clean button starts automatic mode. On the line there is a rubber bumper, protecting the device itself and furniture. Optical sensors set orientation in space. STYLE G220B compact, easily penetrates under the cabinets on the legs and beds, its height is 7.5 cm. Wheel design allows you to overcome up to 15 mm.

    8 cleaning modes are available: automatic, wet, in the corners and along the walls, at maximum power, liquidation of strong contaminants, aiming cleaning of stains, fast cleaning in economical mode, cleaning for a specified schedule. Pretty bulk dust collector (0.45 l) has a triple filter system. There is a water container (0.3 l). The package includes a “Virtual Wall”.

    Powerful functionality is supplemented with several new developments.

    • Designers updated the water supply function. SMART DRIP 2 technology.0 ensures that water will go to the microfiber in the required quantity, depending on the speed of the unit, and when it stops – the valve overlaps the release of the liquid. No puddles and divorces: you can even be calm even for the expensive wooden coating.
    • The robot has improved software, and the battery capacity of 2600 mAh makes real cleaning of the area of ​​240 kV. m on one charge. Increased time of work – up to 3.5 hours.
    • A quieter modified BLDC motor with a greater suction capacity is installed.

    Smart 300

    The most expensive and technological representative of the brand attracts a very stylish view, and its body is covered with tempered glass. Ultrathin device – 7.2 cm. It is made in two color versions: Smart 300 Black and Smart 300 White. Inside the model there are two containers: for ferrous filter dust and for wet cleaning with SMART Drip 2.0. This robot distinguishes the availability of the development of Optimal Route – it builds the optimal route when the vacuum cleaner does not pass by the cleaned area repeatedly.

    Total 7 cleaning modes available. Large battery capacity allows you to work up to 230 minutes on an area of ​​up to 260 kV. M. It is equipped with 30 sensors. There are side brushes and a central scraper brush. Purchase of the gutrend robot vacuum cleaner will be the best solution.

    In feedback, buyers note the wear resistance of tempered glass and plastic, evaluate a simple care for the vacuum cleaner and praise the quality of cleaning.

    In the next video, you will find a demonstration of the work of the robot vacuum cleaner Gutrend Smart 300.

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