Features and varieties of Dewalt vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used in production both on large and small enterprises, in construction. Choosing a good device is not an easy task. In order for the functionality of the vacuum cleaner to meet all the requirements in cleaning, it is necessary to understand the types and features of various models, to delve into the technical and operational characteristics.

Characteristics of construction vacuum cleaners

Before you make a purchase, it is important to know with which garbage and dust will have to deal. The classification of construction vacuum cleaners is carried out depending on the chemical and dispersed composition of pollution.

  • Class L – Cleaning dust moderate degree of danger. These include the remains of plaster and clay, paints, separate types of fertilizers, varnishes, mica, wooden chips, rubble.
  • Class M – average danger of pollutants. Such devices are able to remove in nuclear stations, absorb metal chips, finely dispersed elements. Used at enterprises using manganese, nickel, copper. Have built-in, high-quality filters, with a degree of cleaning 99.9%.
  • Class N – Cleaning of hazardous waste contained malicious fungi, carcinogens, toxic chemicals.

One of the decisive parameters affecting the work is power consumption. So that the unit sucks not only the household garbage, but also larger, heavy particles it should not be below 1 thousand. T. The optimal container of the vacuum cleaner for enterprises is 15-30 liters. Combined multi-stage filtering should provide the yield of mud particles not more than 10 mg / m³.

Air flow – the volume of the flow passed through the vacuum cleaner. The higher the indicator, the sooner the cleaning passes. Consumption of professional industrial models is 3600-6000 l / min.

Air volume less than 3 thousand. L / min will create problems with the absorption of heavy dust.

Description of Dewalt vacuum cleaners

DeWALT DWV902L model is popular and deserves attention. The impressive tank of the tank – 38 l, the large suction volume of dry garbage – 18.4 liters. Will provide cleaning of large production areas. The device is capable of absorbing different types of pollution class L: concrete, brick dust and fine substances. Easily copes with wet waste, sawdust, large garbage and even water, which is often crucial.

DeWALT DWV902L device has an engine power 1400 W. Equipped with a pair of cylindrical filters with an automatic cleaning system. Each quarter of an hour shakes the filtration elements, eliminating the adhered mud particles. It provides uninterrupted air runs at a speed of 4 cubes per minute and guaranteed performance in various conditions.

The weight of the device is 15 kg, but it is mobile and easy to manage. For comfortable movement, equipped with a retractable handle and two pairs of strong wheels. Additional convenience provides suction force regulator. The kit includes an adapter Airlock and a dust collector.

Network / Rechargeable DeWALT DCV582

Is a universal technical solution, as it works not only from the outlet, but also from the batteries. Therefore, thanks to a small weight – 4.2 kg has increased mobility. For the device, the accumulators are 18 V, and 14 V. DEWALT DCV582 vacuum cleaner draws liquid and dry waste, can be used in plug mode. Hose, network wire and device nozzles are fixed on the housing.

The tank for liquid waste is equipped with a float valve closing when filling. A modern reusable filter is provided as a cleansing element. He delays particles from 0.3 microns and catches the maximum amount of dust – 99.97%. A sufficient hose length of 4.3 m and electric cord provides convenience of cleaning.

Dewalt DWV900L

Thoughtful model of a professional vacuum cleaner. The housing of the device of increased strength can withstand impacts and falls, which is important on construction sites. Designed to work with dust and larger waste of class L, not representing chemical hazards. Removes dry garbage and moisture. From above on the unit there is a socket for sharing with machines and electromasters having the automatic garbage absorption mode.

Aggregates provide cleanliness not only next to the equipment. An impressive power of 1250 W, maximum air turnover of 3080 l / min and a tank capacity of 26.5 liters, which allows for a long time to function without replacing water, suggest work on large construction sites and in production halls. The kit includes a spiral two-meter hose and different nozzles for use in special cleaning modes. The advantages of the model are also:

  • compact size;
  • a small amount of 9.5 kg weight for such a type of devices;
  • comfortable access to the garbage collector;
  • Durable garbage bags.

DeWalt DWV901L

Compact vacuum cleaner with strengthened ribs. Provide dry and wet cleaning. Works with great performance, adjustable suction force has a maximum indicator of 4080 l / min. The air flow passes with the same force and does not depend on the nature of the absorbed garbage. Equally suitable for liquids, shallow dust, rubble or sawdust. Engine power – 1250 W.

A two-phase air filtration system makes it possible to qualitatively cope with cleaning in high dusting conditions. Automatic filter cleaning reduces the risk of clogging and prolongs the life of the equipment. The presence of an additional outlet on the housing provides collaboration with a construction tool.

4 meter long hose, makes it easy to maneuver and access hard-to-reach places during cleaning.

Video review Dewalt WDV902L vacuum cleaner you can see a little lower.

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